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Escape from Tarkov has been in closed beta for almost four years

The subsequent inquiry alluded to whether there would be a rebalancing of involvement and levels, as getting to the 40th level with "each wipe is getting simpler EFT Items." The response to this inquiry was indeed, that it is "probably" that a rebalancing of involvement and levels would happen. 

There will likewise be a "finished upgrade" with regards to ballistics on areas. Entryway Piercing was added as of late, and it would seem that Battlestate Games is simply beginning, as they intend to straighten out articles' infiltration, and vehicles will likewise get hard to enter zones, for example, their motors LOLGA. There are additionally no designs to have an exit or access to the Hideout area, and the IFAK individual strategic emergency treatment kid currently stops substantial dying, which clearly didn't occur previously.