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It's difficult to play Animal Crossing Bells: New Horizons wrong, yet infrequently, you can miss significant advances that will open up your island's abilities. In case you're ending up stuck — regardless of whether it's a missing formula or an area you can't reach — there's a simpler arrangement than tearing through your new home: welcome a few buddies over or go on an outing to one of their islands. 

Like past games, New Horizons urges players to invest some energy with companions. It's a simple method to hang with companions you can't find face to face at the present time and tangle some new organic products, garments, and different things for your island. Individuals you invest energy with online can likewise blessing you things or make you instruments, a convenient stunt that can assist you with speeding past the game's common doors to get what you need or where you need to be sooner. A shaft vault, for instance, will permit you to get across streams and into new regions, while a stepping stool will let you scale precipices. Craftable things from companions can assist you with finishing island ventures or tidy up your home Companions with abundance assets can likewise spare you the stand by of an entire day or the excursion to an irregular island by means of valuable Nook Miles.