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The lore of World of Warcraft is intricate and complex

Then, the arrival of Naxxramas, while expected by a few, is coming sooner than it did during vanilla WoW's course of events. Up until this point, Blizzard has delivered assaults in a time span practically indistinguishable from the manner in which the game initially came out. Yet, in vanilla, Naxxramas dropped on June 20, 2006, 24 weeks after the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj (AQ) WOW Classic Boosting. In Classic, Naxxramas is currently set to come out only 20 weeks after AQ—very nearly an entire month sooner. 

One likely explanation behind this distinction could be the circumstance of attack discharges around the special seasons On the off chance that Blizzard held up a couple of more weeks to drop Naxx, it'd put out an assault around Christmas and New Years, something the designer has more than once maintained a strategic distance from no matter what.