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bears123 May 23
Which diamond shape should you choose? Read on to make a decision.

Round Brilliant: Choose a round brilliant if you want the most sparkle. It's the amazing light performance that makes it the most popular choice. Also Packers Jaire Alexander Jersey , it is versatile enough to complement a modern and sleek ring design or an elaborate vintage one.

Princess: This is the second most popular shape after the round brilliant, and may be a good choice for hiding any inclusions due to the numerous facets. It is often mounted as a solitaire or can be complemented with accent stones on the shank.

Cushion: Making a comeback, the cushion cut is right now the third most popular choice. It's an excellent choice for making a statement, as the shape is generally not made on smaller diamonds Packers Ha Ha Clinton-Dix Jersey , and the large facets mean only stones with superior clarity are used for this cut. People certainly know who the romantic Kim Kardashian is! She was proposed to back then, by her now - husband Kanye West with a beautiful Cushion engagement ring.

Emerald: Unlike round brilliant, princess and cushion, the emerald cut is rather about 'depth' than sparkle. The step-like facets give the diamond a striking look. This cut has attracted many famous fans Packers Randall Cobb Jersey , with the likes of Angelina Jolie and Grace Kelly sporting emerald cut engagement rings. It's all about glamour. If that's what one is looking for, then this is the diamond you should go with.

Asscher: The Asscher is similar to the emerald cut, but square in shape. It's known to be called the "square emerald cut" at times. It was invented in 1902 by jeweler Joseph Asscher. One of the most famous Asscher engagement ring was worn by Elizabeth Taylor given to her by Richard Burton.

Radiant: Rectangular in shape but with the sparkle of a round, the radiant cut is quite rare mainly due to it's scarcity. Those who prefer a rectangular shaped diamond engagement ring Packers Mike Daniels Jersey , can look towards the Radiant as an alternative to the Princess and Cushion diamond. Jennifer Aniston wears an absolutely spectacular 8 carat radiant diamond engagement ring.

Oval: Suited for short fingers, the oval shape helps to give an appearance of elongated fingers. With it's unusual shape, an oval stone is the star of the show so you can have it mounted as a simple solitaire. For those who like the beauty of the Round diamond but want something unique, the Oval is the perfect engagement ring.

Pear: One of the unusual shapes for engagement rings Packers Clay Matthews Jersey , a pear diamond is also generally mounted in a solitaire design. But, a slim halo would be ideal for highlighting the beautiful shape. It is highly sophisticated having a combination of two different cuts. At one end is the sparkle-fest round and the elegant marquise at the other.
Marquise: Uniquely tapered, the marquise cut is quite striking and a great choice for an east-west engagement ring, where the center stone is set horizontally. Catherine Zeta-Jones wears a beautiful 10 carat one on her finger.

Heart: The classic symbol of love Packers Aaron Rodgers Jersey , heart shaped engagement rings are for the true romantic. The sparkle and beauty of this shape can only be defined by the true skill and precision of a diamond cutter. Thus, it is a good idea to have the stone examined by a gemologist before purchasing it.

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How to Earn More by Visualizing Your Marketing Success Marketing Articles | December 9, 2004

Did you ever imagine yourself lying on a beach enjoying the sunor spending the holidays relaxing with ... We ... and picture ... in places we'd like to go to, ordoing things we en

Did you ever imagine yourself lying on a beach enjoying the sun
or spending the holidays relaxing with relatives? We all
daydream and picture ourselves in places we'd like to go to Packers Bart Starr Jersey , or
doing things we enjoy or have always wanted to try.

What do you do next if you want to make your daydream real? If
you want to take a vacation you make plans, buy your plane
tickets and reserve a hotel room. When the date arrives you head
off to enjoy the rewards of your daydreaming and planning.

Olympic athletes do a similar thing before a competition. They
imagine themselves skiing a course or moving through their
sequence of gymnastic moves. As they prepare, they see
themselves doing each move to perfection and then standing on
the podium with a medal around their necks.

Visualization may apply to planning a great vacation and to
winning athletic competitions, but can it help you succeed in

You may remember the Harvard Business School study where recent
graduates were surveyed about their goals and then ten years
later. The result of visualizing their success? Graduates who
had had clear goals in mind were making two to ten times as much
money as their classmates.

Put this strategy to work; do some directed daydreaming.

Visualize Your Goals -
Create a vivid image in your mind of what success means to you.
Write down the answers to the following questions about your
image of success:

What would you be doing with your time?
Who would your clients and customers be?
How many clients and customers would you have?
How much money would you be making?
How much could you afford to give away to your favorite causes?
What would your lifestyle be?

Visualize Your Objectives -
To reach your lofty goals Packers Dexter Williams Jersey , you'll need to identify specific
marketing goals:

How many clients or customers do you want or will you need to be
working with each month?
How many new clients do you want to add per month?
In order to bring in new clients, you'll need to generate
qualified prospects. How many prospects do you want to target
each month? How will you find them?

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