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Let us first introduce the hammer sand making machine. Hammer sand making machine, also known as hammer crusher, is mainly used to crush minerals of various brittle materials. The materials that are forced to be aged are coal, salt, stone bone, alum, brick, Tile, limestone, etc., the compressive strength of the material does not exceed 1500 kg / cm2, humidity is not more than 15%, let's talk about the common faults and solutions of the hammer sand machine.

Possible failure (1): The amount of vibration increases. Cause of failure: The rotor is not well balanced when replacing or assembling the sander hammer. Elimination method: remove the hammer and select the hammer by weight so that the total weight of each hammer is equal to the total weight of the hammer on the hammer shaft.

Possible failures (2): Production is reduced. The cause of the malfunction: 1. The slit of the sieve is blocked. 2. The feeding is uneven. Elimination method: 1. Remove the blockage in the gap of the sieve after parking. 2. Adjust the feeding mechanism.

Possible failures (3): The bearing temperature is too high. The cause of the failure: 1. Insufficient lubricating oil 2. Lubricating oil is dirty 3. Bearing damage Elimination method: 1. Add appropriate amount of lubricating oil. 2. Replace the lubricant after cleaning the bearing 3. Replace the bearing.

Possible failures (4): The size of the discharge is too large. The cause of the failure: 1. Excessive hammer wear 2. Broken sieve. Elimination method: 1. Replace the hammer 2. Replace the sieve.

Possible failures (5): The knocking sound is generated inside the machine. The cause of the failure: 1. The material that cannot be broken enters the inside of the machine. 2. The fasteners are loose, the hammer hits the liner. 3. Hammer or other parts Breaking. Elimination method: 1. Clean the crushing chamber after parking 2. Check the fastening of the liner and the gap between the hammer and the sieve. 3. Replace broken parts

Everything is not pre-emptive, and it is helpful to understand the common faults and solutions of the sand making machine linkage line. It is beneficial to the correct operation of the sand making machine equipment. The sand making machine needs to pay attention to many problems during the use or installation process. The most concerned is the problem of the sander connection line. So what is the connection line of the sand making machine, and what are the common problems of the sand making machine connection line?As we all know, if we take the wrong connection line of the sand making machine, it will cause a lot of trouble, and sometimes even burn out our equipment, so Henan Shisheng will summarize the maintenance and connection of the wiring of the sand making machine. Key points:1. The maximum load current through which the wire of the sand making machine, sanding machine, etc., passes should not exceed the allowable current of the ride.2. The fixing frame and the fittings of the successive sand making machine (sanding machine) shall be free from serious rust and deformation and decay. The rust of the fixture's fittings should not be peeled off and there should be serious pitting, and the rust surface area should not exceed 1/2.3. The joint of the steel strand (ground) is free from discoloration and severe corrosion. The bolts of the connecting clamp should be firm, and the strand (bottom line) should be free of strands.4. The suspension stress of the low-voltage overhead cluster line should be smooth, and the distance between the conductor brackets must not exceed 1M.5. The end of the bundling line of the sand making machine should be well sealed.6. The insulation layer of the cluster wire should be well-rounded, without peeling and cracking.7. The connector and cable clamp should be free from overheating.

With the release of the natural sand resource limited mining policy, artificial sand is becoming more and more important in engineering construction, and the sand making machine equipment for manufacturing artificial sand has also been favored by everyone.

The cleaning and maintenance of the sand making machine has attracted more and more attention with the rise of the sand making machine. After all, more than 90% of the operation in the sand making machine is stone material, so the residue will be left in the process of producing sand and gravel. Inside, when these residues accumulate to a certain extent, it will affect the operating efficiency of the entire machine and the life of the machine, so it must be cleaned regularly.

There are two main methods for sand making machine cleaning, which are pickling and the second is alkaline washing. When pickling, firstly prepare a hydrochloric acid solution at a concentration of about 20%; after the hydrochloric acid solution is prepared, pour it into the dirt, wait for about ten minutes, and then rinse with other cleaning solution; when using the alkaline washing method, First, the caustic soda, gasoline and water are prepared in proportion, and in the process of cleaning, the cleaning rod is continuously used to treat the dissolved dirt. When the dirt is dissolved, it can be cleaned with water.

However, it is especially pointed out that the proportion of the acidic solution or the alkaline solution must be mastered during cleaning. Only in this way can the cleaning effect be exerted without affecting the machine itself, and only regular cleaning can ensure the operation of the entire machine. Efficiency is normal and its life is extended.

Artificial sand has become the main source of sand for infrastructure construction such as modern buildings, highways, high-speed rail and water conservancy projects. The artificial sand making machine is the artificial sand making equipment, that is, the sand making machine equipment. The price of the sand making machine is related to the customer's needs. Let's take a granite sanding machine as an example to introduce you in detail, the selection of granite sand making machine and the price of granite sand making machine.

Granite is a type of igneous rock formed by the formation of magma below the surface. The main components are feldspar and quartz. The source of granite is the Latin granum, meaning grain or granules. Granite is not easy to weather, beautiful in color, and its appearance can be kept for more than 100 years. Due to its high hardness and wear resistance, it is used as the first choice for high-end architectural decoration projects, hall floors, and open-air carving. The hard texture of granite is also an ideal material for the production of high quality artificial sandstone aggregates. Due to the high hardness of the granite, the wear on the equipment will be severe. Our SBM recommends that you choose a sandblasting machine with high abrasion resistance. Sander equipment such as PCL impact sand making machine, new third-generation sand making machine and VSI new sand making machine are ideal equipment for rock crushing and fine crushing sand with high hardness such as granite, river pebble and basalt. In particular, VSI's new sand making machine is made of high-quality wear-resistant materials. The advanced sand making principle can easily realize the crushing and fine crushing of granite and stone shaping.

Our SBM also offers a complete line of granite sand production lines. It is specially designed for granite crushing and sand making. The main equipments are vibration feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, VSI new sand making machine (or new third-generation sand making machine), sand washing machine, vibrating screen and tape conveyor. According to different process requirements, various types of equipment are combined to meet different process requirements of customers. Among them, E-break and impact crusher are crushing equipment with high wear resistance. It can effectively crush the granite to the appropriate feed size of the sand making machine.

With the development of the times, the advancement of science and technology, artificial sand equipment (sand making machine) is constantly upgrading and optimizing, how much is the artificial sand making equipment? Which sand making machine is better? Which kind of sand making machine is used for granite sand? Many customer needs, welcome to consult SBM sand making machine experts, dedicated to serve you!

Quartz powder, generally called quartz sand or silicon micropowder, is a silicate mineral that has been crushed and processed by quartz stone. It is a non-metallic mineral with stable wear resistance and chemical properties. With the development of quartz stone ultrafine mill technology, the production technology of quartz stone ultra-fine grinding has been continuously innovated. The application of quartz stone ultra-fine grinding is one of them. The following describes the relevant situation of Jiangxi quartz powder production equipment.

Quartz powder is not equal to quartz sand. Quartz sand with a particle size above 120 mesh and quartz powder with a particle size below 120 mesh. The difference between ordinary quartz powder and refined quartz powder is that small quartz stone ore is directly passed through quartz stone ultrafine grinding and crushed quartz powder is ordinary quartz powder, but because quartz stone mineral material is extracted after surface The yellow-brown skin is rich in impurities, so the color is white and yellow-brown, which is mostly used in the construction industry. The large quartz stone ore is removed by quartz stone ultra-fine grinding to remove the yellow-brown skin and then crushed and sieved quartz powder is refined quartz powder. The impurity content is small, so the color is white and bright, and the price is much higher than ordinary quartz powder. .

Quartz stone ultra-fine grinding concentrated quartz stone, dry grinding, grading and conveying in one large quartz stone ultra-fine grinding. The motor drives the quartz stone ultra-fine grinding disc to rotate, and the quartz stone is placed in the middle of the grinding disc in the lock air feeder. The quartz stone is separated and ground by the rotation of the grinding disc under the action of centrifugal force, and is coarse under the rotation of the grinding disc. The powder is continuously ground. The ground quartz powder is then dried and graded by quartz stone ultrafine mill to complete the grinding of the quartz powder. In addition, quartz stone ultrafine grinding can also be separated according to different specifications of quartz powder.

According to the quartz sand dry method and the wet process, some quartz stone ultra-fine grinding will be flushed when the quartz powder is ground. The crushed sand will be washed into the sedimentation tank by the momentum of the water. After the baking room is dried, it is placed in a vibrating sieve for sieving. Like the dry sieving, the water sieving also requires iron removal. Quartz powder is mainly used in industrial manufacturing such as glass industry and metallurgical industry. Because quartz powder is generally not graded and only differentiated according to specifications, quartz stone ultrafine grinding plays a key role in the production of quartz powder.

The sand making machine has been used for a long time, and the crushing chamber will wear unexplained wear during use. What is the cause of this? The machine engineer will come to analyze you one by one.

First, the number of broken materials entering the parallel area of ​​the sand making machine during the start of the sand making machine (sanding machine) was the highest, and it dropped sharply thereafter. Therefore, the parallel zone is subjected to intense wear and the parallel zone is gradually changed after several days of operation of the sand making machine.

Then, as the lining wears and the contour of the crushing chamber changes, the material that is broken along the height of the crushing chamber is evenly distributed. There is a change in the size of the crushing cavity in the limit wear range of the lining plate, especially the late parallel region does not exist, and the entire cavity shape completely loses the original contour. At this time, the size of the feed port is reduced by about 1.4-1.7 times, and the amount of material processed at the feed port is the largest. As the quality of the product deteriorates due to the absence of parallel zones, the output of the sand making machine equipment also decreases.

In summary, due to the uneven wear of the lining of the sand making machine, the crushing cavity loses the shape of the original crushing cavity, resulting in low life of the lining and a decrease in technical and economic indicators of the sand making machine. Therefore, the old-fashioned sand making machine crushing chamber should be improved. The new VSI sand making machine produced by our SBM Mining Equipment Co., Ltd. combines the advanced features of the impact sand making machine to draw on the advanced principle of the world sand making machine. The sand making machine adopts a variety of feeding modes, and utilizes two breaking principles of "stone rock" + "stone hitting iron". It can easily realize the flexible conversion of a variety of broken fine stone shaping functions. Compared with the traditional sand making machine, the sand making machine has low consumption of consumable parts and reasonable cavity design, reducing direct contact between materials and wearing parts. , to reduce the wear and tear of the wearing parts.

Which sand making machine is used for asphalt concrete and cement concrete aggregate production?The sand and gravel aggregate for concrete has strict requirements on sand, and the high quality sand making machine is the key to ensure high quality artificial sand. Our SBM recommends a new high-efficiency sand making machine designed for the processing of high quality concrete gravel aggregates.SBM high-efficiency energy-saving sand making machine (impact sand making machine) consists of seven parts: feeding hopper, distributor, vortex breaking chamber, impeller body, spindle assembly, base, transmission and motor. This series of sand making machine is suitable for the crushing and shaping of soft or medium hard and extremely hard materials. It is widely used in various ores, cement, refractory materials, aluminum clay clinker, silicon carbide, glass raw materials, mechanism construction sand, stone and each Metallurgical slag, especially for high hardness, special hard and abrasion resistant materials such as silicon carbide, silicon carbide, sintered bauxite, and beautiful sand, is more effective than other types of crushers.SBM new high efficiency sand making machine works:The material enters the sand making machine from the feeding hopper, and the material is divided into two parts by the feeder, and a part is inserted into the high-speed rotating impeller from the middle of the distributor, and is rapidly accelerated in the impeller, and the acceleration can reach hundreds of times of gravity acceleration. Then, it is ejected from the three uniform flow channels of the impeller at a speed of 60-70 m/s. Firstly, it is impacted and broken by a part of the material falling from the periphery of the distributor, and then impacted together on the material lining in the vortex cavity. It is rebounded by the material lining, impacts obliquely upward to the top of the vortex chamber, changes its direction of motion, deflects downward, and the material emitted from the impeller runner forms a continuous material curtain. Such a material is subjected to two or even multiple chances of impact, friction and grinding and crushing in the vortex breaking chamber. The broken material is discharged from the lower discharge port. In the whole crushing process, the materials are crushed and broken by themselves, and are not directly in contact with the metal components, but are impacted, rubbed and pulverized with the material lining, which reduces the angular pollution and prolongs the mechanical wear time. The ingenious airflow inside the vortex chamber self-circulates, eliminating dust pollution.The sand making machine has a novel, unique structure and stable operation. The sand making machine (sanding machine) has low energy consumption, high output and large crushing ratio. The device is small in size, easy to operate, and easy to install and maintain. The sand making machine (sanding machine) has a shaping function, the product is cubic, and the bulk density is large. During the production process, the stone material can form a protective bottom layer, and the body is wear-free and durable. It is an ideal production equipment for mechanical sand, cushion material, asphalt concrete and cement concrete aggregate. It is the best equipment for producing the most efficient sand production. With SBM's new high-efficiency sand making machine, high-quality artificial sand processing is no longer a problem.

In the case of sand making machine price, sometimes the production capacity will be reduced. Why is this happening? Shanghai Shanqi technicians analyze the following aspects:

First of all, the effect of different stone materials crushed by the same sand making machine is different, because the hardness of stone in each area of ​​China is different. If the hardness of the material is large, the crushing process will be longer and the sand making machine will be vulnerable. The consumption of the parts is also larger, so it is necessary to customize the sanding machine's wear-resistant materials and models according to the different hardness of the stone material, which can effectively avoid unnecessary waste, and reduce equipment damage while reducing equipment downtime. The frequency of repairs, in disguise, increases the identity of the equipment, and achieves greater benefits for production engineering.

Secondly, the auxiliary equipment of the sand making machine should be in place. After repeated observations on the work of the sand making machine, the good grain size of the sand making machine is between 3 and 5 cm. The excessive and too small stone will affect the output of the sand making machine. Therefore, in the production process, the production of large stones should be equipped with a fine jaw crusher to supply the sand mill with a good grain type.

The third point is that the humidity and viscosity of the material will also have a certain impact on the sand making process. The material with too high temperature will have a certain viscosity or humidity, which will cause the equipment to become clogged during the production process. A sand making machine that does not block or is not afraid of viscosity materials.

The latter point is the power of the sand making machine motor. According to the model of the sand making machine, the equivalent motor should be equipped. The power should be strictly in accordance with the factory's factory requirements. Otherwise, the power level will not be reached or too high, which will cause the grain size of the sand making machine to be uneven. The amount of return is increased, resulting in a decrease in production.

In recent years, SBM Industrial Technology Group manufacturers have produced a variety of mobile construction waste crusher that are sold in the market. They do not need to be promoted by themselves. They have been passed down by customers and have won praises in the market. Market reputation. Why is there such a gratifying scene? Take a closer look, the amount of information is really quite a lot, let's look at several key words of the 120tph-250tph mobile construction waste crusher:Keywords TOP1: More than 70 models are configured, and the crushing function is fully upgraded.Feeding, crushing, screening, conveying and other modules, 72 types of models can be equipped with more advanced E-breaking machine, counter-breaking, cone breaking, vibrating screen, sand making machine and other main equipment, efficient crushing, host The equipment is switched independently to meet the needs of diverse and personalized customers.Keywords TOP2: fast parking system, intelligent operation modeThe vehicle-mounted body combination can be walked on the front of the car, and the tires and crawlers can be selected in a variety of ways. The parking function is more flexible and flexible, ensuring that the equipment quickly enters the work (broken) mode, eliminating the complicated and trivial on-site steel frame. Arrangement and site layout design.Keywords TOP3: comprehensive energy saving, environmentally friendlySystem upgrade, comprehensive energy saving, environmental protection, reduce the troubles caused by dust, noise, etc., and also a harmonious, green and safe construction waste crusher for users.Keywords TOP4: stand-alone operation & online crushing, both fish and bear's pawFrom single application to multi-end online operation, intelligent remote computer operation workshop, various types of on-site combination, users do not have to worry about insufficient equipment output or the fine grain size of the finished stone, and the fish and bear's paw can have both, ensuring that the equipment works more efficiently. high yield.The sales of 120tph-250tph mobile construction waste crusher is not accidental. It brings together the R&D, technology and production personnel of SBM Industrial Technology Group, and the high-tech, advanced technology concept, ingenuity and intentional production process. A high-yield, intelligent, and environmentally-friendly crusher can create higher returns for users and achieve higher user satisfaction, so that they can be so favored in the market! For more information about the equipment, please feel free to contact us online at any time.

What kind of role does the sand making machine play in the non-polluting vanadium extraction process? Originally, the stone coal vanadium ore beneficiation needs to go through multiple steps such as crushing and grinding, while the sand making machine equipment is broken and finely crushed by stone coal vanadium ore. Major equipment. The main methods of non-polluting vanadium extraction process include: acid extraction of vanadium pentoxide, extraction of vanadium pentoxide by salt-free roasting, and extraction of vanadium pentoxide by calcification roasting. No matter which method vanadium is used, the sand making machine equipment is the best ore crushing and crushing equipment.

In the process of extracting vanadium pentoxide by acid method, the sand making machine equipment is the core equipment of the crushing process, and is the key to promoting the efficiency improvement of the non-polluting vanadium extraction process. Ore crushing→ball milling→acid leaching→solid-liquid separation→pretreatment→extraction and extraction of vanadium→red vanadium pyrolysis→vanadium pentoxide. The sand making machine equipment can crush the stone coal vanadium ore to less than 5mm, and the fineness is uniform. The ability of non-crushing materials is strong, and the influence of moisture content of the material is small, and the moisture content can reach 8%. The simple structure of the sand making machine and low operating cost are very suitable for crushing ore of the stone coal vanadium ore beneficiation production line.

After the stone coal vanadium ore is crushed by the impact sand making machine, it is more than 80% by wet ball milling to a particle size of -60 mesh, and then continuously stirred with sulfuric acid which accounts for 15% of the ore mass. The temperature is 85 ° C, and the liquid solid product mass ratio ( 0.85 to 1): 1, vanadium is transferred to the solution in tetravalent form. After the solid-liquid separation, the slag is stacked, and the solution is pretreated, and then P 204 + TBP + sulfonated kerosene is used as an extractant, and subjected to a 7-stage tank type semi-countercurrent extraction, and then 1 to 1.5 mol/L sulfuric acid level 5 back extraction. A vanadium-containing solution having a mass concentration of 80 to 120 g/L is obtained, and red vanadium (ammonium polyvanadate) is obtained by heating and oxidation precipitation, and red vanadium is heated and decomposed at 550 ° C to obtain vanadium pentoxide.

In addition, the sand making machine plays a very important role in crushing and fine crushing in the process of extracting vanadium pentoxide by calcification roasting and extracting vanadium pentoxide by saltless roasting. The use of Henan SBM sand making machine equipment to crush stone coal vanadium ore is 50% more efficient than traditional ore crushing equipment, more efficient and environmentally friendly. The sand making machine equipment can also greatly improve the efficiency and comprehensive benefits of non-polluting vanadium extraction process.

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