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Lee Jordan’s Reflections of a Reluctant Alaskan is a beautiful story depicting a young soldier’s journey from the Deep South to Alaska [url=]Riley Ridley Jersey[/url] , against his wishes, and the sixty-plus years he spent thereafter.

Lee Jordan’s Reflections of a Reluctant Alaskan is a beautiful story depicting a young soldier’s journey from the Deep South to Alaska, against his wishes, and the sixty-plus years he spent thereafter. The images in the book show Alaska in all its splendor and beauty. The combination of text and scenic depictions is truly compelling. Lee Jordan’s reluctance and ensuing journey is fittingly captured by a single quote appearing prior to the beginning of the book: “Twelve times, he told the Army to send him ‘anyplace but Alaska.’ Sixty-two years later [url=]David Montgomery Jersey[/url] , he doesn’t want to leave the state where he made his mark as editor of a weekly newspaper, mayor, volunteer and twenty-year baseball coach.”

Lee Jordan’s memoir is as breathtaking as it is amazing-in all aspects. It speaks volumes about the fact that life’s experiences are infinitely more satisfying than material wealth. However, just reaching Alaska, by far [url=]Bears Kids Jersey[/url] , is a most unique account. Never in my reading have I come across an individual so adamant in not going to a certain place, and then, sixty years later, refusing to leave from the same “abhorred” place. Lee Jordan’s trek to Alaska begins with a peculiar twist of fate: he meets with a bicycle accident that knocks out his four front teeth, and in order to repair them [url=]Bears Youth Jersey[/url] , he enlists in the Army with a three-year commitment-talk about getting sidetracked.

Lee Jordan’s experience in Alaska ranges from his initial involvement in WAMCATS, the Alaska Communication System, to being in North America’s strongest earthquake that occurred on March 27, 1964. In between, he managed to invest a decade of his life at the Anchorage Times [url=]Bears Womens Jersey[/url] , where he played a role in the production of the iconic “WE’RE IN” headline referring to Alaska’s statehood, twenty plus years as a baseball coach, and much more. The “Center of the Universe” chapter discusses one of the major reasons why Lee Jordan fell in love with Alaska. He describes it as a place with great people and “more common sense than anyplace else on the whole earth.”

Ultimately, hearty thanks should go to Lee Jordan’s childhood chum and legendary FSU football coach, Bobby Bowden [url=]Black Bears Jersey[/url] , for essentially causing the bicycle accident. The situation of the bicycle accident is described thusly, “Going down Eightieth Street Hill to the vacant lot on which we played, Bobby was riding on the bar of my bicycle. The bicycle built up speed and began to wobble as we flew down that steep incline. The heel of Bobby’s shoe suddenly caught in the spokes of the front wheel, bringing the bike to an abrupt stop. He went off to the side. I was thrown over the handlebars and face-first onto the pavement. The bike went straight up and fell on top of the two of us.”

Without Bobby Bowden and the bicycle accident, the reader may never have had the opportunity to read about a man who lives life the right way. Indeed [url=]Bears Jersey Sale[/url] , the world would be oblivious to Lee Jordan and his reluctance to go to Alaska, and the ensuing sixty years of his life might have fallen through the crevices of history. Reflections of a Reluctant Alaskan is a must read book that shows how a single instance, just one seemingly insignificant event, forever altered the course of one man’s journey through life.

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11 Secrets from an Experienced Interviewer

One of the unwritten rules of writing a book, an article [url=]Cheap Bears Jersey[/url] , or any sort of material that requires the writer to interview experts or people "in the know" is to tape record the conversation. Whether the recording occurs via phone or in person is irrelevant. This rule is a good one.

This leads to the following questions:

* Do you transcribe every tape?

* Who owns the transcription?

The answer to these questions does have an "it depends" so let me explain. It depends on your state's or countries laws on the tape recording issue. It depends on the how much you're getting paid for the project. It depends on whether you can use the interview notes more than once. It depends whether you are using interviewing as an escape -- a procrastination technique because you enjoy that interview process more than the writing.

Okay, we got the "it depends" listed and out of the way. Let me present a few of my secrets -- the things I have learned as a writer and teacher over the last many years.

Secret 1: Just because you tape recorded the conversation doesn't mean you have to transcribe the tape. The tape is a great safety net for reviews.

Secret 2: You don't need to transcribe the whole tape. Many times all you need are the important parts.

Secret 3: Tapes are cheap, buy plenty instead of reusing, and keep them for a few years.

Secret 4: Create a tape master finding system. Microsoft Excel is a great way to track with a numbering system. Include the year somewhere in the numbering. Color coding adds visual effectiveness. Large colored dots are available at most office supply stores.

Secret 5: The storage container and where you store the tapes is important as to how long they last. Heat and moisture destroys the quality. Find small, thin [url=]Bears Eddie Goldman Jersey[/url] , plastic containers with a tight seal with a one-layer depth.

Secret 6: Don't place a magnet anywhere near them. So keep the paperclip magnet and the phone (many have magnets in them) away from the tapes. Palm Pilots too.

Secret 7: Use rubber bands to consolidate tapes for a similar project or topic but be careful not to wrap them vertically ov. [url=]Cheap Jerseys Wholesale[/url]   [url=]Cheap Jerseys China[/url]   [url=]Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale[/url]   [url=]Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale[/url]   [url=]Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale[/url]   [url=]Cheap MLB Jerseys China[/url]   [url=]Cheap NHL Jerseys From China[/url]   [url=]Cheap Jerseys China Free Shipping[/url]   [url=]Cheap Hockey Jerseys From China[/url]   [url=]Wholesale Hockey Jerseys[/url]