How to Earn MUT Team Tokens


Date & time May 29 '18
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MUT Team Tokens unfortunately are not purchased in the auction house, nor would they be traded for for the Buy Madden Mobile Coins. Instead, you will have to find them in packs (although odds are slim), or complete item takes hold order to earn them.

Each Team Token needs a number of cards for being unlocked - such as the Bears Gold Team Token requires 10 Gold Bears players, all ranked between 70 and 79 OVR. Silver Team Tokens are easier to obtain than this, since they instead require 12 Silver players from any teams, ranked between 60 and 69 OVR.

It's certainly a slog, as there are even debate one of many MUT community whether these player upgrades are even definitely worth the effort, since they require some expensive Elite pieces of  Madden Mobile Account. But, if you undertake happen to have an NFL Stars player already there, maybe it's well worthwhile to simply upgrade them once.

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