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After the VSI sand making machine is assembled, it is placed on the display stand of our company's sand making machine for visitors to visit our factory. VSI sand making machine is an improved model of PCL sand making machine. Its characteristics are different from that of counter-attacking sand making machine, but it is often used with counter-attacking sand making machine in making sand. First of all, to understand the technical features of VSI sand making machine.

Technical highlights of VSI sand making machine:

VSI sand making machine adopts light oil lubrication system, which can effectively dissipate heat during spindle bearing operation and prolong bearing service life. Light oil system can effectively lubricate bearing friction and improve bearing rotation speed during work, thereby greatly improving work efficiency. VSI sand making machine adopts steel plate bending heat riveting technology. The appearance of the machine body is more environmentally friendly, enhances the structural strength and toughness of the equipment, ensures the smooth operation of the equipment, and raises the quality to a whole new level.

VSI sand making machine motor balance problem solution

To find out where the VSI sand making machine motor is unbalanced, repeat the above test while rotating the rotor at the same speed in the opposite direction. Mark with another colored pencil. The midpoint between the two markers at that time determined the location of the imbalance. Place a counterweight at the other end of the diameter. The size of the balance weight should be chosen so that the vibration of the bearing is eliminated. It is also possible to cut off some of the weight in the other part of the VSI sand machine motor instead of increasing the counterweight. In order to increase the sensitivity, the machine speed can be chosen at will, so that the bearings get the maximum vibration. After the balance of the rotor is good, the bearing of this head is fixed and the bearing of the other head is loosened, and the other method is used to balance the other end.

Dolomite is abundant in my reserves, mainly in Hebei, Hubei, Guangxi, Shaanxi and other places, processing equipment is mainly used for ultrafine mill dolomite processing. Dolomite is the main basic refractories. Because it combines the characteristics of limestone and periclase, it has high alkalinity, high temperature resistance, stable thermodynamic properties, strong thermal shock resistance, and can be used to purify molten steel, resist corrosion, etc. advantage. The early dolomite refractories synthesis process used a two-step roasting method: the dolomite was directly fired into a dense sintered body at a high temperature, and was then crushed using an ultra-fine pulverizer, but the process was affected by the uneven composition of natural dolomite. Due to the high impurity content and other conditions, its performance has been greatly affected.

At present, the two-stage roasting method of dolomite is mainly used: the mixture of MgO and CaO produced by dolomite in the calcination condition of 1000°C--1200°C is called light-burned dolomite, and its activity is large and it is prone to hydration. The formation of Mg(OH)2 and Ca(OH)2 has affected their dosage and performance. When using ultrafine mill, due to the presence of hydration, refractory bricks produced from light-burned dolomite can easily absorb moisture from the air to form hydrates, which can result in the chalking of calcium-magnesia brick products. crack.

In order to enhance the hydration resistance of light-burned dolomite, secondary baking is usually performed at a temperature of 1400° C.-1500° C., and the resulting mixture after the second baking is called dead burned dolomite, which has small activity, high stability, and high crystallinity. The chemical composition is distributed evenly and the structure is compact. It also improves the hydration resistance and slag erosion resistance of dolomite refractories. It can be produced under the combined action of activated materials to obtain higher density and lower sintering temperature. Dolomite refractories. In milling by a pulverizer, modification of the dolomite surface and internal structure with additives is also required to improve the slag resistance after sintering.

Raymond Mill is also known as Raymond Mill. Because raymond mill has stable performance, strong adaptability and high cost performance, it has been popularized in the processing of non-metallic minerals since its introduction in China for more than 20 years. In order to make Raymond Mill normal, equipment should be developed. "The equipment maintenance and safety operation system" can ensure the long-term safe operation of the mill, and it is necessary to learn some of Raymond Mill's maintenance knowledge, if it is encountered in time deal with.

1. During the use of Raymond Mill, fixed personnel should be responsible for the care. The operators must have a certain level of technology. Before the installation of the milling machine, the operator must carry out the necessary technical training to understand the principle and performance of the Raymond Mill and be familiar with the operating procedures.

2, in order to make the mill normal, should develop the equipment "security equipment maintenance and operation system" in order to ensure the long-term safe operation of the mill, but also necessary repair tools and grease and the corresponding accessories.

3. After the red star machine Raymond Grinding is used for a period of time, it shall be inspected. At the same time, the wear parts of the grinding roller ring blade shall be overhauled and replaced. Before and after the use of the roller device, the connection bolts and nuts shall be carefully examined to see if Loosening phenomenon, whether the lubricating grease is enough.

4. When the grinding roller device is used for more than 500 hours, when the roller is replaced, the roller bearings in the roller sleeve must be cleaned. The damaged parts should be replaced in time. The refueling tool can be used with manual pump and grease gun.

5, fineness adjustment, according to the size of the material, soft and hard, water content, specific gravity is different, the thickness of the processing is also different, can be adjusted above the analyzer, high speed, high fineness, low speed, fineness.

If the fineness is improved, the output will be reduced accordingly. If the requirements are not met, the fan speed should be adjusted, and the user can flexibly control.

6, the scrap mill grinding ring scrap limit, the remaining minimum wall thickness shall not be less than 10mm.

7. When the Raymond Mill stops, the feed is stopped first, and the main machine continues to rake, so that the remaining abrasives continue to grind. After about one minute, the host motor and analyzer motor can be shut off and the grinding operation is stopped. Stop the blower motor to blow off the remaining powder.

As a kind of milling equipment, Raymond Mill has been used for a long time. If you do not know how to maintain it, parts in the equipment may cause damage or serious wear. In this case, Raymond Mill will vibrate.

When the raymond mill vibrates, it is necessary to check the Raymond Mill's vibration cause first: When the Raymond Mill main machine shakes badly, it should be stopped immediately to check and see Raymond Mill's grinding roller and mill. Whether the ring is deformed or not, the deformation of the grinding roller and the grinding ring will produce great vibration and noise. Therefore, the grinding roller and grinding ring should be replaced in time. In addition, the looseness of the anchor bolts, the loosening of the anchor bolts, and the host machine of Raymond machines cannot be properly fixed. When the material enters, the rotation of the motor will cause the main engine to swing and cause a large vibration failure. This occurs. Should stop immediately, tighten anchor bolts.

Of course, no matter how good the equipment still needs to be maintained, for parts of the equipment, after a period of time, it is necessary to inspect the parts of the Raymond Mill. If any wear or damage is found, replace it in time and clean it if it is not damaged. For a while, the equipment should be cleaned up once in a while to clean up the internal refuse and other substances. Only when the best maintenance plan is made for the equipment will the equipment be used for a longer period of time. Only in this way will the Raymond Mill work optimally every time.

Superfine mill is a new type of mill that has been modified. Its fineness is much higher than that of ordinary Raymond Mill. The mill is technically improved on the basis of the traditional mill and has high efficiency and energy saving. The new ultrafine mill, then its ordinary milling equipment improved in those places, the following brief introduction. The new generation of ultra-fine grinding can be applied to the processing of ore milling below 9 grade, and the humidity is below 6 percent. The fineness is adjusted directly from 400-3000 meshes. The new type of grinding system device and high-tech grading equipment have made the new type of ultra-fine grinding very popular in the market, and have been praised by users' friends.

The working process of the pulverizer: Firstly, the feeder feeds the material to the inside of the mill, and then the pulverization process is carried out under the action of the internal grinding device, and the material pulverization process between the grinding roller and the grinding ring. The qualified material passes through the lower air channel. The wind flows upwards and passes the sorting pass of the analyzer. Here, the standard of grinding four hundred meshes is the pass of 400 meshes or more. The following falls back to the inside of the mill for re-grinding, and the lower part has a blade to carry out the material. Shovel the powder between the grinding roller and the grinding ring to achieve sufficient grinding material. After the qualified material passes through the analyzer, it enters the powder collector from the pipeline, and is collected by the powder collector according to the demand. Unsuitable dust is collected in the dust collector. The new ultra-fine grinding device adopts a negative pressure system. What is negative pressure? Simply put, it is lower than atmospheric pressure. That is, the internal pressure of the mill is less than the external atmospheric pressure. Some users will worry about whether or not they will enter the feed inlet of the mill. There will be material powder out, this is generally not the case. Unless the closure of the entire system of the mill is imperfect, the superfine grinding negative pressure is converted into a positive pressure system and dusting occurs. Therefore, the user must check whether the mill is tightly closed during the application process.

With the development of our country's industry, the use of lime powder has become more and more extensive. Especially in many fields and industries, lime powder is used. This causes the lime powder to be processed into different fineness when it is processed. Lime is now used in the market. Powder fineness includes 200 meshes, 300 meshes, 600 meshes, 800 meshes, 1000 meshes, 1250 meshes, 1500 meshes, etc.. What kind of Ultrafine mill is needed to process lime powder with different fineness? The following SBM recommends several types of milling machines for customers.

First of all, the 200-mesh and 200-mesh lime powder is the fineness that customers often process. The fineness of the lime powder can be selected from the Raymond mill produced by Shanghai SBM. As a milling machine with a long history of use, Raymond Mill is widely used. For the grinding of various ore materials, the maximum feeding particle size is less than 65mm. This type of equipment grinding system has a higher output, lower power consumption, and energy saving is the most effective technical way to improve the economic efficiency of enterprises. According to the material characteristics of limestone and other stones, lime powder processed below 200 mesh is selected by Shanghai SBM Raymond Mill, which is the best choice for customers regardless of efficiency or output.

300-mesh lime powder is a series of relatively large market demand and dosage, and the processing is not difficult. Shanghai SBM recommends that when purchasing, we must select a regular mill manufacturer, and the quality and service are guaranteed. In milling efficiency, power consumption, machine reliability is also far ahead of the small manufacturers. Then 300-mesh lime powder is processed. We recommend the European version of the SBM produced by Shanghai SBM. Production and quality can meet the needs of customers.

With the continuous change of production demands, the use of lime powder has become more and more extensive. 1000-mesh lime powder has been widely used. The Shanghai SBM is aimed at the needs of the industry. The XZM series ultra-fine powder mill is based on the traditional mill. , The company continuously introduces the latest international research technology and uses the most wearable materials for processing and manufacturing. The ultra-fine grinding machine can process the lime powder to 3000 meshes, and can customize a suitable lime powder ultra-fine grinding machine according to the user's production requirements and site.

No matter whether it is to process 200 mesh lime powder or to process 1000 mesh ultrafine lime powder, Shanghai SBM can purchase a suitable lime powder grinding equipment. Shanghai SBM is a professional milling machine manufacturer. Various types of ore mill, welcome new and old customers come to buy.

The portable mobile crushing plant that was successfully developed by SBM Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. and equipped with a movable brick making machine has become a printing machine on the demolition site. In the process of mobile construction waste crusher and processing equipment, what is eaten is the construction waste that has been abandoned, and the building materials that are in short supply are thrown out. Bringing significant economic benefits, the user is hailed as the printing press on the demolition site.

With the construction of high-speed cities and the integration of urban and rural areas in China, the construction waste piled up on the demolition site has become a hot topic for all walks of life. The disposal of these construction wastes has become a headache. The mountainous construction waste has brought enormous problems to the people's livelihood. The SBM mining machine learns from the treatment methods of urban construction waste in developed countries in Europe and America, and independently researches and develops a dedicated construction waste crusher and combines it with a vibratory screening feed equipment to form a combination. Mobile crushing station, construction waste crusher and other highly mobile crushing equipment, combined with related technical parameters such as production, etc., and combined with mobile mobile construction waste resource processing equipment, face a large number of changes in the transformation of urban villages and the transformation of old cities. Building rubbish, clearing and disposing of these rubbish will consume a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources, and solve all problems at one stroke.

After the mobile construction waste resource recycling equipment crushes the construction waste, it separates the steel, foam, wood, and other building decoration materials. After the broken construction waste is processed by the screening equipment, aggregates are produced and used for highway repair. Stone and sand required for mixing concrete. After the mobile brick making machine produces a variety of bricks, such as paving slabs, grass-planting bricks, and tactile bricks, the economic benefits are maximized.

According to the analysis of relevant experts in the machinery industry, for large-scale infrastructure facilities such as construction waste crusher machinery, construction machinery, mining machinery, agricultural machinery, and food machinery, which are closely associated with the national infrastructure industry such as public transportation construction, electric power construction, and housing construction, etc. The development of the construction project means that the machinery and equipment industry usher in a development opportunity, and the machinery and equipment industry will usher in a development peak on the subsequent development path. Of course, the crusher, as a kind of mineral processing machine, has a wide range of applications, and it should also take advantage of the wind and leveraging forces to develop vigorously and actively expand its infrastructure.At present, infrastructure construction is in a period of rapid development. Many crusher manufacturers have launched a series of new products, trying to increase their market competitiveness, seize new opportunities for development, and use them for domestic infrastructure construction. For example, a relatively hot product currently on the market - a construction waste crusher. The construction waste crushing station, as its name implies, is used to crush construction waste. With the development of infrastructure and urbanization, the amount of domestic construction waste is increasing rapidly. How to deal with these construction wastes has become a major issue for China’s urban development. . The mobile construction waste crushing station is solving this problem. The biggest feature of the construction waste crushing station is its mobility and flexibility. It can carry out the first-line on-site crushing of materials, eliminating the need for materials to be removed from the site and then broken. The intermediate links greatly reduce the transportation costs of materials and realize the value of reuse through the crushing of construction waste.

The crawler type Portable crusher plant is a relatively new type of mobile crushing station. It is a tool that operates according to different environments. What then is this device in use?

1. The crawler-type mobile crushing plant can provide high operating speed and operational flexibility, so it has a high production capacity and adaptability. It can be operated in conjunction with a mobile jaw crusher or it can be used alone.

2. The overall equipment can reach any position on the work site under any terrain conditions. This can reduce the handling of materials and facilitate the coordination of all auxiliary machinery and equipment.

3. Each device is complete, which can crush our construction waste, crush the rock, ore, block and other materials, and also can climb the slope to meet the needs of mines, hydropower stations, coal mines and other engineering screening equipment compact and flexible. More effective dust removal system, at the same time pay attention to the protection of the surrounding environment.

Therefore, the crawler-type mobile crushing station now has additional value, not only in terms of work efficiency and scope of use, but also focusing on other impacts it has brought to the surrounding environment.

VSI sand making machine and VSI impact sand making machine are the latest technology, the best sand making effect, the most widely used and the most advanced sand making machine. The emergence of VSI sand-making machine equipment greatly overturned the traditional sand-making machine equipment, low sand production efficiency, large power consumption, and poor quality of finished sand. VSI's new type of sand making machine is the latest development of Germany's authoritative experts, combined with China's working conditions and improved design. It is currently the world's only advanced production of sand making machinery. The sand making equipment has various functions such as crushing and crushing and sand shaping and stone shaping, and has high sand making efficiency and good sand making effect. It can make all kinds of rock, gravel, and river pebbles into various architectural sands with uniform particle size, cube shape, and high compressive strength. It is much better than sand produced by natural sand and ordinary hammer sanders. More in line with the building requirements. The machine is specially designed for highways, high-speed railways, high-rise buildings, municipal construction, hydroelectric dam construction and concrete mixing stations to provide high-quality sand aggregates. It is the preferred equipment for artificial sand making and stone shaping.

The VSI sand making machine equipment has many innovations. Many advanced functions and processes make the VSI sand-making machine even more powerful. From the inside to the outside, there are advantages that other sand-making machines can't match. The thin oil lubrication system of the sand making equipment is a major highlight. Special light oil lubrication circulation system, keep the temperature rise is within 25 deg.] C; new automatic protection device for a machine providing a vibration, oil filters, alarm and other warning systems, to eliminate hazards in advance; automatic maintenance lubrication, bearing thermostat technology, Is not other sand making equipment. In addition, the new oil filter system ensures that bearings and other transmissions are not accidentally worn and increases their service life; VSI sand making machine equipment also uses the world's advanced light oil anti-leakage device, eliminating the need to replace the oil seal. To sum up, we can see SBM VSI crusher advanced lubrication system is so powerful, it can also provide our clients with convenient, greatly reducing maintenance and equipment maintenance costs, enhance the work efficiency of the equipment.

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