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  U.K. government borrowing soared to almost 130 billion pounds ($165 billion) in the first three months of the fiscal year amid the towering cost of supporting the economy through the coronavirus crisis.
  The Office for National Statistics said Tuesday that the budget deficit stood at 35.5 billion pounds in June alone, leaving debt at 99.6% of GDP -- the highest since 1961.
  Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak has committed more than 190 billion pounds of government spending and tax cuts in an effort to save jobs and keep businesses afloat. Combined with the damage inflicted by the worst recession for at least a century, that means a deficit that was forecast to be just 55 billion pounds this year is now on course to exceed 370 billion pounds, according to the Office for Budget Responsibility.

The pound was at $1.2689 following the report, up 0.2% on the day. Ten-year gilt yields were at 0.15%, close to a record low.
  At around 19% of GDP, the deficit projected for 2020-21 would be the highest since World War II and almost double the levels reached after the financial crisis a decade ago. And its not the most pessimistic scenario outlined by the fiscal watchdog last week.
  Government debt could take decades to bring down to more sustainable levels, economists say. But while the stock of debt is high, the cost of servicing it is more affordable than ever, thanks in part to massive Bank of England bond buying in the secondary market which has pushed down gilt yields. Tax rises nonetheless appear inevitable once the crisis has passed.
  The latest snapshot of the public finances showed government revenue fell 13% between April and June compared with a year earlier, with receipts down across the board. Spending meanwhile jumped over 40%, driven by a 70% increase in departmental outlays.
  A cash measure that determines government bond issuance stood at 47.1 billion pounds in June, taking the total for the fiscal first quarter to 174 billion pounds. The Debt Management Office is on course to sell around half a trillion pounds of gilts for the year as a whole.

The British government failed to investigate whether Russia interfered in the Brexit referendum and a full intelligence inquiry must now take place, a panel of lawmakers said.To get more news about Binary option, you can visit wikifx news official website.
  Members of Parliaments Intelligence and Security Committee accused ministers of deliberately avoiding the question because they did not want to know whether Russia had tried to interfere in the European Union referendum.
  Ministers refused to authorize a retrospective investigation into the 2016 vote on European Union membership.
  The recommendation for a full-scale review is a key point in a long-delayed report on Russian involvement in British politics by the watchdog which oversees the work of the U.K. intelligence agencies.
  It is a politically explosive subject and one that Prime Minister Boris Johnson will be reluctant to revisit. The aftermath of the Brexit vote split the country, leading to years of turmoil and uncertainty for business and bringing down two prime ministers.
  Johnson, who led the controversial pro-Brexit campaign, is now in charge and seeking to negotiate a future trade deal with the EU. He will want to avoid reopening past debates about the vote as he has pledged to move the country on from the past divisions over Brexit.But the panel of politicians said a full inquiry -- with findings made public -- would be essential. “It is important to establish whether a hostile state took deliberate action with the aim of influencing a U.K. democratic process, irrespective of whether it was successful or not,” the ISC report said.
Members of the panel criticized the government for failing to try to establish what had happened sooner.

  “The report reveals that no one in government knew if Russia interfered or sought to influence the referendum because they did not want to know,” Stewart Hosie, a Scottish Nationalist member of Parliaments Intelligence and Security Committee said in a briefing. “The committee found it astonishing that no one in government had sought beforehand to protect the referendum from such attempts or investigate afterwards what attempts to influence it there may have been.”
  The study, which was delayed by nine months, threatens to further damage relations between London and Moscow, which have been in deep trouble since the 2018 Salisbury poisonings. Last week, the U.K. accused Russia of trying to interfere in the 2019 election and presented findings, backed by the U.S. and Canada, of Russian hackers attempts to steal coronavirus vaccine research.In its report, the ISC said Russia is so embedded in the British establishment that attempts to curb its influence are focused on damage limitation rather than prevention.
  The committee found the British government has failed to tackle the threat to democracy from Russian interference.
  The cross-party committee called for a full intelligence report on Russian attempts to influence the 2016 Brexit referendum along similar lines to investigations in the U.S. into meddling in its democracy. Some sections on the ISC report that deal with the Brexit vote were redacted.
  In its response, Johnsons government said it had so far seen nothing that warranted an inquiry into Brexit. “We have seen no evidence of successful interference in the EU Referendum,” the government said in a written statement.
  Ministers will always consider “new information” and how to use “any intelligence” they receive, the government said. “Given this long standing approach, a retrospective assessment of the EU Referendum is not necessary.”
  The ISC report examines the sweeping extent of Russias involvement in British public life. It said the U.K. intelligence services were too focused on counter-terrorism and not enough on protecting democracy.
  “Russian influence in the U.K. is ‘the new normal’, and there are a lot of Russians with very close links to Putin who are well integrated into the U.K. business and social scene, and accepted because of their wealth,” the report said. “This level of integration -- in ‘Londongrad’ in particular -- means that any measures now being taken by the Government are not preventative but rather constitute damage limitation.”

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The investor therefore started to invest on the trading platform Binary Options and gained some profits at the beginning. But when she wanted to withdraw the profits, Binary Options asked her to pay 10% commissions ($1,304) first.
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In last week, WikiFX predicted that silver may gain more upside momentum and suggested bargain hunting. Yesterdays weekly chart shows that silver price has increased nearly 70% since its decline and rebound on March 16.To get more news about Binary option, you can visit wikifx news official website.
According to the weekly chart, the candlestick showed six white soldiers before, with silver price hitting the $19.75 earlier, a new high since the week of October 3, 2016. At the week ended March 16, silver price fell to the lowest dip of $11.64. It rebounded almost 70% after establishing firmer footing, reflecting the bullish long position.

  WikiFX holds that if silver price finds some stability over $19.65, in the future trading it may further grow to $20.94, the 1.27XA extension, among which X means the weekly high of $18.95 ended February 24, 2020, while A represents the weekly low of $11.64 ended March 16.
  The bull position of silver keeps strengthening and records a 4-year high. However, since multiple cycles indicate demands for adjustment, bargain hunting is suggested in the future trading. On the contrary, once silver price falls below $18.45, market may face the risk of a phased peak.  All the above is provided by WikiFX, a platform world-renowned for foreign exchange information. For details, please download the WikiFX App: bit.ly/WIKIFX

With the Tokyo Olympics delayed to 2021 due to Covid-19, UK firms have seen their plans disrupted
  The world of sport has been severely disrupted by Covid-19, with headlines highlighting everything from cancelled events and empty stadiums, to athlete health and spectator safety.To get more news about Binary option, you can visit wikifx news official website.
  But the pandemic has also had a huge knock-on effect on businesses that support the sport industry - and nowhere is that more apparent than around the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.
  The Games, originally due to start on Friday, have been delayed until summer 2021, affecting UK firms who had been fortunate enough to win work.
  British companies were set to provide parts for water sport courses, ambulances for horses, power generators, and Olympic venue construction - not to mention softer services such as sponsorship expertise.Aggreko provided generators for London's 2012 Games, including the cross-country cycling events
  Glasgow-based Aggreko is the only British firm among the 66 official Tokyo Olympic partners and sponsors, and has been part of the Games since Seoul 1988, providing generators.
  Its initial Tokyo contract value was around $200m (£158m) and Aggreko said earlier this year it expected that to increase to around $250m. It has received more than $100m in payments so far, as the Japanese hosts continue to deliver scheduled instalments.

  Robert Wells is the managing director of Aggreko Events Services.
  “A postponement is much better than a cancellation,” he says. “At the moment we are in detailed conversations with the Games' organising committee. There is a huge logistics operation to reschedule things.”
  He said Aggreko was now removing generating equipment it had already installed in some Olympic venues.On 30 March, Tokyo 2020 president Yoshiro Mori announced the Games would be postponed by a year
  They will go back to Aggreko's facility in Tokyo, stored, and tested to make sure they are ready for next year.
  “Clearly there will be a cost of delay,” Mr Wells adds. “But we can't quantify that at the moment. We are talking continuously with the organising committee about what it may be.”
  As well as generators, Aggreko is also supplying the likes of power cabling, plus electricity from existing Japanese power grids.
  The firm will be employing some 500 contractors in the run-up to the Games, and 300 during the event.Meanwhile, London-based ESG will build and dismantle temporary venues for six events: triathlon, shooting, golf, tennis, rowing and hockey.
  Image copyrightESGImage caption
  ESG is providing the floor decking for the Olympic triathlon events to be held in central Tokyo
  “Although organisers have made statements that the Games are only postponed, there are contradictory statements coming out at a lower political level - there is a certain level of uncertainty,” says Olly Watts, joint chief executive of ESG.
  It has been made clear there are circumstances under which the Games could be cancelled, depending on how the virus continues in Japan and worldwide.

Blizzard has been preparing for it throughout a long time since the year of 2017, and as early as a few months ago this year, three stress tests of World of Warcraft Classic has already begun, but we can only experience part of the content of WOW Classic. Now, WOW Classic is nearly at the corner, Blizzard released almost all the announcements about it before that, believe that quite a few fans can't wait to try something new, todays article is titled on WOW Classic's information, To get more news about Shadowlands WoW Gold, you can visit lootwowgold news official website.

Blizzard has decided to officially release WOW Classic on August 27, only 12 days left, and it is all going well until now.

Although World of Warcraft has always had a good reputation among the crowd, Blizzard's attempt can bring many fans to the certain time in the past, which is really because World of Warcraft Classic is the recreation of its first expansion in WOW series, it might be better to call it metro MMO throwback.

If you are always nostalgic for the days of fighting with the gnomes, or you just want to live an embarrassing life like your father period, after all, in the past expansion, earning much WOW Classic Gold is not as simple as imagined, joining WOW Classic is an opportunity to reach your dream.

However, the thing won't be the same, Blizzard has guaranteed that the gameplay of WOW Classic will definitely be much more different.You are still allowed to customize your characters through different races and classes, and the conflict between Alliance and Horde will not disappear, no matter which one you become, you have to fight with countless monsters, completing the quests until you have earned all the rewards you want.

WOW Classic is free for those who pay $ 15 for a subscription per month through various payments. If you are not, you are still allowed to experience certain low levels by using a trial account, but not able to enjoy all content of WOW Classic.

Blizzard's past discussion referred to a series of challenges in WOW Classic, and it said that the Classic one was not intended to compete with current WOW, but to bring back a brand new game experience for players. During any game, from the gameplay, storyline to production scale, battle mode and more, all are considered by the production team. The WOW Classic we could see in over ten days, it will not show all the content, and more will be added through continuous patches, so stay tuned.

It can't describe our excitement with simple words at the moment, and which seems that we have been waiting for a few years. Several hours ago, Blizzard announced that World of Warcraft Classic is available for all servers as a server option of WOW. For quite a few players, it is indeed a nostalgic process. As early as 15 years ago, some of them had already played Battle for Azeroth with much enthusiasm, and the changes are always going along with minor functionality tweaks. Just now, you can play World of Warcraft Classic to start a new adventure in the vast continents of Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms.To get more news about Buy WoW Gold, you can visit lootwowgold news official website.

If you have already paid a monthly subscription fee for this game, you can enjoy all content without any other costing.

You can still choose between these two camps, For the Horde! Or For the Alliance! During World of Warcraft Classic, the players can transform into different classes and then start adventure with other players. Since it is such a large scale, you'd better unite your teammates to complete the challenges along the map. Undoubtedly, you may encounter some monsters, enemies and obstacles, keep calm and defeat them, you can get valuable WOW Classic Items as rewards.
After opening all servers, a large number of players flooded into World of Warcraft Classic from WOW, Blizzard said it was worth expecting, but it was followed by the load brought the overcrowded server. It has been ensured by Blizzard that more than 2 million players have created characters before the game is released.

Once WOW Classic launched, there are over a million audiences jumped into Twitch in the short period, someone said that there is not much difference from the version they played over a decade ago, but it is exactly what they want. Due to the large number of online audiences at the same time to watch WOW Classic live, Blizzard's server has crashed and stuck. If you encounter it, please be patient and wait for a while, and then you will see the entire contents of WOW Classic later.

As the live coming to an end, the number of online audience gradually decreased, but the audience's enthusiasm for it never decrease. Hundreds of thousands of people crowded into a door, everyone wants to be the first player to complete a mission in WOW Classic.

Based on the past experience, the release time is the best one for players to gather up in-game currency, and you can also do this in WOW Classic, challenging the daily quests to earn WOW Classic Gold for more advanced equipment. Everything is ready, take you time and go ahead to the continent of Azeroth

A pair of Menominee-area friends claimed a $22 million lottery ticket in June, all thanks to a deal made in 1992.Get more news about 彩票API,you can vist loto98.com

Wisconsin Lottery said Thomas Cook and Joseph Feeney shook hands in 1992, agreeing that if one ever won a Powerball jackpot, they would split the winnings, regardless of who bought the ticket. Cook bought a winning ticket on June 10, winning a cool $22 million.

"He called me and I said, 'are you jerking my bobber?'" Feeney told Wisconsin Lottery.

Cook gave his two-week notice and has since retired. Feeney was already retired from an area fire department. The pair have no "extravagant plans for the winnings," Wisconsin Lottery said.The pair chose the cash option and are each taking home $5.7 million after taxes.

A $2 million lottery ticket from the Mega Millions jackpot was purchased in The Woodlands, according to the Texas Lottery.The winning ticket was purchased at Kroger at 4747 Research Forest.

The Mega Millions winning numbers for Friday were 28-31-33-57-67 with the mega ball, 19. The megaplier was 2.

Last week, a resident from The Woodlands claimed a $1 million prize from the Texas Lottery’s Instant Millionaire scratch ticket game.This was the only statewide winners with five-of-five numbers correct, according to the Texas Lottery.There were more than 40,000 winners throughout the state collecting between $2 and $10,000.

It’s well known that China is the second largest economy in the world, and business schools there are consequently attracting more and more attention from overseas MBA applicants.In fact, nearly half of business schools in the Asia-Pacific, where China is a huge player, received more international applications in 2018 than the previous year, according to the Graduate Management Admission Council.To get more news about best Master in Management program in China, you can visit acem.sjtu.edu.cn official website.

But what does it take for international applicants to stand out, and gain a place on a Chinese MBA program?“Having a long-term career interest in China makes an ideal candidate,” says Majid Ghorbani, director of the International MBA (IMBA) at Renmin Business School in Beijing.

Launched in 2009, the IMBA at Renmin is a two-year program with core courses in Data Modelling and Decision-making, as well as the opportunity to study courses from other faculties at the university including Law.

Renmin is also partnered with schools across the globe ensuring the MBA is truly international; from the Graduate School of Business at the University of Cape Town in South Africa to SDA Bocconi in Italy and the School of Management at University of Laval in Canada. Students can consequently gain China knowledge whilst also embarking on a global program of study.

Majid explains how having an open mind and leaving cultural preconceptions at the door is key for internationals wanting to study and develop their career in China, and that they often find this in bilingual applicants.So, always emphasize your linguistic talents if you have them!

“We look for students with an eagerness to unpack social queues and assumptions within business,” he continues, “those who want to learn about other work cultures not just from the program but their international peers as well.”

This means being a good listener isn’t something to stay quiet about in your application.IMBA students at Renmin Business School also have the chance to learn from industry leaders during their MBA, with five company visits per semester. Guest lecturers and CEOs also visit Renmin to share their business wisdom and previous presenters have included Dr. Haico Ebbers, a leading expert in Europe-China trade and professor in International Economics at Nyenrode Business University in the Netherlands.

Company inclusion in the program only serves to bolster the China knowledge that the school provides. In fact, Renmin’s location in the country’s cultural capital, Beijing, enhances this learning as the city is a melting pot for business; being host to the most multinational companies of any city in the world. Nontarom Manathanya is experiencing this first-hand as a current IMBA student at Renmin Business School.

With four years of advertising experience in Thailand, she wanted to pursue an MBA to develop systematic thinking as part of broader business knowledge, with the long-term ambition of becoming an entrepreneur.

It was this combination that got her a place on the program. China-bound MBA applicants, she says, should be able to communicate their achievements and goals effectively.

Nontarom chose Renmin because of the exchanges on offer and the consequent international network the MBA would help her build. Students can study for a semester at any of the 70 partner schools and Renmin itself welcomes 30 international exchange students each term.

Renmin even offers a concurrent degree program with Yale School of Management. The nine-month Master of Advanced Management (MAM) taught at Yale is only available to schools who are part of the Global Network for Advanced Management —of which Renmin is a founding member— and provides MBAs in their second year at Renmin with the context in which to apply their China-knowledge in a western setting.

This is even more true when your ambition is to work in a different country that is vastly different to your own. It’s frequently not enough to get a generalist management education—you need more.This is what the Master’s in International Management programs at SOAS University of London, aim to provide, as they give students a knowledge of business that is tailored to their target region.To get more news about Master in Management China, you can visit acem.sjtu.edu.cn official website.

The school offers three main International Management masters programs, focusing on Japan, China, and the Middle East and North Africa, which draw on the school’s specialist international faculty to deliver a culturally-specific learning experience.
For Martina Augurio, a recent graduate of the Master’s in International Management for China program, the course was an opportunity to deepen her knowledge of the Chinese market—and, hopefully, launch her into an international career in marketing.

We caught up with Martina to hear more about her experience and how it’s helped shape her as a marketer—read what she said about it below.I became interested in studying Chinese and developing a career in China when I came to Asia for the first time. I was fascinated by the Asian way of living, thinking, and dealing with any type of circumstances.I chose SOAS University of London because of its fame in the field of Asian studies. I knew that SOAS was among the world’s leading institutions in this field and I was expecting high level of teaching and new stimuli.

The reason I chose to study ‘International Management for China’ was that I have always had a business-oriented mindset. As a matter of fact, during my BA I started running my own e-business and I got a fair amount of success in a couple of months!

From the course description, I knew that I there was a wide range of subjects offered by the MSc in International Management, from marketing to business strategy, and also advanced Chinese for business! It seemed a perfect match to what I wanted to study most.The advantages are that you really get to know China in depth—especially the newest developments of their political economy, investment plans, attitude, and policies towards foreign countries. I don’t think that there is a similar course covering all these topics in Europe today.

Thanks to the numerous presentations we had to give, I also deepened my understanding of crucial challenges China has to face and I developed critical thinking skills around these topics.Moreover, we also dedicated a good part of our lessons to understand the Chinese way of doing business and negotiations. We even had the opportunity to do a negotiation simulation through role-play!

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