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The most likely candidates from Ajayi to Zeke

Thanks partly to the apparent Madden curse, no cover in sports gaming is as hotly debated as that pertaining to EA’s three-decades-young Gridiron series. For half of its lifetime John Madden himself stared up from atop its pristine plastic, but players have been used to front (and market) it since a brief background appearance on the packaging for Madden madden 18 coins Which elite specimen is likely to become the series’ temporary new figurehead when Madden 18 touches down this autumn? EA no longer puts it to a public vote, instead making its own selection based on ability, popularity and commercial potential. Below, then, I’ve ranked the cover candidates according to recent performance, series history, and possible reaction to having their likeness recreated in voodoo-doll form. And there’s a fair chance that even the latter won’t prevent the Patriots scoring yet another Vince Lombardi trophy. Article Tag: Madden 18, Madden 18 Coins, MUT 18 Coins Article From: Contact:
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