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It's ideal to do this before you begin playing Rocket League

In case you're playing a cross-stage coordinate, however, composed messages might be seen by those on your equivalent stage This implies PC players will just observe other PC players' composed in-game messages. The equivalent goes for PlayStation players and Xbox players.At this time, there is no word concerning whether this will change in a future update, however Psyonix has not proposed this is in their arrangements as of now. 

In case you're looking to simply visit with companions who play on a similar stage as you, at that point the least demanding strategy to talk with them while playing is to make a gathering with them. On stages like PlayStation and Xbox, it's ideal to do this before you begin playing Rocket League Credits. However long you have a mic headset associated with your regulator, you ought to have the option to talk with your companions while playing along these lines. In the game, there's a choice to utilize Party Chat to visit with just your gathering while at the same time playing.