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The principle of foam hand sanitizer is that the bottle mouth has a special device to fully mix air and foaming agent.

Have you ever seen a foam gun for extinguishing fire? The middle school must have done an experiment like this: the drooping piece of paper floats to the place where the gas flows, because the fluid has the function of reducing pressure. The foam gun is an ordinary gun head in the middle. A sleeve with many holes on the side is added to the outside. When the foam agent is sprayed from the middle of the sleeve, a large amount of air is sucked in from the side due to the reduction of air pressure and mixed with it to generate foam.

Advantages of foam hand sanitizer:

1. Easy to use: the pump head is foamed when it is squeezed out, thus eliminating the process of soaking in water, scrubbing and foaming.

2. Consumption saving: each use is 1/2 of that of common hand sanitizer.

3. Double efficacy: direct foaming, not easy to fall off, making full use of the effective components in the foam, greatly improving the cleaning, degerming and moisturizing effects.

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In our daily life, we often use push-type plastic bottles, which are plastic bottles with pump heads. It is very convenient to use and can control the usage.

Kexon lotion pumpcan customize different colors according to customer requirements.

Material: plastic pp

Color: different colors can be customized according to customer requirements

Uses: Widely used in cosmetics, high-end skin care products, cream, paste, emulsion, skin care water, etc.

Product features: beautiful appearance, small and practical, cost-effective, beautiful colors.

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Working Principle of Pump Headof Cosmetic Dispenser:

When the pressing handle is pressed down manually, the volume in the spring cavity decreases and the pressure increases. The liquid enters the nozzle cavity through the hole of the valve core and then ejects the liquid outward through the nozzle. At this time, the pressing handle is released, the volume in the spring cavity increases and negative pressure is formed. The ball is opened under the negative pressure, and the liquid in the bottle enters the spring cavity. At this time, a certain amount of liquid is already stored in the valve body. When the handle is pressed again, the liquid stored in the valve body will be flushed upward and sprayed outward through the nozzle.

Judging from the above working principle, the key to a good pump head is to pay special attention to the following areas:

1. The sealing of glass beads or steel balls under the spring is very important here, which is related to the force of upward flushing of the liquid in the spring cavity. If there is leakage here, when the pressing handle is pressed, some of the liquid will leak into the bottle, thus affecting the spraying effect of the liquid.

2. For the sealing ring at the upper end of the valve body, if there is leakage, the force bottom of liquid pumping up will decrease when the pressure handle is released, resulting in a small amount of liquid stored in the valve body, which will also affect the spray effect.

3. The matching between the pressure handle and the valve core. If there is loose matching and leakage here, there will be certain resistance when the liquid rushes up to the nozzle, and the liquid will flow back. If there is leakage here, the spray effect will also be affected.

4. The design of the nozzle and the quality of the nozzle design are directly related to the spray effect. Please refer to the next page for details on the nozzle design.

Therefore, the function of the general pump head also detects these four positions, and other appearance and coordination problems are detected conventionally.

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Today, let's briefly analyze the influencing factors of spray bottle.

1.The flow rate is mainly affected by the pore size and pressure of the orifice. Under normal circumstances, the larger the orifice diameter, the larger the flow rate; the same pressure, the greater the pressure, the flow will increase. In addition, the flow rate is also affected by the spray medium. Under the same pore diameter and the same pressure, the flow rate will decrease as the viscosity of the medium increases.

2.The pressure. under normal circumstances, the sprayer will only achieve the desired atomization effect when the standard pressure is reached. If the pressure is lower than the minimum required for the sprayer, the atomization effect will be discounted, and the pressure will also affect the sprayer flow. Increasing the pressure can increase the flow rate of the sprayer without changing the sprayer par ameters. In general, equipment such as a booster pump can be used to increase the pressure of the liquid, and equipment such as an air compressor can be used to increase the pressure of the gas.

3.The spray angle. The angle of sprayer bottles the refers to the angle at which the atomized liquid is scattered. Even if it is the same sprayer, it can have a variety of sprayer bottle angles to choose from, depending on the customer's needs, but even the same sprayer, under different pressures, the spray There will also be minor differences in angles. Under normal circumstances, the larger the spray angle, the greater the coverage of the installation height and pressure.

4.Coverage. The spray coverage is mainly restricted by the spray angle and the sprayer installation height. When the other parameters of the sprayer ar e fixed, the larger the spray angle of the sprayer, the wider the coverage; the higher the sprayer installation height, the wider the spray coverage.

5.The impact. The impact force is mainly subject to factors such as pressure and spray angle, medium viscosity, etc. Under normal circumstances, the greater the pressure, the stronger the impact force; the smaller the spray angle, the stronger the impact force; the smaller the viscosity of the medium, the stronger the impact force.

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