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Vertical grinding roller skin off-line repair has become a good helper for cement plants

Today, with the rapid development of the industry, there are many construction projects, and the demand for cement is increasing day by day. As the most critical equipment for cement production, Vertical Roller Mill has been adopted by more and more customers because of its high operating efficiency, stable operation, simple maintenance and low noise. However, when the Vertical Roller Mill is damaged, offline repair technology has come in handy.

Abrasives in cement production are mainly cement raw materials, coal gangue, slag, steel slag, coal and so on. After long-term operation, due to the continuous wear of the abrasive disc and the grinding roller, the grinding surface bond curve between the grinding disc and the grinding roller deviates, which leads to the reduction of the effective grinding area, the equipment efficiency drops sharply, and the grinding of the same quality abrasive is required. The power consumption is greatly increased. At the same time, the vibration value increases during operation, resulting in unstable load of the hydraulic system, the transmission system and the motor, and even the establishment of the grinding cannot be started.

Off-line repair technology has been widely used in cement, electric power, metallurgy, chemical, non-metallic minerals and other industries. After repairing, the vertical grinding appearance of the weld is beautiful, the wear resistance is good, the service life is long, and the production efficiency of the enterprise is improved. A great helper for cement companies.

The overpressure type mill is a kind of trapezium mill. Firstly, the stone material is mixed by the screw equipment in the equipment, and then the soil in the stone guess is mixed with water and discharged from the flow port on the equipment. The stone material is gradually selected by the action of the screw device, and is discharged from the discharge port at the top, and then the cleaning and picking action of the sand stone material is realized.

If you want to purchase a more excellent over-pressure trapezium mill equipment, then you have to carefully purchase, but because we are not very familiar with these equipment, so introduce some about the purchase of overpressure ladder type A small method of grinding machine, under the premise of ensuring quality and output value, select equipment with lower cost.

First, when purchasing the overpressure trapezium mill, it is more common to question the customers from the aspects of the multi-step trapezium mill. For example, the functions and features of the overpressure trapezium mill equipment, Quality, quotation, after-sales service, etc. are questions. However, many customers in the purchase of overpressure <a href="">MTM trapezium mill</a> products, many customers do not know what to ask when they face the manufacturers, care for some embarrassment, wait until the time is missed, only to think of a lot of questions have not asked, Regarding this situation, it is recommended that customers write it on this book. Although it is a bit earthy, it is good for you. Second, how to grasp the quotation of overpressure trapezium mill equipment? About this question, we have to shop around, in dealing with a plan, it is more than just the quality of the three products, but also the price. Liancai is our ideal dizziness. Third, the higher the price of the overpressure trapezium mill is to judge the quality of the sand washing machine. This is an unwise move, and it is the location of most customers. Fourth, on how to determine the function of the overpressure trapezium mill, this situation should be determined according to the output value of the crop. We need to analyze the specific conditions to select a suitable stone washing equipment. It is not always possible to listen to their sales staff saying that such a good customer chooses the type, and the customer needs to have the backbone. Fifth, on how to determine the quality of the trapezium mill, the first thing we have to do is to shop around, the second is to listen to word of mouth, and ultimately to see their after-sales service.

From the beginning of the Raymond mill, to the later high-pressure suspension roller mill, high-pressure micro-powder mill to ultra-fine powder mill, the material of the grinding roller and the grinding ring has been innovated, wear-resistant materials. Never leave the eyes of the R&D staff.For the customer, the key part of the Raymond mill equipment is the grinding roller grinding ring. The following is a brief introduction to the categories and applications of the lower manganese steel materials.High manganese steel is widely used in the manufacture of wear-resistant castings under impact and wear conditions, such as grinding rolls and grinding rings of mills, ball mill liners, crusher plates, rolling walls, crusher hammers, excavator shovel Teeth and so on. Due to different working conditions, high manganese steel is subjected to different impact and wear strengths. In many cases, traditional high manganese steels often fail to fully exert their impact and antiwear properties.The sub-high manganese steel adds a small amount of alloying elements while greatly reducing the manganese content, and appropriately adjusts the heat treatment process, thereby reducing the raw material cost by about 100 yuan, and the wear resistance is superior to ordinary high manganese steel. This material is suitable for the manufacture of wear resistant castings under high impact abrasive wear conditions. The use of this material instead of ordinary high manganese steel can bring direct economic benefits to the company by improving quality and reducing costs.High-carbon high-manganese steel makes the wear resistance of the material under the condition that the carbon content is appropriately increased and the heat treatment process is reasonably adjusted, and the cost is constant (because the high carbon ferromanganese can be used instead of the low carbon ferromanganese structure, and the cost is even slightly decreased) The performance has been greatly improved. This material is mainly suitable for wear-resistant castings of Raymond mill (such as ball mills) under medium and low impact abrasive wear conditions. Since this material has better wear resistance than ordinary high manganese steel, this material can improve the market competitiveness of the product.Microalloyed high-manganese steel greatly improves the structure and comprehensive properties of the material by rational use of trace alloying elements, and is suitable for the manufacture of wear-resistant castings under various harsh working conditions and strong impact conditions. Although the cost of this material is slightly higher than that of ordinary high-manganese steel (about 200 yuan per ton of material cost), it has a high performance-price ratio, so it is very popular in some occasions where ordinary high manganese steel is difficult to meet the requirements. Have a certain market competitiveness.As we all know, the classification of manganese steel is determined by the content of manganese. To know that the content of manganese is slightly different, the role of the steel used in mechanical equipment will be very different, so SBM Heavy Industry Raymond mill experts remind users to pay attention to When purchasing equipment such as Raymond mill, be sure to see the materials used in machinery and equipment. Do not blindly enter some manufacturers at low prices to avoid unnecessary losses.

Limestone mill is a very wide range of materials used in various industries. The application of industrial development in different industries in China has a corresponding range. Each ore material can be processed very well after processing. However, if limestone is to be applied to various industries, it needs to be processed by ore processing equipment. We have corresponding analysis for the processing application of limestone mill because its application fields are relatively fine. Such as building materials, paints, etc., these are places where limestone can be applied.After the analysis of the application requirements of the limestone mill and the corresponding manufacture of the equipment, the grinding equipment of various capacities is used to pave the way for the production of limestone, because not every industry has the same application for limestone, so its processing The equipment is also different, the limestone mill is used by more and more industry manufacturers in the market, its advantages are slowly being discovered by everyone, and various applications are slowly growing invisibly. come out.Nowadays, it is in the hot weather in summer. Every ore processing equipment needs to be cooled and heat-proofed when it is used, especially the grinding mill machine. Because limestone is exposed to sunlight, it is very likely that the temperature will rise, and when it is processed accordingly, There is also a certain influence inside the equipment. Everyone knows that if the internal temperature of the equipment is too high, it may have a certain impact on our production efficiency. Although it does not mean that the impact is large or small, it is for our production efficiency. A very big drawback.Therefore, the limestone mill should pay special attention to the heatstroke prevention work when it is used in the summer. In order to improve the production efficiency of our equipment, please pay attention to each aspect and check it regularly to ensure the normal production efficiency of our equipment.

Vertical mill grinding machine, everyone knows is a kind of grinding equipment. In the field of non-metallic minerals, the grinding machine assists the ore to grind into the excellent equipment of the required fineness of the powder. In order to help more powder processing projects to increase production capacity and reduce energy consumption, the mill manufacturer SBM has continuously improved and innovated to produce the ideal new vertical roller mill equipment, which has become a limestone powder processing equipment for processing 200 mesh powder. In the limestone field, SBM has accumulated many years of experience in the production of solutions. It can provide customers with a unique selection plan and a more reasonable price of limestone mills to help create greater capacity and value.

As a professional manufacturer, SBM knows the importance of product quality. SBM always regards product quality and after-sales service as its own business philosophy, and through continuous learning and continuous innovation, the quality of the mill product is improved and widely used. In the fields of marble, limestone, barite, dolomite, talcum powder, etc., SBM also attaches great importance to after-sales service and has set up offices in many regions to escort every powder project in a more efficient and efficient way. To help customers create greater capacity value.

Limestone powder processing equipment chooses SBM vertical mill grinding machine, which can create more excellent powder products and help enterprises to enhance market competitiveness. SBM Grinding Mill is the upgraded equipment of traditional R type mill, further breakthrough The fine powder pattern of the traditional mill, the production capacity of the R-type mill is increased by more than 40%, the unit power consumption cost can be saved by 30%, and the finished product has good quality, good whiteness, good purity and strong market competitiveness. Can bring considerable benefits.

So, what is the price of a limestone vertical mill? As a professional limestone powder processing equipment manufacturer, SBM has always been based on the needs of customers, and has made perfect pre-sales preparations to understand the customer's grinding needs. The demand formulation configuration scheme provides a more reasonable price for the vertical mill for each limestone powder project, and thus has been respected and loved by customers in the powder field.

What are the reasons that affect the failure of Raymond mill gears?First, the special working environment of Raymond mill, in the production process, the gear transmission environment is relatively harsh, after being affected by dust particles, it is easy to cause serious gear pollution. And if the lubricating oil in the gear transmission part is not added in time, it is easy to cause the gear transmission of the equipment to fail.Second, after the gear transmission is operated for a period of time, the axes of the pinion and the classifying drum are not parallel, resulting in local engagement of the gears. Moreover, the gear is unevenly stressed during the whole production process, which easily causes the gear shaft to bend. In addition, the gear transmission material is not uniform, and particles, entrainments, and the like are apt to exist, and the surface stress is excessively large, causing a broken tooth.Third, there is stress on the Raymond mill gear. When the gear enters the meshing, the surface is prone to crack under the excessive stress. Moreover, during the operation of the gear, the high pressure generated by the contact pressure enters the crack at a very high speed, and at the same time, the crack of the gear cover closes the crack, so that the oil pressure in the crack is further improved.Fourth, in the transmission, the load on the pair of single teeth of the gear is greatly prolonged, which is also the reason for the rapid wear of the gear. At the same time, some impurities and floating matter in the air enter between the meshing faces of the gears, causing wear.

Traditional flour milling equipment in the raw material grinding, high failure rate, low efficiency and large energy consumption, many defects such as dust, however, the application of nonmetallic mineral powders in recent years, with the rapid development of the coal pulverizing industry in the quality of non-metallic mineral products have higher requirements, the traditional milling equipment already can not adapt to the market. SBM group relies on the powder equipment processing technology mastered over the years to upgrade and transform the traditional Upgraded version of Raymond Mill. After the transformation, the equipment has obvious advantages.1. The roller grinding device of the new Raymond mill is lubricated with thin oil, which is maintenance-free and easy to operate. Thin oil lubrication for oil bath lubrication, without frequent refueling, more convenient than grease lubrication, and lower maintenance costs.2. The structure of shoveless cutter barrel is matched with the design of large diameter grinding roller, so the grinding efficiency is higher. There is no shovel barrel structure in the grinding chamber, the ventilation area of the grinding chamber is larger and the air feed resistance is smaller, and the grinding efficiency is directly improved with the strong rolling pressure of large diameter grinding roller.3. Volute elastic shock absorption structure, effectively blocking vibration damage of the host. Special elastic structure is adopted between the volute and the stand, combined with the setting of rubber shock absorber, to directly avoid the influence of base vibration on the running stability of the separator, and to avoid the problem of base vibration causing the volute and the middle body vibration.4. The main shaft of the main machine adopts a lubricating system with thin oil, which is fully automatic and labor-saving. Main shaft bearing, transmission shaft bearing and gear meshing surface are all lubricated and radiated by the circulation oil supply of its own oil pump, and operate automatically without manual operation, ensuring the stability of the main engine in time and effectively.5. The reducer of the main engine is equipped with oil temperature detection system and heating device, which can operate automatically at low temperature according to the setting requirements to ensure the lubrication system of the main engine.6. The grinding roller hanger is designed with special mesh to ensure the strength of the hanger and effectively increase the ventilation area of the grinding mill chamber, and directly improve the material conveying efficiency while reducing the wind resistance.
7. The powder separator adopts low-resistance hanging cage type powder separator. The range of sorting particle size is narrow, the sorting efficiency is high, the system energy consumption is low, the same material and fineness and other conditions, the power consumption is lower than the vane type powder separator, the production capacity is high.8. Large diameter dust collector with pneumatic lock valve, effectively improve the efficiency of dust collection, eliminate the phenomenon of dust return; The air inlet of the collector is fitted with wear-resisting liner plate, which greatly improves the service life.9. Square pipe is adopted between the powder separator and the powder collector, which facilitates the multiple selection of wear-resistant materials, and at the same time can avoid the wind resistance phenomenon caused by the diameter variation of the radius pipe at the entrance of the powder collector.10. Equipped with pulse dust remover, pneumatic dust removal, automatic operation, eliminating manual dust removal operation, eliminate powder pollution.11. The use of special fan, reliable performance, lower energy consumption, to ensure the stable operation of the wind power system.

There are not only one type of machine that can be used for the preparation of 325 mesh limestone powder. Raymond mill, superfine mill, high pressure mill, etc. can be used, but which kind of Grinding Mill is more suitable? It is recommended to use the Raymond mill here. The specific relevant introduction is as follows:

1. The number of finished products is up to standard

The machine discharge is between 0.045-0.18mm (80-325 mesh), the fineness is adjustable, which can meet the production requirements of 325 mesh;

2. Expected output value is up to standard

It is estimated that the daily output of a single machine is 8-176 tons, which can fully meet the needs of most of the milling production. In addition, if the customer has special needs, it can also be customized;

3, standardized operation standards

With centralized control, the grinding workshop can basically achieve unmanned operation, and the maintenance is convenient, in line with modern production needs;

4, energy saving and environmental protection standards

Equipped with a special dust collector, the dust emission concentration is completely lower than the national environmental protection regulations. In addition, the entire airflow system of the airframe is a closed cycle, circulating under positive and negative pressure conditions, especially the air self-circulation system, which greatly reduces the amount of external exhaust air and reduces dust. ,energy saving.

Of course, in addition to the above four points, low-cost investment is also a highlight of this Raymond mill is different from other milling equipment.

Because the price of limestone mill from different manufacturers, different brands and different sizes is not the same, so how much it will cost to purchase a Raymond mill will depend on your choice.