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In recent years, with the widespread development of non-metallic minerals in the field of ultra-fine powder applications, downstream companies have become increasingly demanding for metal products, and in particular have higher requirements on product fineness, found that traditional Raymond Mill Some problems with mills have plagued mineral processing companies and equipment manufacturers.

1, product fineness is low. Ordinary Raymond Mill's fineness is generally below 500-mesh. These equipments can only occupy the powder application market in the area, and it is not suitable for the refinement of the powder industry in the future.

2, high mechanical failure rate, high power consumption, noise, emission pollution.

3, the system is inefficient, the separation effect of the product's mobile phone system is not ideal, a large number of fine powder can not be effectively collected and the power cycle is caused by repeated circulation in the system.

4. There are mistakes in the design of the main unit's wind direction air duct. Larger particles in the material in the grinding area and the particles that are grinded in the future are often run into the tail of the spiral box and continue to extend forward, so that the amount of air flow is gradually reduced. Cause traffic jams, no powder or less powder, affecting production.

In order to solve these problems and adapt to market demands, many Raymond Mill manufacturers have made improvements to the traditional Raymond Mill. Despite the efforts made by the R&D personnel of Chinese manufacturers, these problems have been improved. The new Raymond Mill began to occupy the market. However, due to the different qualifications of various companies, new technologies are limited in some limited-scale enterprises with weak R&D capabilities. Therefore, some issues still exist to some extent in China's Raymond Mill market.

As a professional mining machinery and equipment manufacturer in China, it devotes itself to the research, development and improvement of mine equipment for more than 30 years. It has strong scientific research strength and a professional Grinding Institute institution. Its strong scientific research strength ensures that Red Star Raymond Mill has a Adaptability and crushing grinding ability have been welcomed by users. At present, the grinding equipment includes not only the latest Raymond Mills, but also high-strength mills, high-pressure microgrinders, three-ring medium-speed microgrinders, ultrafine grinding and other grinding equipment, to better meet the different crushing needs of users. .

There are many factors that affect the production capacity of coke ultrafine mill, mainly in the following situations:

1. The speed of coke ultrafine grinding at different barrel speeds can be simplified to three basic forms. First, when the rotation speed is very low, the material is mainly ground in a grinding manner. Because of the small kinetic energy of the ultra-fine grinding body, the impact force is small, and the grinding efficiency is extremely low. Secondly, when the rotating speed is high, the ultra-fine grinding body is rotated by the inertial force together with the cylinder body, which does not impact the material. Friction, ultra-fine grinding efficiency is very poor Third, the speed is appropriate, ultra-fine grinding body with the cylinder after rotating to a certain position after the cylinder wall, the material received impact, friction and crushing, the crushing efficiency.

2. The loading of ultrafine grinding bodies. If more ultra-fine grinding bodies are added, the more times the material is ground in the unit of time, the higher the ultra-fine grinding efficiency, but it cannot be too much, otherwise it will occupy the effective space of the coke ultra-fine grinding, but will reduce the ultra-fine grinding. effectiveness.

3. Grinding material types, physical and chemical properties (such as particle size, salary, hardness, temperature, moisture and particle shape, etc.), grinding particle size requirements.

4. Ultra-fine grinding structure, size, class division, the use of lining and compartment board, cylinder speed.

5. The type, shape, size, gradation, and filling degree of ultrafine grinding bodies.

6. The uniformity of the feed and the degree of filling in the mill.

7. Grinding method and operating conditions of coke ultrafine grinding. Such as dry or wet method open-circuit or closed-circuit wet grinding material, water, ball ratio dry mill ventilation conditions closed circuit grinding when the cycle load rate classifier use and selection efficiency.

8. Whether to add grinding aids.

The construction waste treatment production line is a device specially designed for processing and processing construction waste. It can be divided into fixed construction waste crusher and mobile type, while the mobile type is the current industry using more advanced technology, process technology is superb. The fixed construction waste production line includes feeders, belt conveyors, H-breakers, counter-attack breakers, vibrating screens and other equipment. It has relatively high site requirements and a large area of ​​occupied land. Therefore, in order to make up for the shortcomings of large occupied area, , Our company has developed and produced a more flexible and convenient mobile crushing station equipment. This medium-to-large equipment is a simplified part of the fixed equipment, installed in a set of drive racks, thus forming a mobile construction waste processing line.

After effective disposal of construction waste, there are many new uses, such as processing recycled bricks. There are too many building rubbish in the brick-concrete structure, more than mixed concrete waste, but the ordinary concrete crusher equipment can not effectively break the clay brick, such as smashing, counterattack, cone crushing, because the clay brick absorbs water and has high humidity. And clay bricks have low strength and are not suitable for making coarse aggregates. They can only be made into fractals and used as cementitious materials. So we combine the grinding and recycling mode of fly ash, plus the roller crushing process to form the combined grinding and co-pressing operation mode. This process technology can solve hundreds of millions of tons of brick-concrete construction waste in China, and have the capacity of concrete construction waste crusher, which can be described as “a knowledge of art”.

Through the reuse of construction waste, the amount of construction waste can be effectively reduced and the amount of construction waste can be reduced. At the same time, the use of new materials through waste recycling and reuse is also a double-edged phenomenon. Currently, there are not many investors in the construction waste disposal industry. If you want to get involved, you can contact us. Our professionals will give a warm reply.

Introduction to galena

Galena is a lead mineral with strong metallic luster and widely distributed in China. Its origin is mainly distributed in Yunnan, Guangdong, Qinghai and other places in China. It is used to extract lead as a major mineral.

The galena Ultrafine mill is the main equipment for grinding the other lead mines. It has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient operation, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, etc. It can bring higher benefits to the user's production, and it is affected by the market. Users are unanimously favored, what is the price of galena ultrafine mill? Which galena ultrafine grinding mill manufacturers equipment is more affordable? Let's learn about it together with Xiao Bian.

The galena ultrafine mill price influencing factors

1, the device model

According to surveys, the galena ultrafine grinding machines commonly used in the market are φ1200x2400, φ1830x6400, φ2400x2500, and φ3600x4500. However, due to their drum speed, ball load, motor power and equipment weight All of them are different. The difference in their models will not only affect the user's profitability in the later period, but also cause different prices for the galena ultra-fine mills with different models in the market because of different inputs from manufacturers.

2, supply and demand relations

The difference between the supply and demand will also affect the price of the ultrafine grinding mill of the other side. When the demand for equipment from the market increases, the supply of equipment will increase when the supply from the manufacturer cannot meet its demand. On the contrary, if the supply of the manufacturer's counterpart lead ultrafine grinding mill on the market is far greater than the demand of users, the price of the lead ore Ultrafine mill above the market will be reduced within a certain range due to oversupply.

3, the quality of the equipment

Quality is a concern for users when purchasing equipment. The quality of galena ultrafine grinding mill will not only affect the user's production, but also affect the price of the equipment. Under normal circumstances, the higher the quality of the equipment, the manufacturers The higher the cost of investment in production, the greater the profitability for the user's production, so the higher the quality of the galena ultrafine grinding mill, the more expensive the market.

Today's construction waste can no longer be called garbage. With construction waste crusher, they are "treasures." Construction waste is now a resource that plays an important role. Previous construction waste can be accused of polluting the environment and occupying the area of ​​use. But now, with the development of the domestic economy, we can make the most reasonable use of construction waste - construction waste processing equipment. The use of construction waste disposal equipment not only reduces our reliance on non-renewable resources, but also reduces the pollution caused by construction waste.

Most of construction waste is solid waste, which is generated during the maintenance and demolition of old buildings. The pollution-free inorganic substances in construction waste account for more than 90%. Inorganic materials have the characteristics of acid resistance, alkali resistance, water resistance, chemical stability, and stable physical properties. These properties of construction waste determine that it is treated as a good recycled building material, and wastes with pollutants can be reused as renewable resources.

Of course, although we now have a good way to deal with these construction wastes, we need to reduce the sources of construction waste. Strongly support the establishment of construction waste crusher. Improve the utilization rate of construction waste, and adopt various preferential policies to vigorously develop and promote recycled materials products. However, in our country, most engineering contractors do not want to increase their input in waste management, except for the immediate value of construction waste that is recovered, because the cost of waste management under investigation is significantly higher than the cost of waste disposal as waste. Therefore, we should also increase the disposal costs of construction waste, and encourage more processing companies to provide more preferential policies.

As we all know, the Sand making machine is the core equipment for the production of sand made from river pebbles and artificially controlled sand. It has a high-performance crushing and sand making production, which can meet the demand for aggregates for sand and gravel, and has outstanding features in construction and municipal construction. Performance. Sand production line in the output, quality are to meet the requirements of the construction of the project, but also can adapt to the requirements of mechanized construction.

But usually the equipment is subjected to wind, sun, rain, and other external factors, or its own operating problems, etc. will make the sand making machine equipment less efficient. The key components of the sand making machine usually include bearings, impact blocks (also known as plate hammer), counterattack Liners, shell liners, and rotor body guards. How to make these components work best and prolong their service life requires that we not only operate according to the rules and regulations but also know how to maintain and replace them.

First of all, we first understand the bearing of the sand making machine. The bearing is mainly used to fix the hammer and the plate to hammer or impact the plate, so that it can be well matched with the motor. In addition, the bearing is also a necessary component since the crusher often uses a rotating device to connect with the driver. The bearing lubrication technology used in Sand making machine mostly uses lubricants and lubricating oils, which can effectively reduce the wear between machines and increase the service life of the equipment.

Second, the sanding machine wear solution: impact block (plate hammer) is the most serious wear in the sand making machine, then what are the factors that affect the plate hammer wear? In addition to normal wear in production, we learned that the processing capacity of the sand making machine also has a certain influence on the wear of the plate hammer. When the processing capacity increases, the product particle size will become coarser, the crushing ratio will decrease, and the unit pure abrasion of the plate hammer will also decrease. Similarly, changing the size of the discharge gap can also change the thickness of the product particle size to some extent. There is also a certain influence on the hammer wear.

In addition to the above, after the new equipment is put into production, necessary inspections every day are indispensable. The same is true for the sand making machine. After each shift, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection. In particular, bearing seals, counter-attack linings, and wear and seal of the liner must all be inspected in an all-round manner, and some necessary for the gap between the rotor of the sand making machine and the counterattack liner. The adjustment can also effectively ease the wear of various wearing parts.

When raymond mill is in use, the sound is relatively large before the material is fed. When the grinding roller rotates in the grinding chamber, it will emit a loud sound of metal rolling noise. This is a normal category, when the material enters the grinding chamber. The sound will become smaller. This is because the roller is rolling the material. Because there is padding under the roller, the sound is not so big. During the rolling process, the blade throws up the material, and then The grinding roller is used for grinding and grinding, so as to achieve the powder, the finished powder will be blown by the blower, analyzed by the analyzer, then enter the pipeline, and finally fall into the powder collector.

When raymond mill main machine shakes badly, it is necessary to stop the inspection, first check whether the materials are piled up, not row out, and the vibration caused by it. Then check Raymond machine's grinding roller and grinding ring, is it deformed or lost? If it is, it will also cause large vibrations and noises. If it is, it will replace the grinding roller or grinding ring, and it can eliminate the failure; another reason will also cause a big shock, that is, the loosening of the anchor bolts and the anchor bolts. Raymond machines cannot be well fixed. When the material enters, the rotation of the motor will cause the main engine to sway, resulting in a large vibration failure. In this case, the machine should be shut down immediately and the anchor bolts must be tightened.

Raymond Mill's operability is very important, should be carried out in strict accordance with the operating manual, failure, immediate maintenance, may not be forced to start with a faulty Raymond Mill work, so as not to cause greater losses.

Construction waste is produced along with the development of the city, especially in large and medium-sized cities in China. Due to the dense population of cities, more and more city buildings are being replaced, and a large amount of construction waste has become an intractable problem. The matter, and the government attaches great importance to the disposal of construction waste, and encourage the development of construction waste-related industries.

However, for everyone or manufacturers, more consideration is given to the benefits of construction waste crusher. If the benefits are realized, it is better to bring greater social and environmental benefits. Construction waste crusher manufacturers solve this problem.

The construction waste crusher currently has quite mature technology, and its function is gradually improved. In the past, construction waste needs to be pulled down to treat the construction waste around the city. However, there is already a construction waste crushing station that can be exploded in situ. The benefits can bring about the greatest reduction in transportation costs, thereby reducing the difficulty of recycling construction waste.

The current construction waste crusher has the same crushing capacity as gravel production and ore crushing. It is easy for the crushing of construction waste. What needs to be improved is how four-line maneuvering is flexible and clean and environmentally friendly because construction waste is carried out in cities. Processing, if the equipment is not flexible enough will increase the equipment transport, installation time and cost issues, if the equipment is not environmentally friendly, secondary pollution such as noise and dust will directly affect people's normal work and life.

Our company's own equipment has a strong capacity for construction waste crusher, and it has a flexible body, clean and environmentally friendly protection measures, so that the construction waste crusher can play a huge role in the city's construction waste disposal without any equipment of the past. , And has produced huge social and economic benefits, not only solved the city construction waste, and beautified our urban environmental problems.

Construction waste is garbage generated during the demolition of a city. It can be converted into a treasure after processing with a construction waste crusher. Generally, construction waste can be treated in the following two ways.

First, the construction waste generated during the demolition of buildings, house decoration and renovation roads is transported to the treatment site by vehicles, and then manually recycled materials such as metal materials, wood-based materials and plastics are used in the construction waste. The sorting of materials is classified and directly provided to the corresponding company for processing.

The large pieces of waste concrete, waste bricks, marble and other materials in construction waste are broken up to a size that can be crushed by a crusher using a large breaker or crusher, generally less than 100 mm, and then pulverized to a building using a construction waste crusher. The required stones and sand are then sorted by multi-layer grading sieves into coarse stone, fine stone, coarse sand, fine sand, and muddy sand and other regenerated materials complying with the building standards. The production water adopts activated carbon reverse osmosis to purify the domestic sewage and recycle it, which can not only save water but also prevent the sewage from being discharged again to pollute the environment. Here are some details on how construction waste can be reused from the following points.

1. For waste wood construction waste, wood that has not been significantly damaged can be reused directly in the reconstruction of the building. Severely damaged wood components can be used as raw materials for wood-recycled boards or papermaking.

2. The asphalt mixture on the abandoned pavement can be directly used for recycling asphalt concrete in a proper proportion.

3, is the abandoned road concrete can be processed into recycled aggregate for the preparation of recycled concrete.

4, is scrap steel, scrap steel and other scrap metal materials can be directly reused or returned to processing.

5. It is the use of abandoned building concrete and abandoned masonry to produce coarse aggregate, which can be used to produce concrete of corresponding strength grade, mortar or building materials such as building blocks, wall panels and floor tiles. Coarse and fine aggregates can also be used in road pavement basement after adding curing materials.

6, the use of waste bricks to produce aggregates, can be used to produce recycled bricks, blocks, wall panels, floor tiles and other building materials products.

7. It is the residue soil that can be used for road construction, pile foundation filling, foundation foundation and so on.

1. International quality assurance of Characteristics of sand making machine - The application of riveting technology with the latest technology in foreign countries and the application of sandblasting eve and spray painting technology in the appearance of automotive technology have greatly improved the intrinsic quality and appearance quality of the equipment. The core parts and components are selected from international famous brands (high-grade rolling bearings are used in bearings) to ensure low failure rate of the system.2. VSI sand making machine has a large amount of processing, and the output is high - 50-500t/h. Compared with the conventional equipment with the same power, the output is increased by 30% and is stable.3, VSI sand machine is easy to install, easy to operate - light weight equipment, a variety of installation methods, removable installation; installation, repair and maintenance simple, easy operation and use; once a specific and specific use, VSI sand machine only need to be subtle Adjustment can maximize its excellent performance.4, VSI sand making machine wearing parts low - the best impact angle of the crushing cavity design, wear and friction parts less than the traditional equipment operating costs 40% lower, directly reducing the cost of equipment.5, VSI sand making machine product excellent particle size - product is a cube, good grain size, reasonable grading, fineness modulus adjustable for artificial sand and stone shaping, practice proved that than other traditional equipment, sand, plastic effect Increase by 30%.6, VSI sand machine thin oil lubrication, automatic maintenance - The use of imported oil lubrication station, dual oil pump complementary guarantee oil; no oil flow, no oil pressure, automatic shutdown; water cooling, winter motor heating start.7. VSI sand making machine hydraulic device is easy to maintain - The hydraulic opening device makes the internal parts of the Sand making machine easy to remove and repair, shorten downtime, save time and effort.8, VSI sand making machine is a multi-purpose, flexible use - unique feed crushing structure, with a variety of crushing cavity type, can be easily achieved "Shi Da Shi" and "ldquo; stone hit iron" conversion Solve a machine with multiple problems. If you need to change the application of VSI sand making machine, you don't need to make big adjustments, which can adapt to the different needs of users: sand making, shaping, and abrasive materials.9. VSI sand making machine pays attention to environmental protection - The equipment works with little noise and no pollution. The unique air self-circulation system greatly reduces the amount of exhaust air, reduces dust, and is environmentally friendly. In addition, VSI sand making machine is reserved and suitable for installation of dust removal equipment of various specifications.

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