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Handmadesink Teach You Removing Stains from Stainless Steel Sink Countertop

Cleaning Stainless Steel Sink Countertop can sometimes seem tricky, since this shiny material can be scratched fairly easily. This is less problematic with a matt-finish surface, like that found on some stainless steel sink countertop , but shiny stainless steel requires some care in order to remove stains without scratching the finish.

Fortunately, stainless steel is a very resilient material that responds well to several different cleaning techniques.

First, examine your stainless steel surface and determine if it has a "grain" pattern. While the metal itself is solid, the process by which the manufacturer polished the surface may leave it with faint directional scratches. Whenever you scrub at a stainless steel surface—even if using so-called "non-scratch" pads—you should rub at the stains in the same direction as whatever grain is already present in the surface.

Here are four methods you can try for removing stains from stainless steel. Run through these solutions in order, as they are listed in order of how likely they are to damage the surface, with safest solutions first.

Steam Cleaning

Many stains will be lifted from stainless steel by the action of steam vapors.

Heat water to boiling in a kettle with a spout that will allow you to pour it.

Place a paper towel or microfiber towel over the stained surface.

Pour enough of the boiling water onto the paper towel to wet it. Allow it to steam to work for five to ten minutes.

Once the surface has cooled, rub the surface with the paper towel, moving with the direction of the grain. If this doesn't remove the stain, try the next solution.

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