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In recent years, the development of the urban construction industry has been in full swing. While driving economic development, it has also brought some safety hazards - construction waste. Construction waste itself is a misplaced resource, which can be effectively treated and transformed into a treasure for the benefit of mankind. After continuous upgrading and upgrading, the Portable Crusher Plant has become a good helper for the recycling of construction waste, contributing to its resource conservation and environmental protection.First, construction wasteIn recent years, urban house demolition, road expansion and other projects have continued, construction waste has shown a large growth pattern. According to relevant data, Zhengzhou City construction waste reached 49.26 million tons at the end of 2016. Faced with such an astonishing figure, if traditional The method of backfilling is not only occupies land resources, but also causes certain pollution to the environment. The treatment effect is small, and a slight accident will bring secondary pollution. This is not a wise choice. The effective disposal of construction waste is imminent, and the market urgently needs high-quality equipment to realize the recycling of construction waste.Second, portable crushing stationThe portable crushing plant is a kind of portable crushing equipment. It breaks the bondage of traditional crushing equipment and carries forward the advantages of portable. It plays an important role in the chemical industry, mining, construction and other industries that need to be moved. In recent years, with the in-depth application of the Mobile Crusher in the construction waste industry, construction waste can be turned into a resource with development potential and become an important equipment for recycling construction waste. Of course, the portable crushing station can be combined with crushing equipment and sand making equipment according to the actual production situation of the user, which not only improves the production efficiency, but also saves the comprehensive cost for the user when the multi-purpose machine is used. Such equipment will be subject to the user's favorite. In addition, the portable crushing station is divided into a tire type portable crushing station and a crawler type portable crushing station, and the user can select according to actual conditions. SBM mechanical support is “tailor-made” and users have more choices.

When the user chooses the Crusher Machine, the production efficiency of the equipment is one of the main considerations of the user. High productivity and high efficiency have always been the best results that the majority of users are eager to pursue. In order to meet the needs of users and to improve the market competitiveness of enterprises, crusher manufacturers must strive to improve the production efficiency of jaw crushers. To sum up, the improvement measures mainly include the following aspects:

First, the improvement of the rack. The width of the feed port directly limits the width of the frame and has a small adjustable range. If the height of the moving body can be lowered and the depth of the crushing cavity can be increased, the strength of the frame can be greatly improved. Second, the improvement of the moving body. As one of the main components of the jaw crusher, the moving body has a non-negligible effect on the improvement of equipment production efficiency. Optimized design of the moving carcass not only improves the Jaw Crusher of the equipment, but also greatly improves its production efficiency. Third, the improvement of the tooth plate. In general, if the toothed plate can be optimized and improved, the wear can be reduced and the production efficiency can be improved.

As a large private enterprise mainly engaged in the production of crushing machinery and other mining machinery equipment, the crushing equipments such as C series jaw crusher, DHKS series jaw crusher and ASJ-E series jaw crusher produced by SBM Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. are all subject to The majority of users are welcome.

The Raymond mill and the three-ring grinding mill are the common used ore grinding machines, both of which play a very important role in the powder grinding operation. Here, SBM will talk about the differences between the Raymond mill and the three-ring grinding machine.The main shaft and the rotating discs of the three-ring grinding machine are driven by the reduction box. Several grinding rollers roll and rotate, driven by the discs. The material of big block is crushed into particles by the hammer crusher and it is sent into the storage silo by the bucket elevator. Then, the crushed one is sent at the middle of the rotating disc evenly by the electric-magnetic vibrating feeder. The material scatters by the centrifugal force and falls into the roller path of the grinding ring to be ground by it.When the material like ore has been crushed by the first layer of the disc of the three-ring grinding machine and it will fall into the second layer and the third one. The air outside is drawn into the machine by the blower and it will take the coarse powder, ground by the third layer disc, to the powder separator, which makes the coarse particles go back to be ground again and makes the fine ones into the cyclone collector, which will be discharged from the discharge valve, which is just the final product. However, the air flow with little dust will be discharged by the dust collector.The working principle of the three-ring grinding machine is the same as that of the Milling Machine, which is that the grinding rollers rotate around the grinding ring and the grinding roller rotates on its own axis. At the bottom of the grinding roller is the shovel blade device. At the rotation of the shovel blade and the grinding rollers, the material is being fed into the gap between the grinding roller and the grinding ring by the shovel blade to form a layer of material, which is ground by the rotating grinding rollers. However, the material should be ground at three layers in turn inside the three-ring grinding machine.

The sand and gravel production line is a catalyst for the accelerated development of our country's construction industry. With the continuous development of the sand and gravel market, the jaw crusher and sand making equipment for Artificial sand making process has become a hot product. What are the attention points when building a sand and gravel production line? What are the precautions for the purchase of equipment for crushing sand production?

I. Considerations for investing in the construction of sand and gravel production lines

1. Regardless of the type of investment, you need to understand the market of the entire sandstone market, such as the dynamic market conditions of the entire market and the price of sand and gravel;

2. Choose the right sand and gravel production site, whether the supply of stone is convenient, because the increase of the road will affect the cost of sand and gravel production;

3. When purchasing the crusher equipment, you also need to purchase other auxiliary equipment, loaders, excavators, transportation vehicles and other materials.

Second, the details of the purchase of sand and gravel production line

1. To understand the equipment of the whole set of sand and gravel production line, under normal circumstances, the sand and gravel production line is mainly equipped with vibration feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, Sand making machine maintenance knowledge integration, vibrating screening machine, belt conveyor, etc. Product composition.

2. It is best to find a few suitable manufacturers on the Internet for comprehensive investigation, comparison, choose the cost-effective sandstone production line is the most important.

3. It is necessary to carry out environmental protection treatment for the entire sand and gravel production line, such as installing a wind water spray device, and installing a shield on the belt conveyor to ensure no dust.

In general, the entire set of sand and gravel production lines will take some time to compare and compare from purchase to installation, especially in the later environmental protection measures, otherwise the subsequent production will not be able to be produced normally.

As is known to all, in general, by engine oil can machines like the sand dryer be started? ZENITH Heavy Machinery, as a professional ore processing machinery manufacturer, here, will talk about some solutions of the oil leak of the sand dryer in the usage process. If there is oil leak, the sand dryer cannot be in the normal operation, which should be disposed immediately.

The sand dryer is a kind of Dry Magnetic Separator used to dry wet sand. In the operation of it, there may be oil leak. In order to guarantee the safe production of the sand dryer for users, ZENITH, here, will talk about the oil leak of it in the operation process. Then, what can we do to deal with the oil leak of the sand dryer?

In the operation of the sand dryer, once there is oil leak, you can expand the diameter of the oil spit hole, which can ensure the smooth bearing bush and less jam, which can lower the possibility of oil leak. When the oil spit valve is big, the oil spit amount is big. To deal with this problem, the professional technicians should be asked to adjust the oil amount of the oil jet tube.

There can be the oil-proof rubber plate between the drum oil slinger and the oil spit hole to keep the oil from splashing out of the oil ring. For example, after a period of time of the operation of the machine, the oil hole on the oil jet tube gets stuck by the material or dust. At the moment, the oil pressure inside the oil tube increases and the oil spitting amount of the spit hole, close to the oil slinger, increases, which make the oil splash out of the oil slinger to cause oil leak. Therefore, in addition to the experts' adjustment of the oil amount of the oil jet tube, it is also very important to unblock the oil spit hole.

The price of fly ash dryer does not necessarily cause any problems during normal operation, so how do we find the root cause with problems? How to solve the problem that the temperature of the crushers and mills is too high. Especially in the fly ash dryer during the period of May and June, the outside temperature is too high, the temperature is increasing, the weather is very dry, the temperature inside the cylinder of the fly ash dryer, we have to properly grasp the dryer heating The temperature, otherwise, accidentally will cause the internal materials to catch fire. In severe cases, it will cause fires in the entire workshop. Today, we will solve the cause of the internal materials burning in the drying process. I hope to help you. First of all, the reasons for the ignition of the materials inside the dryer are summarized in these four aspects. You can compare and judge according to the situation. They are: improper use of the dryer equipment; the dryer equipment is too small to reach The drying effect caused by forced heating caused the fire; the design principle of the dryer equipment was problematic; the raw material could not be shot out of the cylinder and caused the fire in the dryer. Correctly use the fly ash dryer to replace or modify the dryer equipment; require the manufacturer to replace or modify the dryer equipment; check whether the dryer equipment is installed correctly, whether it leaks or increases the wind pressure. SBM manufacturers mainly produce various drying equipment such as various fly ash dryers, slime dryers, various mine dryers, grain dryers, etc.

Regarding the crusher family, I think it is necessary to give everyone a common number of common ones. For those jobs with a large crushing ratio, in addition to the need for uniformity of particles without uniformity, there will be a jaw crusher. Such as mining, smelting, building materials, highways, etc. For positions with selective crushing requirements, such as highways and hydropower construction, impact crushers are generally used, which also have the characteristics of large crushing ratio. Below our main character debut, cone crusher. The cone crusher is also called a hydraulic cone crusher. So what is a cone crusher and how does it work? The most commonly used crusher classifications are there three types in general? Don't worry, we will introduce in detail next.Why is it called a Cone crusher? As the name implies, the cone crusher has a fixed cone and a moving cone, and the two work together. The fixed part is called the fixed cone, and the part that makes the revolving motion is called the moving cone. The cone crusher has an important system, the hydraulic system. The size of the crusher discharge port is realized by the hydraulic system. The stability and safety of the operation are all escorted by the hydraulic system. If foreign matter appears in the crushing chamber, the hydraulic system is used to adjust the position of the cone to eliminate foreign matter, and then Automatically restored to the original position.So how is the classification of the cone crusher defined? The three most commonly used types are SMG series, spring type and HPC type. The advantage of the SMG series is that it can be crushed by lamination under the premise of filling, so that the particles of the crushed material are better, and more crushing chambers and eccentricity can be selected to increase the output to satisfy the customers. Claim.What are the advantages of the spring type, and under what circumstances is the broken spring type more suitable? The spring safety system and the clearing system are unparalleled advantages of the spring type. If there is any foreign matter that cannot be broken in the cavity, or there is overload of the device, the spring insurance mechanism can adjust the amount of stone. If there is a special situation in the process of stone removal, the ore card cannot be excluded at the discharge port. Will play a role in further increasing mine discharge. Ensure the discharge of foreign matter.The HPC series of high-efficiency hydraulic cone crushers are advanced super crushers in the country and the world today. Experts combine the superior speed, stroke and Stone Crusher Liner to further improve the performance of the cone crusher. Both productivity and production efficiency have a qualitative leap. In addition, its superior ability has expanded its application range, whether it is a perfect combination of crushing speed, eccentricity (stroke) and high-performance crushing cavity design. It not only improves productivity and crushing efficiency, but also expands the range of applications, whether it is a variety of medium or fine crushing or ultra-fine crushing operations can be completed satisfactorily.

Raymond mill and other ore grinding processing machinery and equipment, in the process of grinding ore and other materials, there will be problems such as dust leakage, Shanghai SBM mining machinery here to talk about the environmental protection of the ore mill, environmental protection dolomite mill is a hot spot for customers' current powder investment. More and more customers have abandoned the pursuit of low prices and began to turn their attention to the energy saving and environmental protection of Raymond Mill.

In the past two years, the state has always attached great importance to environmental protection issues, and the supervision and inspection of production-oriented enterprises is very strict. During this period, there were also many Raymond mill production lines that did not meet the requirements, so they were suspended for rectification. Everyone knows that in the industrial milling industry, it is very easy to cause dust pollution to the environment, so the environmentally friendly Raymond mill came into being.

Raymond mill is a kind of ultra-fine grinding equipment for processing ore. The working principle of the machine is that the grinding roller rotates the crushed grinding material under the action of centrifugal force at high speed, and then passes through the analysis machine and the fan. Wind selection achieves fineness and yield, and control fineness is controlled by wind selection and analyzer speed. Raymond mill is suitable for processing material fineness range between 50-400 mesh, one feeding once into powder, non-stop feeding non-stop discharging.

The most important thing for the production and fineness of the grinding mill types is the use of wind. What kind of wind is the Raymond mill? The Raymond mill uses a positive and negative pressure device with a blower and a suction part. The use of wind is very efficient, so we must pay attention to the use of wind. If the wind is not used well, it will have an impact on the output and fineness of the equipment. Raymond mill has a professional dust collector in the production process, which is also very environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

For the production process of the Jaw Crusher For Crushing, whether it is the occurrence of failure, the analysis of the cause of the decline in production, or the resolution of unreasonable discharge, it is an important operation in production, and the operation in these aspects is to ensure the production. Benefits, different phenomena are caused by different reasons. Here is to introduce the causes of the phenomenon that the discharge is not up to standard.

Reason one, the crush ratio

The crushing ratio refers to the ratio of the particle size of the imported material and the finished product after crushing. The larger the ratio, the larger the crushing ratio, and vice versa. For the production process of the crusher, the pinch-like content increases when the crushing ratio is large. Therefore, in production, the adjustment of the crushing ratio is an important measure to ensure the discharge. Of course, the crushing ratio is too small, which will result in a decrease in the output of the whole system, an increase in the internal circulation, and an increase in the wear of the Cone Crusher. Selection needs to be appropriate;

Reason two, feed granularity

For the crusher, the feed size can be processed by different types or different models. If the feed size is not suitable, the discharge quality will not be up to standard. For example, when the feed size is When the 100mm is reduced to 50mm, the needle-like content in the finished material is reduced by 38%, so the feed size should meet the requirements of the production equipment;

Reason three, cyclic load

The working process of the crusher is carried out in a closed loop. The discharge opening is adjusted to increase the load in the circulation. The shape of the stone will become better. During the whole process, the wear of the equipment in the system will increase due to the increased cyclic load. Increase, but when the discharge opening is adjusted, the load of the main crushing motor can be reduced, and the grain shape of the finished product becomes good. Therefore, in the production, the adjustment of the cyclic load is very important;

Reason four, open circuit and closed circuit cycle

In the production of crusher, the cycle is divided into road circulation and closed circuit circulation. The former is called first sieve and then broken. The latter is called first crushed and sieved. The first sieve and crushed means that the first crushed material passes through the finished sieve. After sieving, it enters the secondary crushing feed port to be crushed, so that the output of the finished material increases, and the needle-like content also increases. The first crushed and sieved means that all the first-stage crushed materials are fed into the secondary crusher feed port. After the re-breaking, the product is sieved into the finished product. The whole system is a closed system. There is no broken material loss and the circulation load is large, but the product has good grain shape. In the actual production of the crusher, it can be produced according to the production requirements. The choice of open circuit or closed circuit;

1. The transmission device of the sand washing machine is separated from the working area on the outside of the working area, does not contact with water and materials, does not pollute the bearing, reduces the wear on the equipment, and prolongs the working time of the sand washing machine. Save users' production costs.

2. During the operation process, the loss of finished products is small, the working noise is small, the water used can be recycled, the resources can be reused to avoid waste, and the production process can be environmentally friendly and green sustainable development.

3, the equipment is of high quality, made of high-quality metal alloy, strict production process, advanced production technology, each process is strictly in accordance with the relevant processes, the quality of the equipment produced is guaranteed, the performance is stable, less failure in the process of use.

The performance of the SBM sand washing machine is so good, how much will the price be? In fact, SBM Machinery is a large-scale manufacturer with independent production lines. The raw material purchase channels are formal and independent, the production process is mature and mature, and the technical level is advanced. It can realize mass production. All equipments are sold by manufacturers and are rationalized. Affordable. Users who are in need are welcome to come to consult and purchase.

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