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On Thursday, the Strategy Group will begin voting on whether to implement the Halo cockpit protection device for 2017. Mens Ua Speedform Apollo Vent Running Shoes . To say the issue has divided F1 is an understatement -- it has led to contrasting opinions among drivers, team bosses and fans. If implemented, it would be one of the most significant changes to F1 cars in the history of the world championship.F1s decision-making process is complicated, and if the Strategy Group (made up of six teams, the FIA, and commercial rights holder Bernie Ecclestone) approves its introduction it will go to the F1 Commission and then the World Motor Sport Council for ratification. However, with the FIA pushing hard for its introduction those final two stages could be a formality if it makes it through Thursdays vote.Why now?A more focused push for cockpit protection started in 2009 when Henry Surtees, son of former world champion John, was killed by a loose wheel in a Formula 2 race. Just over a week later, Felipe Massa suffered life-threatening injuries when hit in the head by a loose spring during practice for the Hungarian Grand Prix. The issue returned to prominence again after Jules Bianchis collision with a recovery vehicle at the 2014 Japanese Grand Prix, which led to his death a year later, though a subsequent investigation found cockpit protection would have made no difference to his injuries.The death of Justin Wilson at an IndyCar race last year -- the former F1 driver was killed when struck by a piece of debris from another car -- was met with shock in the motor racing world and eventually promted the Grand Prix Drivers Association (GPDA) to call for the implementation of cockpit protection by 2017. The radical rule changes for next year made a provision for some form of cockpit protection?when agreed upon earlier this season.?The deviceHalo has gone through a steady evolution since its introduction by Ferrari during winter testing in February. The introduction of Halo 2 in Austria unveiled a lighter, stronger prototype made of titanium.One of the notable changes was to make the arc wider to eradicate the risk of a driver hitting his head on the device during an impact. Extrication tests took place in the Red Bull Ring pit lane before it was run on track at the following round in Silverstone and again by Red Bull at the in-season test.Arguments for and againstThe debate around Halo has centred around four points: aesthetics, visibility, driver extraction and, in a wider argument, about the DNA of open wheel racing itself. Lewis Hamilton memorably called the Halo device the worst looking mod in Formula One history when it was unveiled in March. However, Sebastian Vettel countered this line of argument by saying the Halo can look as ugly as possible if it achieves the goal of saving lives.As for visibility, only three drivers have actually driven a car with the Halo attached, and each at slow speeds on an installation lap. On his most recent test at Silverstone, Sebastian Vettel voiced concerns about visibility above the drivers head, while some have questioned how drivers will navigate an uphill corner like Belgiums notorious Eau Rouge with their vision impaired. It still remains to be seen how drivers fare in a car at racing speeds and with other cars in the vicinity.Driver extrication was an early criticism levelled towards cockpit protection, with critics suggesting the length of time to complete would be a safety hazard in itself. However, the FIA is happy with the extrication tests which have taken place so far, saying the benefits outweigh any negatives. After his terrifying shunt in Australia, Fernando Alonso said a Halo would have been very welcome regardless of how long it took him to get out of the car.The final point concerns the fact that the introduction of Halo would perhaps be the most significant safety measure in the history of F1 cars in terms of aesthetics. Niki Lauda recently said the introduction of Halo risked destroying the DNA of Formula One, which has featured open cockpits since the inaugural world championship in 1950. However, as others such as Vettel and Nico Rosberg have pointed out, F1s history has also involved gradual and, at times, radical changes to improve the safety of drivers.Recent developmentsThe introduction of Halo 2 at Silverstone was followed by an FIA presentation on Halo to drivers ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix. That presentation centred on how Halo would have helped in a number of previous accidents and was enough to change Hamiltons previously staunch opposition.The FIA put forward the fact that based on previous accidents the chances of survival are 17 percent greater with Halo on their car. Hamilton has previously advocated closing the cockpit off completely, something which has featured on concept car designs released by Red Bull, McLaren and Ferrari in previous years.?AlternativesThe Halo was not the only cockpit device being considered for implementation next year. Red Bull tabled a concept of its own, the Aeroscreen, which first debuted in Russia and was generally more popular among drivers and fans alike. The concept featured two supports instead of one for the main structure and a protective windscreen in front of the cockpit.Despite the Aeroscreens popularity, Halo was closer to realisation when the FIA made a decision in May to pursue one concept rather than continue splitting its resources. However, it is important to note a canopy has not been written off for 2018 or beyond, and is seen by many as the sensible long-term solution for cockpit protection in Formula One. Therefore it is a concept that may well be revisited in 2017, regardless of whether Halo is implemented or not. Stephen Curry Shoes Black . -- Whether Jeremy Hill deserves a prominent role in LSUs offence this early in the season is a matter for debate. Under Armour Scorpio Chrome . The showiest items on Calgarys lot were forwards Mike Cammalleri and Lee Stempniak. Both will be unrestricted free agents this summer. http:///...ephen-curry-one.html . P.A. Parenteau scored early in the third period to help the Avs edge Toronto 2-1 on Tuesday night. Cory Sarich also scored for Colorado (3-0-0), which is off to its best ever start. RIO DE JANEIRO -- Kelsey Robinson lifted Courtney Thompson into a congratulatory embrace when the match finally ended, celebrating the reserve setters timely ace serve in a hard-fought win against Italy.It took something from everyone for the United States womens volleyball team to stay unbeaten in Rio.Its so special when you see Courtney get an ace, Robinson said. Were lifting her up. Thats something that people dont see shes been working on every single day outside of practice.Thompson is part of a trio of setters that is playing a key role for the top-ranked Americans in their chase for the first ever U.S. gold in womens volleyball at these Olympics.Alisha Glass, Carli Lloyd and Thompson huddle together during timeouts with their position coach, and words fly around for about a minute as they compare notes before returning to play.Its a rare roster to carry three setters on a 12-player Olympic squad, yet that is how valuable each of these women is to coach Karch Kiraly and the U.S. quest. The quarterfinal-bound Americans (4-0) held off the Italians 25-22, 25-22, 23-25, 25-20 on Friday. It marked the first time Italy won a set in four Olympic matches.While coach Tom Black is often focused on the opponents tendencies, he trusts the three setters to let each other know if were letting it rip or we need to pick up the speed.Lloyd earned her spot with a remarkable run leading up to Rio. At 31, Thompson is the oldest player for the Americans and their heart and soul behind the scenes -- and typically the first to bust a dance move in the corner of the court where the backups stand.Shes absolutely on the court, Glass said of Thompsons influence. Thats her, shes never not going to be somewhere, you just feel her no matter what ... She just has such a presence. Theres no way we come here without her and do as well as were doing.In May 2013, it was Glass and Thompson along with a few other young setters not in Rio who set the example for the Americans during this four-year Olympic cycle on how to commit to being a team of constant leearners, driven to be better in every aspect of the game -- from their technical play such as a pivot move they worked to perfect to make the offense faster and unpredictable, to the mental side and everything else like tireless work in the weight room. Mens Ua Speedform® Gemini Team Running Shoes. They were the position group that embraced that the earliest and led the charge and modeled it for the other positions, with Tom leading them early in 2013, Kiraly said. We started running our offense faster, which just means the sets dont go high out to the sideline, they go low and fast.No drama. No hard feelings about playing time. Just a joint desire to reach the top of the medal stand in Rio.Its different than overseas. We dont have that same relationship with other setters and a setting coach, Lloyd said. I love it.Thompson, who was called upon to fill in for injured setter Lindsey Berg in London four years ago, understands that her moments stepping on the Olympic court before leaving Brazil might be limited.Every person in this program has an important role and I certainly feel that way about mine, she said. Its unique, but its for a reason.Thompson is constantly talking, moving, encouraging from every angle.Shes the spine of the team in a lot of ways, Black said.During some matches, players in the sub box rub their hands together as if warming them then sending in the good energy, added Thompson.Shes always cheering.Nice ups!Nice pass, you guys!And when the Americans needed to secure their Olympic berth through a second-chance qualifier back in January at Lincoln, Nebraska, it was Thompson who sent out a group email ahead of time letting her teammates know the time was now. The U.S. had already missed a chance at last years World Cup in Tokyo.One night in Lincoln, Thompson, Nicole Fawcett and Robinson ran through Pinnacle Bank Arena with arms waving pretending we won the gold medal, Thompson said.They hope to do it for real in Rio. 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