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Alosdf523 Dec 4 '17
adidas shoes online One of the problems that Adidas has encountered over the last decade among serious runners is legitimacy. For many years they attempted to combine performance running with fashionable lifestyle designs with shoes such as the “Yeezy” co-designed by Kanye West. While these shoes were laughable at best, they also undermined the performance aspects of the Boost technology and scared many lifelong runners away. This also impacts the resale of many Adidas shoes with Boost technology. Unfortunately, resale sites like Ebay over value serious running shoes with “designer sneakers” which causes significant price increases. It is always your best bet to buy Adidas running shoes from your local running speciality store. adidas shoes canada While it seems that Adidas has realized the error of their ways, the running shoe offerings of the last two years seem to be on par with the true heritage of this great company. Why? Because the aim here is to only profile Adidas’ true performance running shoe offerings. Many big box sporting goods stores have all kinds of low quality models aimed at enticing the bargain shopper, or high-price models aimed at the fashion conscious – but these are not shoes you should be running decent mileage in. adidas shoes online canada Initially advertised as the “Greatest Running Shoe Ever”, the Ultra Boost is a premium neutral running shoe that mostly prices itself out of the market by combining all of Adidas’ proprietary technologies into one shoe. Weighing in at 11.4 ounces with a 10mm heel drop, the Ultra Boost is also fairly clunky when compared to Adidas’ performance models. While the incredible amount of Boost midsole material combined with a flexible Primeknit upper feel like bedroom slippers in the house, the shallow toe box and insecure feel of the upper leave runners feeling vulnerable over the long haul. adidas shoes canada sale This is a shoe that seems to straddle the line between a “lifestyle” shoe which could be worn to the gym for light weight lifting versus a tried and true running shoe design. You can think of the Energy Boost as the Ultra Boost without the Primeknit Upper. While slightly more vetted in the running community, the price of this shoe rules it out for most people. What you get with the Energy Boost 3 is a supremely well cushioned neutral running shoe that is well built and resilient. In fact, I’ve heard of runners getting well over one thousand miles in this shoe, but what does it have over the Supernova Glide 8 which also features a Boost midsole and is $30 cheaper. Not much really.