now people Will be select imitation cartier love necklaceyellow gold in Fashion aspects


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2300 yuan to buy 3 people

Mr. Chen, a resident of our province, bought 3 jade pieces at a jade shop in Taobao last year, and bought 1 bracelet for 2 pendants in less than 2,300 yuan. Later, he found that one of the pendants was light and felt that he had bought fakes and went to the professional agencies for appraisal. As a result, these 'jade' materials were quartzite. Mr. Chen introduced glass. cartier bracelet love In April last year, cartier love rose gold bracelet replica a jade-operated shop was pushed to His cell phone page, about six or seven hundred dollars can buy a 'jade pendant', bracelet prices are also very cheap. 'The other is a natural emerald, also provides jewelry appraisal certificate, people quite heart.' So, he bought three times jade pendants, and Hetian jade pendants and jade bracelets, together add fake cartier love bracelet rose gold up to less than 2300 yuan This year's fortuitous day, Mr. Chen went to the local jewelry store to buy gold, out of curiosity, he put the hands of the pendant on Weighing the scales inside the shop, we found that this pendant weighs only 20 grams and the seller claims that it weighs more than 38 grams. He suspects that he has bought the fake goods and takes the three products to Anhui Institute of Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Test report shows that two products are quartzite (processing), another product material is glass. The so-called quartzite (processing), is to use quartzite for dyeing. It is understood that the market commonly used imitation of quartzite jade, the first quartzite soaked with strong cartier love bracelet rose gold copy acid, the internal become loose, there are gaps, and then from the staining. Jade made with quartzite is inexpensive. 'Now' head 'a little better emerald have thousands of dollars, good quality million or more, hundreds of pieces can not buy good things.' A jewelry shop in the provincial capital told reporters.
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