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ylq Oct 11 '18
One morning in winter, the north wind whistling, the wind was biting. There are too many people at a station. Many entrances are lined up with long queues, and there are not many people waiting for the "mother and child to get on the bus".People are hiding at home, but for some things to go out Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, the woman holding a child, the baby rolled up the real knot, hugged it out, came to the station, she went to the front of the "mother and child on the car" channel There are already a lot of people standing in the queue.Standing there are four well-dressed, physically fit men, and a woman with a baby is squeezed out of the passage, the mother and son are looking at them with a strange look: they are neither disabled nor Not holding children Newport Cigarettes Website, but why are they standing on the bus where the mother and the child are on the bus? Are they illiterate? No, some of them are wearing beautiful coats, shoes are bright, and some even wear glasses, like people with culture. They just got a small interest for themselves. Under the eyes of everyone, they still showed a blind attitude towards the sign. If they stood there, they didn't want to give way to the mother and son.From the clothes of the four men on the picture, they all know each word on the sign Carton Of Cigarettes, but they don��t take action, give convenience to those who need it the most, and deliberately pretend to be illiterate to escape the correct public. order. In my opinion, they are indeed "literate", but the "literacy" I refer to here is not the "text" of "culture" but the "text" of "civilization". What is most needed for a big country is the unity of the whole nation. The most basic is civilization and morality. However, the four young men on the map can't even get the minimum order to observe the order. What is the civilization and the morality? It is not uncommon for things like this to happen in life. How many people are coveting their own conveniences or interests, so that those who really need help can't get the original support. As the saying goes: "People have no ambition and not stand." Everyone has their own ideals. My dream is to be a village doctor who serves the people.In today's society, more and more diseases are eroding humans, just like SARS a few years ago Marlboro Cigarettes Price, the H1N1 virus, the American flu outbreak a few months ago... These ruthless diseases have not only killed many people, maybe a beautiful one. The family has broken down. When I heard these messages, the doctor��s thoughts came to life.At an accidental opportunity, I saw the news saying that a woman living in a remote mountainous area is about to have a baby Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online, but because there are several miles away from the hospital in the mountains, on the way to rush, I am unfortunately killed... After I heard the news, My heart has always been a pity for the woman, why is there not a doctor in the remote mountain? I really don't know how many patients are there in the remote mountains, because time is too late, because there is no money, because there is no doctor and lost life?ince then, I have decided to become a rural doctor who serves the people, to help, in the mountains, in the poor. But I know that ideals are not fantasy. I have to study hard and become a village doctor when I grow up, so that such tragedies no longer happen!