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The development speed of cosmetic plastic capshas exceeded people's imagination. In life, we can see the application of hose caps everywhere, such as shampoo, cosmetics, detergent, etc.

From simple plastic round caps to diversified spray pumps and hose caps, this process changes according to people's overall needs. Round caps are not as leak-proof as hose caps for cosmetics.

The hose cover can prevent water outside from directly entering the bottle. For the storage of cosmetics, the hose cover can better prevent water outside and bacteria from entering the cosmetics. But also has excellent gas barrier performance, can effectively prevent the infiltration of oxygen and peculiar smell gas, and simultaneously prevent the exudation of fragrance of contents and effective components.

Therefore, the waterproof capability of the hose cover is relatively strong, and it can also directly improve the grade of cosmetic packaging and the use experience of users.

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Ningbo KeXon Plastic Co., Ltd., as first class China Foam Pump Manufacturersand Foam Pump Suppliers, perfect product apply for washing products (hand sanitizer, shampoo, shower gel, disinfectant, etc.), biological medicine, cosmetic bag makeup, chemical industry. performance characteristics.

We can produce Foam Pump according to the requirements of customers,Our products have ISO9001 quality standard, Good sealing, strong corrosion resistance,easy to use,economical and durable.

The following are some regular questions and answers about foam pump, in order to let everyone know more about foam pump.

Q: Where is the core of foam pump?

A: The core lies in the soft rubber fittings matched with the piston.

Q: Does the foam pump require the viscosity of the material?

A: It's ok if the material body is a water solution, there is no need to add thickening agent!

Q: What are the testing standards for foam pumps, such as air tightness, discharge volume, number of suction cycles, etc.

A: Bubbles will pop up within 5 times of air pressure. Spitting amount is divided into 3.5 grams and 3 grams. The matching requirements for piston and cylinder are very high. The size is very precise.

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Some Issues Concerning foam pumps:

Are you a supplier of foam pump bottles?

Yes Ningbo KeXon Plastic Co., Ltd is a professional supplier and manufacturer of foam pump bottles. We have been committed to the independent research and development of new products. We provide customized service (OEM) of various types of cosmetic packaging and daily packaging according to customer requirements, and our products are sold at home and abroad.

What is the use of foam pump bottles?

We have several designs of foam pump bottles, which are made of PET material and used for hand sanitizer, facial cleanser, liquid soap, etc. If you need to customize your foam pump bottle, our engineers will help you realize it.

Do you print on the foam pump bottle?

Is! We have a screen printing department to print LOGO and designs. The unique personalized logo will set you apart from your competitors.

What is the price of foam pump?

Our foam pump bottles are made of 100% raw materials. They are food grade and BPA-free. High quality also means no low price. Compared with some suppliers, the price of foam pump bottles is about 0.2~0.3 USD, and the final price depends on your design and printing method.

Is your foam pump bottle safe?

Yes! Don't worry about this problem. We use 100% raw materials, usually transparent PET materials, which are food grade and BPA-free. They are perfect packaging bottles for facial cleansers and hand soap.

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Hand sanitizer is a common daily product. Today our theme is the pump head of hand sanitizer, which is also the lotion pump.

The working principle of lotion pump:

1. First Press-When we press the press head for the first time, the press head drives the auxiliary column to compress the spring together through the connected main column; In the process of compressing the spring, the outer wall of the piston pushes the piston to open the discharge hole of the secondary column through friction with the inner wall of the body. When the piston slides downwards, the air in the body is discharged through the already opened secondary column discharge hole.

2. Press repeatedly and repeatedly-to exhaust all the air in the body.

3. Suction-Press the press head by hand to discharge the air in the body through the main column, the auxiliary column, the piston and the common compression spring. Release the press head. The spring moves back (up) due to loss of pressure. At this time, the piston also moves down through the inner wall of the friction body to close the discharge hole of the auxiliary column. At this time, the liquid storage cavity in the body is in a vacuum liquid absorption state, the glass ball is sucked upwards, and the liquid in the bottle is sucked into the liquid storage cavity of the body through a suction pipe.

4. Storage of Liquid-Press the pressing head several times, and store the liquid to the body by sucking the liquid many times until the liquid is fully stored.

5. Discharge-When the liquid in the liquid storage cavity of the body is full, press the press head again, and the liquid will be directly discharged from the press mouth through the discharge hole.

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KeXon Plastic, as the first-class Chinese product manufacturer and product supplier, the perfect products are suitable for washing products (hand cleaner, shampoo, shower gel, disinfectant, etc.), biomedicine, cosmetic bag cosmetics, chemical industry. Performance characteristics: We can produce products according to customers' requirements. Our products have ISO9001 quality standard, good sealing performance, strong corrosion resistance, easy to use, economical and durable.

The national standard GB/T17876-1999 specifically specifies the detection of the plastic anti-theft cap, such as the opening torque of the cap, thermal stability, drop resistance, leakage and sealing performance. Among them, the sealing performance and the opening of the cap and the tightening torque are effective ways to solve the sealing performance of the plastic anti-theft cap.

Depending on the use of the cap, there are different regulations for the test methods that do not include a gas cap and a gas cap. If the gas cap is not included, the cap should be cut off and the anti-theft ring (strip) should be used for the rated torque of not less than 1.2NM. It should be tested with the seal tester pressurized to 200 kPa, and kept under water for 1 minute. Observe whether it leaks or trips; pressurize the gas cap to 690 kPa, keep the pressure under water for 1 minute, observe whether it leaks, then increase the pressure to 1207 kPa, keep the pressure for 1 minute, and observe whether the cap is tripping.

Ningbo KeXon Plastic Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive plastic packaging enterprise integrating design, production, and sales. Our plastic products applications: washing products (hand sanitizer, disinfectant, etc.), biomedicine, cosmetics, cosmetics, chemicals.

Performance characteristics:

1、Material:PP Bottle

2、Appearance: cylindrical or heteromorphic.

3、According to the requirements of customers(color,UV,aluminum foil)

4、Quality Standard:ISO9001

5、Prevent liquid leakage from assembling with a bottle filled with liquid.

6、Good sealing, strong corrosion resistance,easy to use,economical and durable, quality guaranteed.