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ylq Oct 11 '18
Life is the most precious wealth that man has. It is indispensable and cannot be lost. Do not think that only talent has life. In fact, everything is alive; and there is tenacious vitality.People think that grass is the most tenacious plant in human life, yes, it is true.We have all seen that the lawn or grassland is on fire, the fire will burn the grass, and all the grass will be turned into a pile of ashes... But when we think that their life has come to an end, they are unexpected. . In the spring of the second year, the grass did not stop, they quietly sprouted, stubbornly penetrated the ground, and stood out in a green head and curiously watched this ever-changing world. The grass huddled together and merged into a green wave Marlboro Cigarettes. The poet Bai Juyi of the Tang Dynasty wrote well "from the original grass Marlboro Cigarettes Price, one year old and one dry. The wildfire is not burning, the spring breeze is born again.In the human world, there are also many people who are tenacious. Helen Keller, the author of "Give me three days of light Newport 100S," is a tenacious female writer. She lives in a dark and silent world every day, and we can't imagine how she survived. Life is cruel to her, but she not only proves the courage of mankind to overcome her destiny, but also let future generations know how tenacious her vitality is!ife cannot be lost. Losing life is equivalent to losing everything you have. We should learn from Xiao Cao and Helen Keller. With a strong vitality, we can have a bright future!Spring came quietly, but we didn't know it. At this time, the catkins reminded us, let us hurry to meet the arrival of spring.At first, there was only one catkin, which floated naughty in front of my eyes, but I couldn't catch it. I jumped up to catch it, but it seemed to provoke me to be angry. The higher the flying, the brighter the sun shines on it. It also becomes golden and light, so beautiful!fter that, the catkins will increase rapidly within a week. The ground and corridor of the community will be filled with catkins. The catkins at this time are very annoying, but I still like it, because it is white, soft, seems to be clouds flying from the sky, also like soft, sweet marshmallow.Sometimes, the spring breeze blows gently, and the catkins fly in front of you, reminding you that spring has arrived, the weather is getting warmer, the trees are sprouting.fter half a month, the catkins became less; later, only a few were left Newport Cigarettes Coupons. These catkins still danced in the wind and continued to fulfill the obligation of the "ambassador": to report to people that spring has come Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping. Finally, the catkins disappeared and left the spring to us!