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zhyang Mar 26
Redundancy can be one of the scariest and de-moralising things to happen to someone. It can knock your confidence beyond belief. However it can also be your chance to venture into something you have always wanted to do.

What is my dream job?

Some people have a romantic idea of what they want so ensure you are ambitious but not crazy about what you want. If you have always wanted to be President of the United States [url=http://www.nflfanproshop.com/chicago-bears]Cheap Chicago Bears Jersey[/url] , I'm not saying you couldn't do it but it is unlikely to happen. If however you always wanted to have your own Business or you always wanted to teach then those things are possible.
You may need a little investment to get your Business up and running or for re-training but your Redundancy package is your opportunity to make this happen.

Most people hold onto their redundancy package for grim death and that is understandable. 'What if I don't get another job then I will need the money'. A redundancy package is certainly to help you cope being out of work but it also there to help you get back into work even if that's going down a different career path. It is to help you retrain; take time to reflect on what you want to do, and to help in the event you don't find work for a while.

You need to be brave when changing career and you need to be prepared to take an element of risk. It is those who take action who make their dreams happen. There is no point waiting until you are 65 and look back on your career wishing you had a better work life balance to spend with your family or wishing you had taken

the step to own a Business or wishing you had of travelled more.
Here are a few things you should do to help you identify what your dream job might be -

1. Write down all the things you hated about your existing job or career? E.g. sitting in traffic etc.

2. Write down all the things you liked about your existing job or career? E.g. working with people [url=http://www.nflfanproshop.com/carolina-panthers]Cheap Carolina Panthers Jersey[/url] , sales etc.

3. What are your strengths that you could take to a new career e.g. a natural Leader, good communicator etc?

4. What is my goal in life? Don't make this monetary. Look at what it is you want to buy with the money. Is it time with your family? Is it to have a house on the Beach? Is it to spend your time with your hobby e.g. to teach golf?

5. What is it I need to achieve this goal i.e. how much money would I need to earn per month? How many hours do I need to work every week to allow me to spend the time I need with my family? Where do I need to be located?

6. What jobs out there allow you to achieve the above? This may well be your own Business.

7. If it is your own Business think of how much you can invest into it [url=http://www.nflfanproshop.com/buffalo-bills]Cheap Buffalo Bills Jersey[/url] , what service or product would you like to provide to others etc.

8. Does the thought of doing this specific job excite you?

You should be closer to identifying what your dream job or career might be.

Real Life example

I have witnessed firsthand the benefits of taking time to reflect, re-evaluate my situation and do what I always wanted. I worked in the Financial Industry for more than 10 years at Management level and was well and truly caught up in the rat race. I spent little time at home and my life was my work. I loved what I did [url=http://www.nflfanproshop.com/baltimore-ravens]Cheap Baltimore Ravens Jersey[/url] , don't get me wrong. I enjoyed working with the people within my industry and I developed and learned a huge amount but my family life was suffering.

Being made redundant helped me weigh up what was important. I thought about it this way. What would I want people to say about me when I died? 'She was a workaholic'. That's not what I wanted. I wanted people to remember me as a great mum and friend who inspired and influenced everyone she touched. I needed to be my own boss to be able to add the value to people that I wanted to make enough money to replace my income and be able to do all that working less hours and during times that suited me to work.

Then I investigated how I could go about doing that on the budget I had. That took me towards an Online Business which is allowing me to spend time with my daughter, husband [url=http://www.nflfanproshop.com/atlanta-falcons]Cheap Atlanta Falcons Jersey[/url] , my family and my friends. It is also allowing me to add value to and help change people's lives so that they have the same opportunity as I had.

What next?

Once you know what you want to do then research how you can go about it. If it's to be a golfing instructor in Portugal then detail what you need to get you there and start researching. Talk to someone already in the Business about the pros and cons and look at the availability of golfing instructors in Portugal. If you need to work on your handicap first then you need to get a job that will allow you time to do that as well as provide you with enough money to fund your hobby and your move.

I hope some of the advice in this article helps you put your redundancy and your career in perspective and I hope your dreams become your reality.Escorts in Sydney Are Available For 24x7 Services at Any Time

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