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Today, I think that Rice Whitener(LIANGGONG) equipment is believed to have been used by many people. I wonder if you have been disinfecting during the use of rice whitener equipment? The disinfection mentioned here is one of the maintenance work of the equipment. I believe many people have not paid attention to this process. In order to ensure that the rice processed by the rice whitener equipment has a long shelf life, the equipment must be disinfected. Next, please take a look at the introduction of the following article.

Rice whitener equipment as a food machine mainly used to process rice, the economic value of rice is obvious. The better the quality of the equipment, the higher the economic value of rice will be. The cleaning of the equipment will have a great impact on the processing quality. If the cleaning of the equipment cannot be guaranteed, the quality of the product will be lost.

Rice whitener equipment increases the economic value of rice, makes the edible value of rice better, and thus increases the price of rice. When using high-quality equipment for processing, the utilization rate is also very high, and excellent utilization rate will also be Reducing the loss of economic value; for some that cannot be directly used, it can also be used with a lot of equipment after processing.

The content of the article is over here. Have you mastered the disinfection methods mentioned by the rice processing equipment manufacturers? Master some basic disinfection and maintenance methods to use it safely and efficiently.

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Rice Whitener(LIANGGONG) equipment is a common food processing equipment. We can often see them in various food processing factories. It can be seen that its processing effect is very good, but because it is used more frequently, Its wear should be relatively serious, which means that we need to lubricate it frequently. Let's take a look at it.

Because of its simple structure, small size, small footprint, easy operation, movement and maintenance, rice whitener equipment is considered to be a big star in rice processing equipment series. It is not too small in rural and urban small rice processing factories. Because it is simple and easy to use, it is very suitable for rural small-scale agricultural products processing venture investment.

Regular maintenance of rice whitener equipment: The power supply is also a part that requires frequent maintenance. It is also very important to carry out proper maintenance and maintenance work on the power supply. Regular sterilization work is an important part of the cleaning work of rice whitener equipment. Regular sterilization is very important for machinery. Only the regular sterilization of the machine can make the processing quality of the equipment more secure.

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Paddy Separator(LIANGGONG) equipment will inevitably have some minor problems in the long-term operation, these small faults can be easily adjusted to solve the problem. However, if you think this is a glitch, don't pay attention to ignoring the big failures that will develop, the damage caused by our paddy separator equipment, the impression of production, causing big problems or minor problems, as long as there is a problem that should be attached to a high degree of attention.

The paddy separator equipment needs to be inspected before processing, and the vigilance is abnormal during work.

1. If the paddy separator equipment shakes, check the fixing screws and tighten the grinding head and frame connecting bolts. Check the stability of the screws with a corner.

2. Normally produced powder or less powder is likely to be blocked by the screen.

3. The paddy separator equipment works normally, but the output is reduced. The roller gap should be adjusted and the spring pressed to ensure a clearance between the ends of the same roller. Grinding teeth may wear out for too long and are severely worn and should be redrawn.

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Paddy Husker(LIANGGONG) equipment can adjust the fineness of the goods at any time. All the wearing parts are made of special wear-resistant materials or hard alloys. The wear resistance is good, the cost of replacing the wearing parts is low, and the hygienic equipment conforms to various commodities. The equipment is equipped with cooling equipment, and the processing of heat-sensitive materials ensures the materials. Color, taste and quality.

The overall skill level of paddy husker equipment has been greatly improved, and it is very satisfactory to meet the development needs of domestic rice processing profession. It consists of a fixed wrench, a nut wrench, a brush, a lower hopper, and a wire brush. The equipment uses the mechanical force of mechanical equipment to peel and whiten the brown rice.

The paddy husker equipment can adjust the fineness of the product at any time without the need to add a sieve machine to screen. All the wearing parts of the equipment are made of special wear-resistant materials or hard alloys. The wear resistance is good, the cost of replacing the wearing parts is low, and it meets the hygienic standard of various commodities. The equipment is equipped with cooling equipment, and the heat-sensitive materials are processed to ensure the materials. Color, taste and quality. The ordinary paddy husker equipment has a good heat-discharging function, which can prevent the temperature rise from forming a metamorphosis and can work continuously.

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The main factors affecting Rice Huller(LIANGGONG) equipment are:

1. Mechanical processing speed. The processing speed of rice huller equipment also has a corresponding impact on the quality of rice flour. The lower the speed, the less likely the nutrients are destroyed, and the more nutritious the rice flour is.

2. The degree of crushing of materials. When the rice huller equipment is operated, the length of the ground area increases as the rolling distance decreases. At this time, the number of teeth of the fast roll to the material increases and the degree of pulverization increases, but the unit flow rate of the flour equipment is correspondingly reduced.

3. The height of the grinding teeth. During the grinding process, as the grinding teeth gradually wear, the material is not easily caught by the grinding teeth, and the sliding on the surface of the grinding roller increases, that is, the speed at which the material moves in the grinding region decreases, and the height of the grinding teeth decreases. The material in the gap between the two grinding teeth is reduced, so that the output of the rice huller equipment is gradually reduced.

4. The moisture content of rice. If the moisture in the milled rice is too high, the production of the powder mill will be reduced. After the rice is washed, if it is still very moist, the rice is not dried during the processing of the rice huller equipment. Therefore, the processed flour is moist. However, too moist rice will affect the production of processed flour.

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For the understanding of Rice Huller(LIANGGONG) equipment, I believe that everyone is not too strange. In the food we usually eat, there are many foods that are processed through rice huller equipment. It is such a device that is popular with users. Some problems affect the quality of the products produced. Below, we will give you a detailed introduction to the influencing factors of rice huller equipment from several aspects, and we will have a better understanding of them in detail.

The main factors affecting rice huller equipment are:

1. The capacity of the ground material. The rice is ground by the road, and as the endosperm is gradually scraped off, the bulk density of the material is reduced as the number of the grinding wheel is pushed back, and the unit flow of the grinding machine is also reduced.

2. Entering the uniformity of the material particles in the same grinding system. When the particle size of the material entering the same grinding system is very different, some small particles will not be subjected to grinding, so that the role of the grinding machine cannot be exerted. The output will be reduced.

3. The number of teeth on the roller. Rice huller equipment is the main equipment for making flour, but the same equipment and different parts are not the same, because some of them have a great influence on the quality of rice, such as the roller.

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Instructions for use of paddy husker equipment:

1. The Paddy Husker(LIANGGONG) equipment should be numbered before entering the installation site, and the installation process flow card and schedule should be formulated. According to the installation process sequence requirements, the equipment should be transferred to the site for installation. The installation sequence: from top to bottom, the host equipment and After the rack is in place, install the connecting pipes and electrical equipment, and install the required tools: the paddy husker equipment and the village materials must be in place. After the installation, the rotating parts of the equipment must be flexible, no card, bump and impact, each connection Some parts must be firm and sealed, and there must be no leakage, leakage or oil leakage.

2. Carefully carry out regular inspection and maintenance of the paddy husker equipment motor, disassemble the motor, clean or replace the motor bearing bearing, replace the insulation monitoring, improve the cooling system, etc., ensure that the motor is in good condition, and ensure the quality of maintenance. When repairing the motor, it is necessary to ensure that various parameters meet the technical requirements of the original machine, strictly control the quality of the replaced parts and the enameled wire, correctly operate the various processes, prevent various hidden dangers caused by humans, improve the quality of the motor after repair, and ensure control. The system can run fine.

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Paddy Husker(LIANGGONG) equipment can complete the upgrading of raw grain, clean up impurities, glutinous rice shelling, grain separation, rice milling, polishing, rice grading, etc., and work efficiency is also very high, but for a long time In the process of using, we often overlook some important points of use. In order to enable everyone to produce better products, today, our manufacturers will give you a detailed introduction to the relevant issues that need attention during use.

Instructions for use of paddy husker equipment:

1. During the use of paddy husker equipment, periodically check whether the fixing nut of the movable toothed disc is loose and all the fastening parts should not be loosened. In particular, check the screws in the fixed toothed disc of the paddy husker equipment, and properly inject the lubricating oil before starting work. Work should increase the number of oils properly, and maintain new lubricants after cleaning the spindle bearing chamber of the paddy husker equipment.

2. The wearing parts of paddy husker equipment are all made of special wear-resistant materials or hard alloys. The wear resistance is good, the cost of replacing wearing parts is low, and it meets the hygienic standard of various commodities. The whole set of equipment is equipped with cooling equipment for heat sensitivity. The material processing ensures the color, grade and quality of the material. The ordinary type has outstanding heat-discharging function, which can prevent the temperature rise from forming a metamorphosis and can work continuously.

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In the processing technology of Rice Destoner(LIANGGONG) equipment, hard impurities are easy to cause damage to the machine, especially the mechanical action. The spark generated by the collision may cause dust explosion; flexible impurities such as rope paper are easy to entangle and block the equipment; The dust in the raw materials is easy to overflow and cause pollution, which jeopardizes the production environment. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal safety of rice destoner equipment production and extend the service life of rice destoner equipment, it is necessary to clean up these impurities in time to remove these impurities.

In the actual cleaning process, some debris may not be removed well. For example, the side-by-side impurities with the same suspension speed and large grain size are difficult to remove impurities, such as the smaller-sized side-by-side mud, etc. Or a variety of methods to remove, improve the effect. In order to ensure the purity of the milled rice, the cleaning effect of the rice destoner equipment is generally as clean as possible. For impurities with two or more differences from rice, it should be removed by a simpler method.

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The windshield of the Paddy Cleaner(LIANGGONG) equipment emits an abnormal sound, which has a great relationship with the compliance of the windshield. It is because the welding point is rough during the processing of the paddy cleaner equipment, the edge of the small flap of the wind deflector is inconsistent, and the assembly is often with the end of the rotor. Caused by friction.

There are also high and low and heavy sounds in the operation of the motor. The reasons are as follows:

1. The air gap between the stator and the rotor is not uniform. At this time, the sound is high and low and the interval between the high and low sounds is constant. This is caused by the bearing wear and the difference between the stator and the rotor.

2. Three-phase current imbalance. This is the reason that the three-phase winding has a wrong grounding, short circuit or poor contact. If the sound is very dull, the motor is seriously overloaded or lacks phase operation.

3. The core is loose. When the motor is running, the iron core fixing bolt is loosened due to vibration, and the iron core silicon steel sheet is loosened to emit noise.

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