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BEIJING Jordan 5 Bordeaux 2017 , Nov. 5 (Xinhua) -- China's pool of high-earning consumers is set to surge in the next 15 years, their household spending growing to be greater than the Europe Union's current level, a report showed.

The number of people earning more than 10,000 U.S. dollars per year is expected to grow to around 480 million by 2030, from around 132 million today, according to research by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Jordan 5 Bordeaux For Sale , a think tank with the Economist.

The proportion of the population with upper-middle and high incomes will expand from 10 percent to 35 percent by 2030 when China will look and feel like a more middle-class society, although inequalities in wealth will remain an important social challenge, the report pointed out.

"We expect that the purchasing power of individual Chinese consumers in 2030 will be roughly akin to that of South Korea today or the U.S. in 2000," said Wang Dan, EIU China Analyst.

Some interior cities will become major centers of consumption, with Changsha Jordan 5s Bordeaux , Chengdu, Chongqing and Wuhan each having over 2 million high-income consumers by 2030. However, other smaller cities may be left behind as regional inequalities persist.

The report pointed out that despite concerns for China's economic slowdown, it is important to remember that China is still in the early to middle stages of development in terms of consumption spending.

With rising income, Chinese consumers will look to upgrade consumption habits and switch to more expensive and premium brands when buying items such as cars and mobile devices, as well as driving higher spending on service sectors such as leisure and tourism Jordan 5 Retro Bordeaux , health, education and finance, the report showed.

"China's consumer economy is set for an exciting period of development and expansion," Wang added.

by Marzia De Giuli

ROME, Jan. 17 (Xinhua) -- The seventh most popular theater of Rome is inside a prison, and that actors are convicts. Surprised?

And that this is good for society Jordan 5 Prm Bordeaux , statistics have shown. Pleased?

"We have 350 seats and around 10,000 annual spectators coming from the outside," Fabio Cavalli, theater director at Rebibbia Prison, told Xinhua.

"During the last 14 years we have been working with more than 500 convicts," Cavalli said. "All of them have different backgrounds and are in prison with a sentence of at least three years. They have committed crimes from robbery to homicide Jordan 5 Bordeaux , or belonged to criminal and mafia organizations."

Statistics carried out at Rebibbia Prison have shown that recidivism rate among those involved in theater activities significantly lowers.

"Italy's recidivism rate is at 68 percent, in line with recidivism rates in the world which are generally between 60 and 70 percent. The rate falls to 20 percent for convicts engaged in work activities, and drops below 10 percent for those engaged in theater activities," Cavalli explained to Xinhua.

There are a total of around 52,000 convicts in Italy detained in 198 prisons, of which more than half host an acting company. The number of acting companies is increasing and bringing good results year after year to the point that the Italian justice ministry has recognized theater activities in prison as an element which discourages recidivism and helps reintegration in society Men's Air Jordan 5 Retro Premium Bordeaux Wine For Sale , as confirmed by Alessandra Bormioli, head of the study and research department at the Higher Institute of Penitentiary Studies (ISSP) under the Italian justice ministry, in a recent interview with Xinhua.

Bormioli explained to Xinhua that the very first experiment was carried out early in 1959, when Dostoevsky's classic novel Crime and Punishment was put on stage by convicts of a juvenile prison in Rome.

"But the turning point was when Italy issued a prison system law in 1975 based on the concept of penitentiary treatment aiming at reeducation and best individual path to reintegrate convicts into society," she recalled.

Since then, the number of acting companies working in Italian prisons have seen continuous growth. Bormioli Cheap Air Jordan 5 Bordeaux Mens , also vice director of another noted prison in Rome, Regina Coeli, noted that several prisons in Italy even host two or more acting companies.

"Regina Coeli has two, and one of them is working in particular with foreign convicts, making them perform in their mother-tongue languages thus helping mutual knowledge and integration," she told Xinhua.

But how do acting companies get in touch with prisons and start a program? "They are generally not-for-profit acting companies selected by the prison's director along with the education area head Air Jordan 5 Bordeaux Mens For Sale ," Bormioli explained. Both professional actors and volunteers take part in the activities, which also give convicts the opportunity to perform out of prison in important theaters of Italy, such as the Argentina opera house in Rome, she noted.

This avant-garde penitentiary treatment model has been very much appreciated both in Italy and abroad to the point that an annual festival of theater in prison named Destini Incrociati (Crossed Destinies) has been established to present these works to a larger audience, Bormioli also added.

But why those convicts who love theater do not commit crime anymore?

"Some 95 percent of convicts in the world are people who did not have the possibility of a regular education or job ... there is a very high relation between cultural level and presence in prison," Cavalli went on explaining.

Though some one third of convicts in Italy are sent to school in prison Air Jordan 5 Bordeaux Mens Online , it is not easy to bring them close to something that they rejected in their childhood.

"Things are different for theater. None of the convicts had ever entered a theater before, which means that for the first time in their life they are experiencing a new world that does not teach them theories through a book but asks them to go on stage and talk to the public, creating a collaborative team," Cavalli elaborat.