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With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the diet structure is also undergoing corresponding changes. People’s demand for quality of rice is getting higher and higher. Not only is the taste, color, and taste of rice pursued, but also the nutritional value of the rice is increasing. So the Rice Grader(LIANGGONG) plays an important role in it.

Rice grader can be used efficiently and accurately to make rice milling into several kinds: first rice, big break, medium breaking, small beer, etc., and can also be used for other similar particles. It has the advantages of compact structure, smooth operation and convenient operation. It is the basic equipment of modern rice mill.

Mainly used for separating rice and broken rice.

Product features

1. It is suitable for different kinds of rice.

2. Four rows of exports are mixed according to specific needs.

3. Compact structure, stable operation, good technical performance and convenient operation and maintenance.

The working principle of rice grader:

Machine cleaning sieve for three layers of the bottom of the screen, first through the screen before the initial screening of food such as cleaning the dirt in the past, have main blower prior to discharge of the air separation cleaning, clean up after another in the front of small food machine to mass ejection at a distance, eventually achieve the food of the mould and the food containing small stones. Rice grader has solved the problem of transmission after screening of other food sieve. (the first layer is a big impurities, the second is a little impurity, the third layer is a seed, the fourth floor is the sand, etc.) also saves unnecessary conveyor equipment investment, covers an area of small, mobile and convenient, easy to maintenance. It is the good helper of grain purchase station, farm and other industries.

Devices care:

Check the screw tightness of the equipment regularly. When it is loose, please apply it to the prison and check the condition of the lubricant. If the lubricant is not enough, add it in time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

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