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The highest law then fake a compensable ten to pay a lose three applause

It is worth noting that seven of these related to punitive damages. According to the current laws and regulations, punitive damages are generally referred to as the two key words 'fake a lose ten' and 'refund a lose three' (former 'consumer law' is 'refund one lose one'). The current business environment, fake rampant, fraud is not uncommon, consumers cry bitterly. Punitive damages if the legislative purpose can be fully reflected, the unbearable business environment should be able to get a great deal of change, of course, consumer rights and interests will be able to get even more powerful protection. Yin Chongyi v Wuhan Hanfu supermarket Co., Ltd. Hanyang Branch contract dispute the case

- Operators sell expired food, which is known to sell unsafe food, consumers have the right to request the refund of the price and pay compensation of ten times (a) the basic case

On June 17, 2013, Yin Chongyi paid a fee of RMB251 to Wuhan Hanyu Supermarket Co., Ltd. Hanyang Branch (hereinafter referred to as Hanfu Supermarket) for purchasing a box of peach blossom ejiao cake. The production date of the food packaging indicated in August 2012 On the 7th, the shelf life is 10 months. After the purchase, Yin Chongyi found that the food had passed the expiration date, that is, it requested no return to the supermarket. He then sued Hanyang District People's Court in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, requesting Hanfu Supermarket to refund the purchase price of 251 yuan, repaying the payment of 2510 yuan ten times and paying the transportation fee of 3000 Yuan, the spirit of comfort gold 3000 yuan (b) the referee results

The court of first instance held that the shopping invoice provided by Yin Chongyi could confirm the establishment of the contract of sale and purchase with Hanfu Supermarket. About Yan Chongyi now holds the expired and filed a lawsuit Peach Blossom cake is the Hanfu supermarket sales of goods identified. First of all, Yin Chongyi provided goods in kind and shopping invoice, completed the proof of consumer proof of consumer shopping, and Yin Chongyi on the day of purchase to reflect the situation to the Hanfu supermarket return, the two sides failed to negotiate on the same day to the Wuhan City Administration for Industry and Commerce Hanyang Branch made a complaint, Yin Chong Yi reflect product quality problems are timely. Hanfu supermarket argued that Yin Chongyi objection to return the expired Peach Blossom Cake is not provided by Hanfu supermarket stores, but did not submit to the court the same period of purchase evidence that the store is not Hanford supermarket sales, and Yin Chongyi Peach Blossom Cake is not provided A batch of products. Hanfu supermarket can not provide complete inspection records of the purchase of food, should bear the burden of proof can not. It sells food that birkins handbags replica exceeds its shelf life as prohibited by law. Accordingly, the Court of First Instance ruled in accordance with the provisions of Article 96 of the Food Safety Law that Hanfu Supermarket will refund the purchase price of 251 yuan, repay the purchase price of 2510 yuan ten times and compensate Yin Chongyi the transportation fee of 500 yuan. Hanfu supermarket appeal to the original trial found that the facts and applicable law is wrong. Wuhan Intermediate People's Court of the second instance that the Hanfu supermarket claim that the goods involved in the case not by its sales, but can not provide sufficient evidence to prove, and its Yin Chongyi shopping invoices issued no objection, so its support is not supported . Hanfu supermarket sales of expired food is prohibited by law, according to the law should bear the liability for compensation. The court rejected the claim that it did not intend to sell overdue food and should not be liable for compensation. The court upheld the original judgment II. Liu Dismissed the Dispute over the Sales and Purchase Contract of Shaanxi Lixin Pharmacy

- Operators selling counterfeit health products of other lot numbers belong to the sale of food known to be unsafe. Consumers have the right to request refund of the purchase price and compensation of ten times the price (a) Basic facts

October 19, 2012, Liu Xin to Shaanxi Lixin Pharmacy (hereinafter referred to Lixin Pharmacy) to pay 280 yuan to buy 4 boxes of 'weight loss slimming capsules', the product packaging marked the approval number Wei Wei Jian Zi (2003) No. 0129 . Liu new unopened after purchase, not edible. After landing on the State Food and Drug Administration website, did not find the product information. Another according to the product packaging marked on the approval number Wei Jian Zi (2003) No. 0129, check out by the People's Republic of China Ministry of Health approved the symbol under the health product name: 'Qiao sister weight loss capsules.' Liu Xin believes that the purchase of health food products not registered in the State Food and Drug Administration should be unqualified counterfeit products, then to Xi'an, Shaanxi Province Lianhu District People's Court prosecution, requesting the establishment of a new pharmacy refund 280 yuan, ten times the compensation Purchase price of 2800 yuan (two) the referee results

The trial of the court after trial found that the new drugstore sales of 'fast slimming slimming capsule' belongs to health food, the food marked 'edible health word (2003) No. 0129' approval number, and the State Food and Drug Administration website In the same approval number of the product name 'Pretty sister weight loss capsules' are inconsistent, Lixin pharmacies also failed to provide the product to allow the production of supporting documents. Article 5 of the 'Measures for the Administration of Health Food' stipulates: 'Every food claimed to have health-care functions must be examined and confirmed by the Ministry of Health.' Article 21, Item 5 of the Measures stipulates: 'Health food labels and instructions must comply with relevant national standards And requirements, and indicate the health food approval number. ' Lixin pharmacy sales of health food 'slimming slimming capsule' Department of fraudulent use of the approval number of the goods, its behavior in violation of the above provisions. Lixin pharmacy as a seller, did not review the relevant approval certificate in the purchase, so that the product into circulation, its acts constitute the 'Food Safety Law,' Article 96, paragraph 2, 'the sale of food that does not meet the food safety standards' , Should be refunded in accordance with the law and pay compensation. The hospital then ordered the establishment of a new pharmacy to refund the purchase hermes birkin 50 replica price of 280 yuan Liu, Liu compensation ten times the shopping price of 2800 yuan. Lixin Pharmacy did not appeal Third, Wang Xin v. Millet technology limited liability company online shopping contract dispute

- The seller sells goods online for price fraudulent activities to induce consumers to purchase the goods. Even if the quality of the goods is qualified, the consumers have the right to request the sellers to 'refund one lost three' and pay for the guaranteed one. Wang Xin submitted an order, on the same day by Alipay Xiaomi payment of 108 yuan. On the 12th of the same month, Wang Xin received the above two mobile power and supporting data lines. The same month on the 17th, Wang Xin found that the use of 5200mAh mobile power supply original data line can not be fully charged to the phone, so contact with millet's customer service, requiring the exchange of data lines. Xiaomi company agreed to exchange and has received the data line. Since then, Wang Xin to Xiaomi's implementation of price fraud on the grounds to Beijing Haidian District People's Court, requesting the lifting of online shopping contract, Wang Xin returned to Xiaomi two sets of mobile power and asked Xiaomi: 1, Wang Xin compensation 500 yuan; 2, refund Wang Xin purchase price of 108 yuan; 3, pay Wang Xin courier fee 15 yuan; 4, compensation Wang Xin traffic costs, printing fees, copying fees 100 yuan

Court of First Instance that the online shopping contract involved in the case, the company does not constitute a fraud Xiaoxin, Wang Xin's lack of evidence of litigation, it was dismissed its claim. Wang Xin was dissatisfied and appealed to Beijing No.1 Intermediate People's Court alleging that Xiaomi Company hit an advertisement 69 yuan for the original price of 69 yuan for 'Rice Noodle Festival' selling 49 yuan a week in advance to deceive consumers in lining up and buying. The advertisement on the day of sale was still on sale. However, But sold for 69 yuan, millet companies set a regular online shopping, buying time less than 20 minutes, the behavior has constituted price fraud. The court of second instance held that the online shopping contract involved was valid and consumers had the right to fair trade and the right to know the goods. Due to the particularity of the sales network of Xiaomi Co., Ltd., the advertisement is directly linked to the buying interface of the product and the consumer is required to make a purchase within a short period of time. Millet company now recognizes millet mall activities interface error, there is the advertising price and the actual settlement price inconsistencies, but the explanation for the computer background system error. Accordingly, the court ruled in accordance with the law Wang Xin returned to the two companies Xiaomi mobile power supply, Xiaomi compensation at the end of Wang Xin 500 yuan, refund of Wang Xin payment of 108 yuan, dismissed Wang Xin other litigation request Fourth, Li Xiaodong v. Company online shopping contract dispute case

- E-commerce as a seller to use other people's network to sell goods in the process of fraud, after the transaction with the consumer to reach a compensation agreement without performance, consumers have the right to request the seller in accordance with the agreement to assume liability (a) the basic case

On August 9, 2012, Li Xiaodong purchased 6 bottles of white wine sold by Taixu Brewery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Brewery Co., Ltd.) on Taobao.com. The description of the online product page is [Liquor 525 Wuliangye (1618) 500ml] , The transaction price of 8349 yuan. After the completion of the transaction, Li Xiaodong found that the purchase of the liquor in the Taobao shop in the Brewery Taobao shop marked 'special price and original price' equal, then report to Beijing Price Report Center. After that, Li Xiaodong and Jiuxian Company reached a 'Understanding of Mutual Understanding', which stipulated that both parties should complete the return and refund procedures within 5 days after the signing of the agreement, and Jiuxian Company should compensate Li Xiaodong for 8394 yuan, assuming one party breach of contract and bear liquidated damages of 20% of the total amount. Due to the fact that Jiuxian Company did not fulfill the agreement, Li Xiaodong sued Binhai County People's Court birkin hermes price fake of Jiangsu Province for requesting compensation of RMB 8,394 for Jiuxian Company and undertaking liquidated damages of RMB 1,678.8 (II) Judgment Result

Court of Appeal that the operators and consumers to trade should follow the principles of voluntariness, equality, fairness, honesty and credibility. During the transaction, the operator shall provide consumers with real information about the goods and shall not make false propaganda. In the case of online transactions in the present case, Jiuxian Company sells the special products on the internet to mislead the consumers. Its acts have constituted fraud and should bear the legal liabilities in accordance with the law. Li Xiaodong reached an understanding agreement with Jiuxian Company in the course of claim for compensation. As Jiuxian Company failed to birkin by hermes replica perform its obligations as stipulated in the agreement, its act constituted a breach of contract and should bear the liability for breach of contract. Therefore, Li Xiaodong requires Brewery Company to fulfill its claim for compensation according to the agreement, meets the requirements of the law and should support it in accordance with the law. After suing the court for legal summonses, Jiuxian Company refuses to attend the court proceedings without proper reason as a waiver of its right of defense and shall bear the adverse legal consequences against it. The court of appeal complained that the liquor company paid Li Xiaodong compensation amount of 8,394 yuan and assumed liquidated damages of 1,678.8 yuan, totaling 10,072.8 yuan. Brewery Co., Ltd. has not appealed V. Fan Jianwu v. Guangdong Province Cultural Relics Headquarters sale contract dispute

- The seller sells jade bracelets in ordinary garnet jade bracelets, posing a fraud to consumers, consumers have the right to request return to the seller, the seller to the consumer to refund the purchase price and pay three times the compensation (a) the basic case

On April 17, 2014, Fan Jianwu purchased a bracelet at the Cultural Relic Headquarters in Guangdong Province (hereinafter referred to as the Cultural Relic Headquarters) for 17,100 yuan. The shop opened an invoice for it and the invoice contained the goods as 'yqgda 0765 bracelet ', The amount of 17,100 yuan. On the 24th of the same month, Fan Jianwu went back to the store and asked for an invoice. The store then recovered the original invoice and re-issued an invoice for Fan Jianwu. The invoice contained the goods as 'yqgda 0765 jade bracelet.' The purchase of bracelets by the Guangdong Provincial Institute of Geology identified as 'water calcium aluminum garnet bracelets.' After the store should request, both parties jointly commissioned by the Guangdong Provincial Jewelry and Precious Metal Testing Center bracelet re-appraisal, appraisal result is 'Garnet jade bracelet.' Fan Jianwu that heritage of the General Assembly will be ordinary garnet bracelets posing as jade bracelets for sale, to fake enough to pose a fraud, then Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province People's Court prosecution, requesting the cultural relics headquarters to refund the purchase price of 17,100 yuan, according to law Compensation for its 51,300 yuan.
Dinosaur Baby Dragon Warrior Part 3

Animation tells the ancient and distant pan-ancient continent, humans and dinosaurs crocodile birkin replica live in harmony, the mainland presents a peaceful atmosphere and color. However, as the power of the Dragon God, the patron saint of the mainland, weakened, the evil forces headed by Rui Ying broke the peace and quiet. In order to save the ancient Panlong continent, the Dragon God has long sealed its own forces in the four dragon crystals. It is said that anyone who gets these four dragon crystals can gain power without rule and rule the entire Pan-ancient continent. Earth gold hermes birkin cheap Youth Lung Cheung inadvertently touch Grandpa Dragon God bracelet, through time and space, hermes bags birkin cheap came to the Pan-ancient continent. Long Xiang witnessed the scene of the evil forces occupying the forest and expelling the people. The evil lily even hermes birkin 35 cm fake made good dinosaurs their pawns with certain drugs. In order to defend the mainland's peace and prevent the intent of the evil forces, Longxiang assumed the mission of saving the Pan-Gu continent and must find a dragon crystal before them. Only by collecting the power of four dragon crystals can awaken the dragon god and get rid of the evil. At the same time, Long Xiang can only return to Earth with the help of the strength of the Dragon God. So, both positive and negative Crystal Crystal battle explosive ... ...
Sword Lingyu Jade Palace gossip jewelry finishing

Now the most powerful copy of the sword spirit: lament in the snow Jade Palace, accompanied by the final BOSS Ashura fell to the ground, players not only able to harvest the hardest BOSS kill the sense of accomplishment, there are all kinds of generous incentives in the snow Jade Palace props in many, most players can cause interest should be Shura gossip card, this gossip card not only increased the attack green hermes birkin fake properties, but also increased the crit damage properties. As for the pursuit of attacks, crit and crit damage to players, the Shura earrings is the best choice, just look at the attributes, there is a desire to open the lament of the snow Jade Palace ah clearance clearance lament snow Palace 6 mode, you can collect all eight Shura Bagua, the gossip card's three-piece property is actually an increase of 5:00 attack! And five-piece property is to increase hermes bags birkin cheap the explosion 7%, almost perfect attributes So Shura gossip card maximum composite value, what kind of it? Hermes Birkin 25CM cheap Suppose that all the gossip are synthesized with the maximum properties of crit, a total of 2648 crit, although 3027 crit against the snowman gossip, is a low level, but the increased attack power and crit damage a good make up Of this, so that the properties of this gossip card tend to balance the course, lamenting the Jade Palace has 4 BOSS, gossip attributes and parts of the fall is not the same In addition to the ring, the snowman caves and Ghost doorkeeper nightmare is unable to get the attributes of the attack caused by the property, many players also with the Moon Plains ornaments, if the customs four-person mode of lamenting snow Jade Palace, you will get the attack properties of the bracelet and earrings worth noting Yes, Shura bracelets additional attack power, crit and crit damage, will make the player's attack increased by a grade. Very worthwhile to start Although the island's bracelet is also attached to the bursts of crit and crit damage, but the lack of attack, Shura bracelet is an upgraded version of it. Attack and additional properties, resistance within 3 seconds of the next crit damage increased by 10%, upgrade to 10 stages increased by 60%, use their own professional resistance skills can well increase their output ring and necklace although no attack Attributes, but hermes birkin blue cheap additional attributes such as health, defense and damage reduction are still pretty good, and all the accessories can be upgraded, but breaking through the five stages of material requires 190 months of rock, which is not a small sum.
Elderly Princess gold jewelery prize cheated 9 suspects were captured

3 women 6 men, a total of nine foreign workers to work hard to earn money slowly, walk every morning in Xi'an City, the flow of people concentrated birkin hermes price fake in the vegetable market, one pretends to be the stallholders, the other when the trust, through the 'seeds' 'Touch the prize' and other forms of fraud on the petty profits of the elderly, 60-year-old woman was cheated on the value of 6000 yuan worth of gold jewelry. At present, all nine suspects were captured by Weiyang Police and the rest of the victims were gradually reporting the police on suspicion of encroaching on 'Electro-Mobility'

At 7 o'clock on the morning of May 12, 60-year-old Mao Granny in Xi'an Weiyang Zaoyuan Village market to buy vegetables ready to go home, was 'free touch' scene to attract, and then his own gold Ring to take down and said, 'I take the ring as a mortgage, how much can be charged?' Stallholder looked at that, 300 yuan, if touched, the ring or you, I will give you 300 yuan. The old man said the ring to the stall owner, 'I guess the number in the box is 20. 'Who expected her to figure out the number is 40. At this time, the scene of other people encouraged him to gold earrings and gold necklaces as collateral, for a moment the rational old man immediately follow everyone's' birkin bags prices cheap pointing 'to continue' touch the prize, 'thinking In any case should have a total value of 6,000 yuan of gold jewelry won back.Who unexpected crowd rushed to disperse, the elderly realized that they had been cheated, and immediately sent to the police Weiyang branch police station reported the police Take video surveillance found that many men and women defrauding the gold hermes birkin brown copy jewelry after the incident along the Wenjing Road West from South to North walk for 1 km after turning to Fengcheng Road, then on a license plate number Shaanxi A138 van, the Vehicles often appear near the Yanta District and other driving slopes.After further investigation, we found that this is a series of criminal gangs with a clear division of labor and frequent succession, fleeing in various crowded places in Xi'an, including 3 women and 6 men and 9 suspects At about 6 am on the 25th of this month, the police found that the van carrying three people left the other driving slope village and then secretly followed up. There were six other people on the bus and headed for West Ring Road. Police found The timing of the network has matured. When the arrest was being carried out, there was a traffic jam in front of him. The tracking police had to abandon the vehicle and chase the suspect vehicle with 'electric motorcycle.' Finally, the suspect vehicle was stopped in front of the one at Tiezha Temple Street. Nine suspects After the trial, the suspect, Zhang Moumou and other 9 people is May 12 in Zaoyuan Village snatched the victim Mao gold jewelry suspects Police opened the 'touch prize' fraud trick

According to the suspect, they came from Shanxi, Shanxi Shangluo, Hing Hsing equal migrant workers, initially working in Xi'an for a living, then I feel that working earn too slow, starting in October last year together in Xi'an Surrounding markets such as food markets and human resource markets are heavily involved in fraud through such methods as 'touching prizes' and 'planting melon seeds.' Emphasis is put on the citizens who are older or have curiosity. Usually find a comprehensive market or staff-intensive places stall 'Touch the Prize', the two look at the wind, a person, 'Zuozhuang', is mainly responsible for luring the masses 'touch the prize', while the rest around the Zuozhuang when 'nursery' to ' Free Touch Prize 'as a bait, let the public mortgage money for a moment after the mortgage property, if the touch out there are designated numbers on the lottery ticket, you can exchange the corresponding money, if the touch out of the lottery for other numbers, you need to pay 588 yuan to buy them The so-called 'magnetic therapy bracelet' handling police said that the gang's 'nursery' hands are hidden in the hands of winning lottery tickets, and then claimed that they won the prize and successfully 'Duijiang', a lot of people know the truth can win the lottery and mortgage themselves Of the property to touch the prize, in fact, the medal will not win the figure, birkin bag website cheap if the masses do not want to buy 'magnetic bracelet', then mortgaged property at the criminal gangs will not be returned. Most of the people are being cheated for scores ranging from a few dozen to a few hundred. They are often unlucky and do not report the case. This has greatly encouraged the arrogance of criminals and has led criminal gangs to long-term impunity. The victim, Mao Granny, did not want to buy their so-called 'magnetic bracelet' and asked for the gold jewelery they were holding. When the criminal suspect saw the trick, she was forced to take the stolen goods to flee the scene. The so-called 'magnetic bracelet' is actually all the price of 10 yuan to buy fake and shoddy products.
New Year of the Rooster Year of the Goode bring strong sales of gold ornaments

Yangcheng Evening News reporter Sun Jing, correspondent Li Zhaomin, Chen Qianting reports: Spring Festival 7 days, the sales of major department stores in Guangzhou showed varying degrees of growth year on year. Interestingly, the vintage kelly bag fake reporter found that the 'two-child policy' is booming Spring hermes grace kelly bag replica Festival gold ornaments consumption during the Spring Festival, the gold price rose steadily again, two-child policy to promote the Year of the Rooster Gold Lunar New Year heat. According to Canton 100 Golden Plaza, the introduction of holiday gold jewelry to the mainstream, wedding class of bracelets, rings more selling; this year the theme of the zodiac chicken ornaments, ornaments, but also by the customer preference. 'After the introduction of the second child policy, many families to grace kelly purse copy the second treasure, so this year's Lunar New Year jewelry sold better than in previous years,' a hundred gold building a gold jewelry counter sales staff said most of the electricity supplier during the Spring Festival, courier does not work, people Tropic of line. Spring premature sales, in the Beijing Bai Guang Road shop scene saw thin jacket, sweaters, shirts, etc. become the main product. The major brands to speed up the listing of new products in the spring, men, women, sports and leisure and other categories are hermes kelly caleche imitation now available for 2017 new stock. According to incomplete statistics, this year's spring pre-holiday sales rose nearly 20%. Guangzhou Friendship's new spring sales is an increase of three to five percent.
Genuine and cottage version of jade silk bracelet market war

Genuine gold jade bracelet normal cost range are generally around 60 yuan (buy the original cost of the stone bracelet in 60 yuan price range, a few will be higher than 60 yuan; merchants to buy finished bracelet The cost is generally around 100 yuan, good is higher than the price range of 100 yuan. Under normal circumstances, businesses and more direct acquisition of jade finished bracelet. Because the success rate of the original stone can not be estimated) One: processing a Only 30 yuan (usually sexual processing price), the original bracelet can be made of stone generally transported to the Urumqi by the average cost of an area of ​​20 kg to calculate - origin rough is not very good, a price of about 300 - 500 piece. A piece of rough stone about 20 kg is said to be able to produce 15 pieces of upper and lower bracelets, but the origin stone is stored and sold due to picking up and handling (picking and unloading, loading and unloading in or out of the market) The process is more or less collision, resulting in the success rate of the original stone bracelet greatly reduced, which gives the cost of the original stone jade bracelet plus a 10% or higher weight, thus further exacerbating the genuine The cost of the jade bracelet rises. Therefore, the genuine gold silk jade bracelets in the cost of slightly more than in the cottage version of jasper bracelet for more than a genuine jasper bracelet market is weaker than the cottage version of jasper in the market share of one of the reasons the existing market is mostly 150 - 500 yuan up and down (normally divided by color), a thousand or so is not a lot of ordinary 150 or so. Less than one hundred yuan are generally more impurities, the color looks more gloomy;

There are injuries (flawed - the obvious cracks, the general merchants do not retain - because the price is low, can not sell.Soft wounds - not obvious, the general merchant at a small amount of sale, the price more Within 100 hermes kelly handbags fake yuan; because it does not affect the wear, so the business is still very happy to recover the cost, but the heart is relatively low price Bale nothing more) the normal cottage version of jasper bracelet prices are generally: Wholesale 40 60 yuan a Room; As the entire jade market this year, malaise, businesses do not open or not often very normal. So you buy it at zero price is a 60 90 yuan can be done. The price advantage is like this (cottage version of jasper does not care whether the stone exists or not, you can create I do not you can create the conditions for the creation of people as long as people are willing to buy, made the people why care about strength it. Ha ha) Genuine jadeite color which has been said in the previous is very full, and here is no longer elaborate. The cottage version of jasper jade color is diversity, the most obvious is the same lot of color (produced by the production batch color division, usually with the same batch whether or not with pretty color does not matter, its color is consistent ), From the color point of view, the cottage version of jasmine bracelet basically the same lot of color difference, while the genuine jade bracelet, no matter how much the original stone that you make the bracelet, the same piece the kelly bag hermes Knockoff of stone produced by the bracelet Basically inconsistent - that is, the color is obvious (after all, the stone is grown in the natural environment, its orientation and location of the mineral content and the sun it can receive, rain, snow frost, etc. Natural impact, are caused by the same piece of stone with a variety of color conditions, therefore, the same piece of jade stone bracelet created by the obvious probability of significant color difference, but also many of its lines also showed a variety of listed Which is not difficult to understand) In short, the market is the market. There are selling, there will be bought. Can not be fooled, it can only be the first to start learning when fooled. Cheer up good things!

The advertisement in the picture is the author's the kelly bag hermes fake seventh version of the informative advertisement - a comprehensive version, which looks like a simple kelly bags hermes Knockoff piece of paper, but a two-dollar piece of money is advertised at its own expense or it is very deadly Propaganda copies, can I reimbursement reimbursement advertising costs. Ha ha ha). The black cloth within the picture plus the counter can be seen in the part is the author, the white cloth is a neighbor.
Cartier style Hermes So Kelly Bag faux LOVE bracelet the kelly bag hermes fake bracelet

A friend bought CARTIER Cartier style bracelet LOVE bracelet, get today in kind, think the quality is very good, the price is 150 meters single bracelet, 160 meters (plus box). Texture is steel. Help her ask if there is no need to purchase the mm. The following are physical map. Mine is silver, with four colors, diamonds and diamonds, and a half-circle style. Diamond +20 meters. Workmanship and certainly can not be authentic on the million, and no less than Xidan 300. A good quality goods can be considered. Of course, and thousands of genuine can not be compared, very cheap, with a picture of meaning is not bad. Style classic is also better with the general pro can accept, give it away do not have too much attention to style like it or not. Only support the real pro, and not long grass is not interested in the pro, please bypass it directly, said so much, I hope to tap. Not only is he a highly talented and business-minded genius designer, and his side Hermes So Kelly Bag imitation gathered a lot of well-known jewelry designer and skilled artisans, the unique design of accessories are harmoniously embodies Cartier's style. Cartier has introduced watches since 1888, notably the Santos Watch from 1911, the patented fold-over clasp from 1909 and the Tank hermes kelly handbags imitation Watch 1919. From 1928 to 1930, the mixture of platinum, quartz and long diamonds became an important symbol of this white fashion. Under the management of Louis, Cartier continues to expand, continue to exudes endless charm. Cartier 'Love' bracelet series, a symbol of faith faithful to the faith, for decades, 'Love' bracelet charm has always been heart-shaking. Starting from its oval design, it seems like a pair of love 'shackles', on behalf of each other's special and sea-loving. Many celebrities, such as Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren etc, always wear 'Love' bracelets. It is because of 'LOVE' bracelet unique interpretation of love, it immediately became the love symbol of lovers as soon as it came out, but also the favorite of many stars and couples, such as Elizabeth Taylor and Richard. Burton, Sofia. Rowland Carlo Ponti, Ali McGraw and Steve McCornene, Nancy Seinakot and Frank Sinatra and Diane Canon and Gary Grant.
True and false agate identification map

Pearl agate since ancient times is jewelry, but also a symbol of identity and affluence. In terms of its texture, agate ornaments and ornaments are beautiful and beautiful, no less than the luster of jade. However, as the agate mineral is found in large numbers in the world, the agate is no longer a rarity, and its price plummets. Due to the unrestricted and disorderly exploitation of the agate deposit, the distribution of the jewelry is extensive and the market price presents vicious competition. Prices have bottomed in the first two years. Although the rebound has occurred since the devaluation of the currency and prices have risen, the prices are still very cheap. Although colored onyxes on the market are mostly warm-burning colors, artificial optimization is the jewelery industry The default industry practices and common procedures, because the natural good color agate is rare, mostly white or gray, natural onyx is a rarity, natural agate less, but also not green, can only be dyed, the current market On the 99% of all green agate are stained, green bracelets will wear a long time will fade, is said to wear on the body harmful to the benefit. Currently on the market to sell onyx is generally red, not only looks good-looking, but also harmless to the body. A burning onyx bracelet, coupled with artificial, materials, profits, cost about 30 dollars, the wholesale price is very cheap, some natural color is very general agate bracelet or synthetic agate, Panjiayuan in Beijing, Liaoning Fuxin Agate wholesale market, the wholesale price of a bracelet is generally 20-25 yuan, retailers get the local retail price in the 50-80 yuan natural fine agate bracelet prices have to be hundred or so, and some even Up to hundreds of dollars, a few thousand dollars. A few days ago, I went to China's Gem City, Changle, Shandong has been a trip, an agate bracelet price of 40-60 yuan, I saw a more perfect color agate bracelet, the boss asking for 1,600 yuan, I also Price 500 yuan did not pay, the final increase to 760 yuan, businesses must 800 yuan, I simply do not want, choose his home. Regardless of the optimization is not optimized, those shops are not common in the small shops onyx, real good onyx, are big clients set aside, very rare in small shops. A few hundred dollars good onyx carved ornaments, and some can be sold more than million. However, the general price of ornaments in the hundreds of dollars, significantly lower than the Xiuyu ornaments prices, although the low hardness of Xiuyu, the color is also very dull, and many thin easy to fade, coupled with larger production, the output accounts for the country now About 70% of the total output of jade, so the price is cheaper, in Xiuyu county 'lotus market' dark green, good texture of high-grade bare stone price of 200-250 yuan per kilogram. Jade carving village in Nanyang, Henan, China, Dushan jade has formed a major industry in Wolong District Dushan, the town of Ping Shifosi, described as 'village machinery ring, every family cut jade sound', a street two rows of workshops everywhere, cut jade The voice of one of the national jade and agate is one of the distribution center agate is one of China's traditional jewelry, China is rich in agate country, its texture imitation hermes bag styles is also significantly better than the agate produced in Brazil, etc. has a long history of agate in the end is the stone or jade? In the history of literature 'red jade' and 'fire jade' refers to ruby ​​or onyx? These historical issues still remain very controversial. Thousands of agate million kinds of jade, many types of onyx, with agate, agate, etc., the color is also very rich. Onyx red, white, yellow, blue, black, purple, green, gray, brown and other colors, but with red, white and black as more than three colors, but also patterns such as wrapping. Among them, the onyx is said to be the top grade, so in the 'Grand' to 'there is no red fake gold and enamel bracelets agate'. Agate texture like crystal, delicate without impurities, shiny glass, transparent or translucent. And mostly layered, layers overlap each other, was corrugated, concentric, mottled, layered and other patterns, but also pure white. Agate is jade or jade stone? This controversy lasted for 1500 years in China. It was not until the Ming Dynasty that it gradually gained the upper hand as a jade raw material, but some of its mysterious veils have not yet been fully opened up. Most people still consider faux gold bracelets for men the agate to be a broad The jade, that agate is not crystal jade crystal, although it is jade texture, but not true jade. In terms of their fake mens gold bracelet grade status, at best, they are mid-range 'jade materials.' Some merchants to promote it as a high-grade jade material, purely flirtatious consumers nonsense agate, is a cryptocrystalline quartz (chalcedony) -based mineral aggregates of jade, the ancient name 'Qiongyu.' Its formation is due to the crustal changes in ancient times, the underground magma ejected in the lava cooling and consolidation process, the bubbles formed by steam are sealed to form a cave. After several years, the silica-containing solution seeps into the bubbles and condenses into silica gel. The soluble components such as iron-bearing rocks diffuse into the silica gel. Finally, with the loss of water, the silica crystals are agate. As the soluble components such as iron rock diffuse into the silica gel, the color of the agate becomes colorful and the color bands are beautiful. It is often used to make handicrafts such as jewelry and carved pieces. It is known as one of the Seven Treasures, By the people's favorite agate mineralogy called chalcedony, do not belong to the crystal class, with a textured side of the party called agate. The word 'Agate' comes from the Buddhist scriptures, the English name Agate, non-jade non-stone, self-contained agate evaluation include: texture structure, color, transparency, block size. Surface smooth, high transparency; delicate texture, toughness; no cracks or cracks less; large block as well. Agate's ribbon clearer, clearer, more detailed, more uniform, the more linear the more precious. Bright colors, pure, color thickness as well. In agate, pure red, blue is the best, followed by the green. Of course, a very good blue agate, green agate, black agate, like onyx, is also a very rare species, the value is not expensive compared to emerald jade, because of agate origin is extensive, rich mineral resources, although the price is cheap, but the culture Connotation is rich, is regarded as a symbol of beauty, happiness, good fortune, wealth, loved by many beauty, fashion, social demand is also great now. Driven by profit, the market is shoddy and cohabitation is also very serious. Here are some without using any testing equipment, only with the naked eye and the general measure of agate can be good or bad, agate true and false points and points, so you like the same expert to buy the right price, desirable agate jewelry, pattern and colour

Natural agate different from the most significant symbol of fake agate is cross-sectional concentric layer structure, the use of this symbol, monolith agate is easier to identify, however, after cutting the finished product, because there is no tidy obvious pattern, then Easy to admit. But in general, the pattern is the real agate ribbon. True agate bright color bright, fake agate color and light are some of the difference between the two more obvious. The color of the agate determines its value. The ancients said: 'Onyx is Red', there is yellow in the agate, red in the yellow, and the transparent as fire is the top grade, which is called 'Fire Agate'. The red is red, purple, dark red, maroon, red sauce, yellow and so on. In addition, the red color as bright as the Kam Jin Jin agate, red and white co-Jin Jin agate or safflower agate. Valuable addition to the onyx, there are green agate, blue agate and onyx and water gall agate. Natural onyx clear color, the band is very obvious, careful observation, visible in the red bands dense arrangement of small red spots. Stone fake imitation agate hookah mostly petal-shaped at the bottom of the pattern, network into a 'chrysanthemum at the end of'; and dyeing blue agate color gorgeous, uniform, giving a false sense of agate ribbon pattern thickness and shape can Divided into many kinds, said in the discussion of 'Hui Hui': 'The students in the South are positive in color and flawless in red; the students are born in the northwest, Bai branch who said Parkinson onyx; black and white on behalf of the gold agate; black and white texture of the middle of the white green who said Agate; face up to the white glow, side if the blood coagulation who said on the folder agate, the most precious.

No pattern of agate chemical composition of a single, that is, SiO2 (silica), called chalcedony. If the process of formation of chalcedony intragastric mixed protein or cryptocrystalline particulate quartz, formed a pattern of ribbons, called agate. Therefore, with the pattern of ribbons can determine what is chalcedony, what is agate. However, people nowadays generally equate agate with chalcedony, which is inconsistent with the meaning of ancient agate. Strictly speaking, there is no feature of the pattern, it can not be called agate, can only be called chalcedony. In the absence of pattern 'chalcedony', there are many jade raw materials. According to the different colors, there are natural colors such as 'chalcedony', 'chalcedony' (also known as Inka stone), 'verdant chalcedony', 'blood chalcedony' (also known as heliotrope) and 'jasper' There are also artificial dyeing. Natural colors are mainly red, amber and white. Among them, red is the best. Most of the blue and purple onyx jewelry on the market are unnatural and are artificially dyed. They will fade in a few years. At present, the requirements for dyed onyx and new national standard are not strict, and are considered as acceptable quality improvement Process method, so do not have to specify when the sale. Onyx and chalcedony have a skin, rough opaque, but also relatively fine, and showing variegated. Because most of the natural onyx colors are not bright, so the agate and chalcedony generally go through heat treatment to change colors, usually are gray, light and other not beautiful natural motley agate, dyed red, yellow, green, Blue, black and other colors. For example, agate and chalcedony containing ferrous ions can be heat-treated to ferrous ions into ferric ions, thereby changing the gray color to red color from maroon and red to bright red. The egg agate is heat treated , From egg blue to white, dyed agate soft colors, made of the jewelry is more beautiful, therefore, agate heat treatment has become a common procedure for making jewelry. As the agate is formed in the molten state of the crystal, particularly dense, Mohs hardness of 6.5 to 7, the surface after grinding more delicate, engraved with a knife marks, so you do not have to worry about agate jewelry was scratched. Onyx agate hardwood board in a dozen rapid rubbing, onyx is not hot, but the board is hot fake mostly agate stone imitation, and the agate than the soft texture, with jade can be marked on the fake onyx, and genuine Can not draw the synthetic agate hardness less than Mohs scale 5, with a knife you can carve traces From the surface, there are few onyx imperfections, false agate is more of some molded glass products, strong glass luster , The surface shrinkage without grinding traces of the small bubbles can be seen with a magnifying glass, observed with a polarizing microscope opaque under orthogonal polarization, it can be completely different from the agate, chalcedony due to the glass texture is very brittle, the structure of the array Dredging, the lack of jade dense and toughness, can not withstand the intense high-speed spin, so the glass is generally not processed high embossed and sculptures with 10 magnifying glass carefully find the presence of bubbles, even if only found one, you can Confirm that the glass, not jade three, process quality

High quality agate production process is strict and advanced, so the surface brightness is good, inlaid solid, Zhouzheng, no scratches, cracks. Water onyx is the most precious variety of agate, characterized by a closed hollow onyx, the hole contains agate quality and good identification of the economic value of the assessment: beautiful ribbon; color is pure, bright red, blue, purple , Pink; transparency is good, that is, translucent; no cracks, no sand heart, no impurities; block weighing about 5 kg or more for agate. Block weight of about 2-5 kg ​​for an onyx; block weighs about 0.5-2 kg for two onyx; block weight of about 0.5 kg three agate.
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