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Out of appreciation for Rocket League's fifth commemoration

Psyonix's Buy Rocket League Credits has kept up an unmistakable spot in the gaming scene's aggregate inner voice since the time it originally delivered in 2015. Furnishing players with a straightforward, yet new and extraordinary equation, the vehicular soccer match has seen colossal accomplishment on the wide scope of stages that it's accessible on. Rocket League commends it's 5-year commemoration on July 7, and designer Psyonix is pondering the previous half-decade. 

Out of appreciation for Rocket League's fifth commemoration, designer Psyonix shared various details in an infographic presented on their official site. In it's five years, Rocket League Credits has amassed 75 million players, who've met up to score 29 billion objectives throughout 5 billion matches played. These numbers are galactic, yet bode well given Rocket League's unimaginable ascent to acclaim throughout the long term.