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There are many kaolin grinding equipments. With the development of the times, the demand for kaolin milled products is getting bigger and bigger. So, what kind of equipment should be chosen as a kaolin mill? Meet the production process needs?Vertical mill grinding machine is a kind of equipment commonly used in the field of grinding. Under the promotion of science and technology, a large number of excellent grinding equipment has emerged in the field of grinding machine manufacturing. The series of mills produced by SBM heavy machine are the grinding equipment that has been tested by the market and loved by customers. The kaolin clay grinding can be used to increase the production capacity of the vertical roller mill produced by SBM heavy machine, and gain greater market value. So, what is the price of such a kaolin vertical roller mill? Let's find the answer together.Kaolin, as we all know, has a high application value and has achieved considerable market value in many fields. Grinding kaolin into powder requires special grinding equipment. Then, the vertical roller mill grinding machine is one of the more advanced grinding equipment, which has been promoted and applied in the kaolin industry, and it turns out that the equipment is also an ideal powder. Grinding equipment, increasing production capacity, creating value, reducing energy consumption, is a new type of grinding equipment trusted by customers. The SBM heavy machine is a professional manufacturer and supplier of kaolin pulverizers because of its focus on the development and manufacture of milling machines.In fact, the price of the mill has always been a topic of concern. How to formulate equipment solutions and prices? What kind of data do you need to provide? Customers who understand the powder industry are aware of the characteristics of the materials, the fineness of the grinding, The information such as production capacity and production area are all factors that are related to the customization of the selection plan. SBM heavy machine will do a good job in pre-sales preparation in advance, and will send an elite team to communicate with customers closely, communicate in depth, and understand the customer's grinding. The tailor-made configuration scheme is tailored to the needs, and the price of the customized kaolin vertical roller mill is more reasonable.

Lime mill can also be called ash calcium machine mainly: main machine, classifier, cyclone collector, fan, dust removal device, pipeline device, auxiliary equipment with crusher, hoist, electromagnetic vibration feeder, electric control cabinet, etc. Users can choose according to the situation on site.

1. The lime grinding machine main shaft refueling time is once per shift, but it must be noted that if the oil in the oil cup is not lost or the loss is too slow, the oil passage should be cleaned immediately.

2. It is forbidden to enter the metal block into the limestone mill, otherwise it will damage the grinding roller and the grinding ring, even the center hanger.

3, the feed should be even, can not be ignored. Too much feed will block the air duct, reduce the output, burn the motor easily, and feed too little will also feed the output. Feeding particle size: The hard material should be less than 15 mm in diameter, and the soft material can be 20 mm in diameter. It is strictly forbidden to add large materials into the machine.

4. Air volume adjustment: The air volume control valve located on the air intake pipe of the fan is generally opened to a larger position and adjusted according to the fineness and output requirements. The regulating valve located on the exhaust pipe of the exhaust gas outlet can be adjusted to the inlet without dust emission. The air volume is small and the fineness is high. However, it should be noted that the air volume is too small, and the material in the air duct below the main unit is easy to precipitate. Please adjust it appropriately.

5, fineness adjustment, according to the size of the material, soft and hard, water content, specific gravity, the processing thickness is also different, the upper analyzer can be adjusted, high speed, high fineness, low speed, low fineness.

6. The scrapping limit of the grinding roller of the grinding machine, the remaining small wall thickness shall not be less than 10mm.

7. When stopping, first stop feeding, the main machine continues to smash, and the residual abrasive continues to be milled. After about one minute, the main motor and analyzer motor can be turned off, the grinding operation is stopped, and then the fan motor is stopped. In order to blow off the residual powder.

For mining machinery, there are certain wears in the processing of various ores, and these wears will cause their failures, such as the phenomenon of rocking when the river pebble sanding machine is working, here It is to introduce the reasons for the three aspects of this phenomenon.

The first reason is that one of the important parts of the river pebble sand making machine is the impeller. If there is obstruction in the impeller flow path, the feeding will be uneven and the body will swing too much. The solution at this time is to put the impeller on the flow path. Obstruction

The second reason is that if the river pebble sand making machine is used, the phenomenon that the feed particle size is too large will cause the swinging condition to occur. Of course, the feed particle size should not be too small or the crushing is insufficient. Production requirements, which is why the river pebble sand making machine is very strict with the feed particle size requirements;

The third reason is that when the river pebble sand making machine is used, the wear phenomenon of internal parts is inevitable. One of them is the wear phenomenon of the wearing parts on the impeller. If the wear is serious, it will cause the unstable operation of the equipment to sway. This time The solution is to replace the worn consumables so that the operation of the equipment reaches equilibrium;

This paper mainly introduces the three causes caused by the rocking phenomenon of the river pebble sand making machine. The above is a detailed introduction to these reasons, and the solution is given. Only by solving the phenomenon of the machine swinging, the production can be made. Smooth progress.

Generally speaking, there are many factors affecting the production capacity of the sand making machine. Generally speaking, there are five factors in this way. I will describe the factors in these aspects and propose corresponding solutions.

1. The hardness of the material. The harder the material is, the more difficult it is to break, and the more severe the wear on the equipment. The speed of sand making is slow, of course, the sand making ability is small. This requires us to be moderate in the choice of materials.

2. The composition of the material, the more fine powder contained in the material before sand making, the more the sand is affected, because these fine powders tend to adhere and affect the transportation. Therefore, materials with a high content of fine powder should be sieved once in advance. The fine powder should be filtered out of the material as much as possible to avoid affecting the normal operation of the sand making equipment.

3. The fineness of the material after sand making and the fineness requirement are high, that is, the finer the material required for sand making, the smaller the sand making ability. In this respect, depending on the specific requirements of the concentrator, if there is no special requirement, the fineness of the material is generally set to medium and fine.

4. The viscosity of the material. That is, the greater the viscosity of the material, the easier it is to adhere. The material with high viscosity will adhere to the inner wall of the sand making chamber in the crusher. If it cannot be cleaned in time, it will seriously affect the working efficiency of the sand making machine, and it will seriously affect the normal operation of the sand making machine. Therefore, when selecting materials, it must be noted that the viscosity of the material should not be too large.

5. The humidity of the material, that is, the moisture contained in the material is large, the material is easy to adhere in the sand making machine, and it is easy to be blocked during the feeding process, resulting in a reduction in sand making capacity. To solve this problem, firstly, the material temperature should be strictly controlled when the material is selected. If the temperature of the selected material is too large, the sunshine or air drying method can be used to reduce the percentage of moisture in the material.

To produce the national standard sand, we must first select the material, how many mm is the feed size, and how much the required output is. All of the above can be flexibly selected according to the investment or actual site. Of course, the equipment is also determined according to this condition.

The working mechanism of vertical roller mill is relatively simple, and the choice of materials is relatively loose. Under normal circumstances, most brittle materials can be processed by Vertical Roller Mill when the Mohs hardness requirements are met. However, there is a kind of vertical grinding because of the technology of dry processing, and the actual material processing process often contains more water. In this case, the use of vertical roller mill production will inevitably have a certain impact on the whole production process. The influence of material humidity on the operation of the vertical roller mill equipment, the analysis of the situation of the vertical roller mill work site will be introduced to everyone.In fact, as far as vertical roller mill is concerned, the water content of the crushed material has a great influence on its overall performance. Due to the variety of mills, and the different types of kiln vertical roller mill requests for material moisture content are very different. However, with regard to ordinary milling equipment, the higher the water content, the more unfavorable the normal grinding of the equipment, and the coarser water content of the material below 6 percent is better. It can be seen that the water content of the material has a great influence on the normal operation of the STM vertical roller mill.The water content of the material is relatively large, so when the dry kiln vertical roller mill is in operation, it is impossible to directly run the milling powder. This is because the water content of the two-denier material is large, and the water will be brought into the grinding chamber. Thus, when it is operated, the heat will be generated from time to time to change the air movement in the room, and the normal movement path of the gas will also change. At this time, the equipment will enter the outside air from time to time, which brings about a small amount of problems or a blast.There are many problems with the water content of the material. At present, the more common disposal method is the dry processing method. In this way, the water content of the material should be kept below 6 percent at the time of operation, and the material structure should be stable. First run the vertical roller mill to stop the crushing of large pieces of material and make it meet the qualified request for consumption. Then stop grinding, dusting, noise removal, etc., and compare the waste products that have been ground out of the kiln to the request specification.When the STM vertical roller mill was in operation, it was affected by the humidity of the material. After the careful introduction of the above, everyone had a better understanding. In this case, the user who prompts the two cuts should stop strictly according to the consumption request when stopping the consumption of the vertical kiln vertical roller mill, and reduce the humidity of the material as much as possible, so as to ensure the normal operation of vertical roller mill and ensure its sufficient service life. 

As a new type of crushing equipment, the Construction Waste Crusher has been purchased and used by more and more people, and has become the choice of large and medium-sized enterprises and even individual households. In the current majority of users are only concerned with production and use, paying less attention to the cleaning of the equipment, sometimes inevitable problems in the production process, so that the user is in a passive state, so that the crusher can not continue to invest produce.First, before we prepare to use and start up, we must first check whether the components inside the fuselage are firmly installed, whether there is looseness, and there is no oil stain on the belt and the pulley. It should be wiped clean with a clean rag in time, do not leave stains. And dust. Whether there is any residue material in the feed port and the discharge port, it is necessary to timely process to ensure the discharge port and the feed port are clean and tidy. At the same time, it is necessary to see if there are any other debris in the crushing chamber of the equipment, and also clean it up in time. For the specially designed metal crusher, there is a lining plate placed in the crushing cavity. At the same time as the rotary cutter is selected, the metal material will grind some paint on the lining. We must also ensure that there is no impurity or paint house inside. Only in the early stage, we have done these cleaning work, so as to ensure that the equipment will not appear in the use of other materials should not appear in the use, so as not to affect your production and use, but also make the Quarry crusher life longer. For a long time, bring you more convenience.When cleaning the crusher, the first thing to pay attention to is the safety problem. You must disconnect the power supply before you can clean it. Then open the inside of the crushing chamber, clear the remaining material, and then clean the residual material on the hammer. When cleaning, use a cleaning tool such as a brush or a towel to avoid injury. After cleaning the material, clean it with 75% ethanol and then close the crushing chamber. At this point, the interior has been cleaned, the rest is to clean the appearance of the crusher, the ground is also to be cleaned. After this is done, then boot up and see if there are any errors.

The two main features of the Vertical Roller Mill are the principle of “material bed grinding”. Simply put the material on the grinding disc and then grind it on the grinding roller, but there are two points to keep in mind that the grinding disc is moving and driving the grinding. Rolling, not the opposite. The principle of “material bed grinding” can make the grinding of materials more complete and the grinding efficiency higher.In the work of vertical grinding, vertical grinding has two advantages. Vertical grinding can be idling in a short time. It is not necessary to place materials on the grinding disc. These two points are relatively rare in the milling industry. When the two machines are idling, they will cause collisions between the wear parts more or less, resulting in wear parts and even damage to the machine. Therefore, when using the machine, the user Second, we must see if the machine can be idling. If not, we must not idling. In the milling production, since the machine is turned on, it is often the same time that the entire production line is turned on at the same time. When only two devices are turned on, the other may be unprepared or need to be turned on at night, which is easy to cause damage to the machine. When using the Calcium Carbonate Plant, the vertical roller mill can be opened in two steps and then the conveying material device in the system is opened, the material is conveyed to the inside of the vertical roller mill, and then ground.The vertical grinding roller sleeve can be used for turning over. The grinding of the two materials is mostly carried out in the part of the grinding roller sleeve which is closer to the center of the grinding disc, so the wear of the roller sleeve of this part will be faster than the two sides of the center of the principle grinding disc. In order to save money, the roller sleeve can be exchanged from the two sides of the center of the grinding disc and the two sides near the center of the grinding disc. Thus, the two grinding roller sleeves are equivalent to two times, which saves the expenses in the operation of the machine.The lubrication system inside the vertical roller mill is lubricated with thin oil. Rare lubrication can not only take away the impurities that are accidentally entered inside the machine, but also take away the heat harmful to the machine parts caused by the friction of the internal parts of the machine. To the lubrication effect, the lubrication of the thin oil makes the lubrication more convenient, and the lubrication process is more time-saving and labor-saving. The lubrication system increases the life of the internal components of the machine, saving the cost of the machine.

For the customers, the sand making machine equipment that they hope to buy can always be produced efficiently, but any equipment is not idealized. We have talked about some ways to use the sand making machine efficiently to improve efficiency. Let's talk about the correct use of the sand making machine to reduce power consumption, so as to improve the service life of the equipment.

First of all, we should understand a problem, the new sand making machine is the third process of the entire sandstone production line, one is feeding, the second is the rough breaking of the jaw crusher, and the third is the new sand making machine. The new sand making machine is used as a rough breaking equipment in the crushing of hard materials such as ore. It has the characteristics of large crushing ratio, high output, uniform particle size, simple structure, convenient maintenance and low production cost. When the new sand making machine works, the moving jaws are in direct contact with the materials, and thus the load is often large. There are insurance pieces to provide protection for this situation, which will greatly improve the active control ability of all sand making equipment and production lines. Secondly, we should understand that the more mud or fine grain in the feed of the gravel production line, the greater the viscosity of the slurry, the smaller the sedimentation velocity of the ore in the slurry, and the coarser the particle size of the overflow product; In case, in order to ensure the desired overflow fineness, the additional water can be appropriately increased to reduce the slurry concentration. If the amount of mud in the feed is small, or after de-sludge treatment, the concentration of the slurry should be appropriately increased to reduce the amount of fine-grained materials entrained in the return sand.

When the new sand making machine enters the non-crushing stone in the crushing chamber, the rear thrust plate is taken as the safety component of the sand making machine to protect the important parts of the equipment from damage. The back thrust plates are individually cast from cast iron, and a slot or holes are opened therein to reduce the strength of the section; or two pieces can be cast, and then screwed together to form a combined thrust plate. However, when the stone that cannot be crushed and sand enters the fine crushing cavity, the equipment generates an overload scene, and the thrust plate is transmitted to the thrust plate to cause the thrust plate to be broken or the screw of the combined thrust plate to be cut, and the machine ends the work to play an insurance role. This design principle is not only very suitable, but also easy to hold, the use of insurance parts is cheap, easy to operate, and the overall maintenance and damage of the equipment is also very good.

The new sand making machine has fine grain requirements for sand making materials. In general, the needle-like material enters the finely divided nacelle, and the requirements for the crushed stone are contrary to the above, and the requirements for the grain type and the grain size are very strict. The reason is that the cubic sand has a function of locking each other due to its angular shape, and the continuous grading of the sand can greatly reduce the void, while the cubic sand occupies a larger surface area than the circular sand. Sticking asphalt and materials or cement and materials together reduces the possibility of displacement.

In this respect, users may feel that the loss of the new sand making machine seems to be more difficult than improving production efficiency, but it is not. This is just a matter of literal understanding. As long as we usually produce and observe more research, we will understand that the new sand making machine is a sand making device with a very simple working principle. It is simpler and more efficient than traditional equipment. More to bring benefits to customers. If you have any technical questions, please feel free to call our company's sanding equipment sales department. Our company will provide you with a professional answer free of charge.

The Impact Crusher uses impact energy to break up material. When working, the rotor rotates at a high speed under the driving of the motor. When the material enters the action area of ​​the hammer, it collides with the hammer on the rotor, and then is thrown to the counter-attack device to break again, and then rebounds from the counter-backing plate. The process is repeated until the plate hammer action zone is repeated. The process is repeated from large to small, and the material is broken into the required particle size and discharged from the discharge port. Adjusting the gap between the counter-rack and the rotor can achieve the purpose of changing the material discharge size and material shape.1. The structure is simple, the volume is small, the weight is light, the production capacity is large, so the production cost is low. The feed inlet is large, the SBM Cone Crusher is high, and the hardness of the material is high.2. The ore is broken along the joint surface, so the power consumption is low and the efficiency is high.3, the crushing ratio is large, up to 40, so it can simplify the crushing process, can make the three-stage crushing into two sections or a section of crushing, and reduce the equipment cost of the ore dressing plant.4. The gap between the counterattack plate and the plate hammer can be easily adjusted, and the particle size of the discharge is effectively controlled, and the particle shape is good.5, high chrome plate hammer, impact resistance, wear resistance, impact force.6, no key connection, easy maintenance, economical and reliable.7. Full crushing function, high productivity, small wear of machine parts and high comprehensive benefits.8. It has selective crushing effect, and the crushed product has a relatively uniform particle size, and the shape is mostly cubic stone. It has a wide range of applications for bridge construction, high-speed road construction, docks, and airport construction.

The noise of the Vertical Roller Mill is mainly caused by the vibration of the motor during the working of the machine. The design of the precision machine will produce two normal vibration phenomena under the action of the energy belt. If the manufacturer in the process of producing precision vertical grinding causes the wheels on both sides of the equipment to be unbalanced, it will not only bring errors to the production process, but also cause vibration noise during the operation of the equipment. The source of noise is not only caused by these two factors, such as the material of the equipment parts, structural defects, the connection between the grinding ring and the positioning of the precision, etc., the error of each two parts design will lead to Noise is generated, which affects the normal production process, but don't worry, we can effectively slow down or even avoid these problems after understanding the causes of these noises.First accurately locate the accuracy of the deviceThis requires that when installing the RM vertical roller mill, it must be carried out according to the tolerance standard, and no deviation can occur.Secondly, it is necessary to check when the vertical roller mill is running.See if the lubrication is sufficient, timely oil, reduce friction between parts, reduce heat generation, which can reduce the noise generated during the production process.It is very common for vertical roller mills to generate noise at work. However, all users of this problem must pay attention to it. When they find out, they should solve it immediately, find noise sources, and perform noise reduction. In addition, vertical grinding Other problems that may arise during operation, as well as the two design quality defects of the precision vertical roller mill itself, as well as the usual maintenance and other issues, face up to these problems and deal with them in time to ensure the normal operation of the vertical roller mill and extend as much as possible. Service life.

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