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Copper and rice machine is divided into dry copper rice machine and water copper machine, water-based copper rice machine due to pollution, sorting out of copper into account, has gradually been eliminated by the market. The environmentally friendly dry copper meters high degree of automation, raymond mill prices have been listed on the Guanglei sorting clean, thorough, has been on the market for the majority of users sought after. Montana safety practices large users of the pursuit of the same time for the training of the relevant technical staff to master a number of technical attempts and equipment maintenance techniques. Previous: SBM small copper and rice machine manufacturers to lead the new ideas of energy saving and environmental protection to bring big difference between the environmental protection equipment Next: SBM automatic copper and rice machine in the market quickly rise hand in hand win-win development of new content SBM automatic copper Rice machine in the rapid rise of the market hand in hand win-win new developments.

Is a dedicated waste cable, square line, the new Raymond machine work video appliances line, Raymond mill. Car line, motorcycle line, electric car lines and other copper implementation of crushing, separation of a special equipment. Due to the separation of the future copper-like millet, so called copper machine. When buying equipment SBM give you a few suggestions: 1, select the appropriate for their own miscellaneous line, the choice of Wu affordable, quality power level guaranteed manufacturers, after sales service is very important; 3, to visit this part of the manufacturer , Or need to figure out whether it will be a bag or two traffickers, so as not to be deceived.

The use of anthracite is now more frequent, so that coal is fully burned, anthracite is the best coal resources, mining more difficult, you need to grind to the smallest, do not waste resources, let it burn, raymond mill is the best One of the devices.

Use Raymond mill can grind different types of particles, transport to the various categories after the use of places, user-friendly, the easiest to use. Compared with other coal, anthracite low smoke, which is why you want to sharpen the smallest reason.

When using the pulverizer to process anthracite, the size of the coal particles can be judged so that the anthracite ignites more easily. The first use of crusher coarse broken, when the coal block into the mouth after Raymond mill was fine grinding roller repeated rolling several times, and then sent through the hoist pulverized coal. Pulverized coal direct feed temperature range is usually 1000 ~ 1200 ℃ in the rising flue gas to ensure that the combustion of coal finished.

All kinds of mills produced by Shanghai SBM Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. are novel in design, high in efficiency and energy saving compared with other similar products. They are the ideal equipment for the metallurgical industry and all kinds of mineral grinding.

The main bearing adopts large diameter double row self-aligning stick bearing, instead of the original plain bearing, low energy consumption, the mill is easy to start; the ordinary mill's end cap layout is saved; the large diameter of the stone mill goes in and out of the material inlet; large.Feeder is divided into two kinds of feeder and drum feeder, the layout is simple, split device; sustainable operation, run-time does not affect the grinding roller bearing chamber oiling.Ball mill energy saving, low power consumption, small music, sustainable operation - Raymond mill vibration, high efficiency, easy installation and maintenance; low rate of failure, the service life.Ball mill is the material is broken, and then destroyed the link facilities. Pulse bag filter It is widely used in cement, silicate products, new construction materials, refractory materials, fertilizers, European version of the mill, black and non-ferrous metal beneficiation and glass ceramics and other production industries, all kinds of ore and other grindability Material dry or wet grinding. Ball mill for the grinding of various types of ore and other materials, are widely used in mineral processing, building materials and chemical industries, can be divided into two kinds of dry and wet grinding methods. Divided in accordance with the drainage system, can be divided into two types of grid and overflow.

Raymond mill rolling bearing installation method1 Before assembling rolling bearings, the bearing should be measured with the size, according to the choice of the bearing rust-proof way to choose the appropriate method of cleaning; bearings should be no damage, no rust, rotation should be flexible and no abnormal sound.2 temperature differential method with rolling bearings, the bearing is heated to a temperature not higher than 100 ℃; be cooled not lower than 80 ℃.3 bearing outer ring and bearing housing or box hole with the device should comply with the provisions of technical documents. For split bearing or open box, split joint surface should be no gap; bearing outer ring and bearing seat symmetrical centerline within 120 ° and the bearing cover symmetrical centerline 90 ° should be in uniform contact, and 0.03mm feeler gauge should be used to check the length should be less than one-third of the length of the outer ring. Bearing outer ring and the bearing housing or the opening of the box between the semi-circular hole may not clamp phenomenon.4 bearing and shoulder or bearing shoulder should be close; taper roller bearings and radial ball bearings and shoulder clearance of not more than 0.05mm, and other bearings should not exceed the gap of 0.1mm. The bearing cap and washers must be smooth and should be flush against the end face of the bearing. When the equipment technical documents are provided, according to the provisions of the gap.5 Both ends of the assembly shaft with radial clearance can not be adjusted, and the axial displacement of the shaft is defined by the two end caps to the radial bearings, should leave a gap. When the equipment technical documents without provisions, leaving the gap desirable 0.2 ~ 0.4mm.6 radial bearings, needle roller bearings, screw roller bearings should be flexible after assembly. When using grease bearings, the assembly of the bearing cavity should be filled with 65% -80% cavity volume of cleaning grease, but thin oil-lubricated bearings, shall not be filled with grease.7 Raymond mill single row radial ball bearings, radial thrust tapered roller bearings, radial ball thrust bearings mounted on the journal and the bearing within the axial preload (axial pre-interference) should be bearing Standard or technical equipment provisions of the implementation of the document.

Ultrafine powder mill is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, mining and other fields of mineral materials grinding process. Ultrafine mill absorbs the advantages of domestic and foreign mill manufacturers, after full inspection, research, test 12 kinds of mill and horizontal hammer mill, through many research and experiments and the development of high efficiency and low cost super Fine grinding machine.

Superfine powder mill performance characteristics:

① high efficiency in the finished product fineness and motor power under the same circumstances, than the jet mill and mixing mill output 40% higher.

② Vulnerable parts of a high degree of utilization In the case of the same fineness of the material and finished products, longer than the wear parts of impact crusher and turbine crusher, generally up to more than one year.

(3) high safety and reliability Because there is no rolling bearing and no screw in the grinding chamber, there is no problem that the bearing and its sealing parts are damaged. There is no problem that the screw is easily loose and the machine is destroyed.

④ Product Fineness Product fineness can reach d97≤5μm at one time

⑤ environmental pulse dust collector and muffler to reduce the use of dust pollution and noise, meet the national environmental standards, the environment has played an environmental role.

Superfine powder mill main purposes:

Ultrafine powder mill is a fine powder and ultrafine powder processing equipment, it is mainly suitable for medium and low hardness, Mohs hardness <6 non-flammable and brittle materials, such as calcite, chalk, limestone , Dolomite, kaolin, bentonite, talc, mica, magnesite, illite, pyrophyllite, vermiculite, sepiolite, attapulgite, rectorite, diatomaceous earth, barite, gypsum, alunite, , Fluorite, phosphate rock, potassium ore, pumice and so on.

In the design of ball mill, we must choose the appropriate wear-resistant materials, and to determine the appropriate starting Ore Milling Equipment ball load and run the amount of additional grinding ball, which reduce metal consumption, improve economic efficiency has great practical significance. So how to choose the best ball mill ball load?

The test shows that the power consumption of the ball mill in the case of the material and no material difference of only 5 to 8%, that is, most of the power required to mill the ball mill and the barrel itself rotating, for a ball mill and Say, cylinder rotation energy consumed is certain. Therefore, a reasonable choice of the optimal ball load, to reduce coal consumption, it becomes a key issue.

Ball mill ball load is filled by the ball filled with coefficients to reflect. Ball loading increases, the ball mill output also increases, when the ball load exceeds a certain amount, the ball mill output slowed down, while the milling system power consumption has increased significantly. At this time due to increase the output of the ball mill benefit and milling power consumption caused by increased consumption compared to the high, obviously not worth the candle. Therefore, the ball load must be appropriate, the load is too large, the milling power consumption increases; load is too small, the ball mill output is insufficient.

The amount of ball mill grinding ball selection, should be based on the test to find out the greater output of coal mill, milling power consumption when the minimum load. Grinding ball load at this time, that is, the ball mill best ball loading capacity. The ball mill ball filled with a coefficient of 0.2 to 0.35, the more appropriate ball filled coefficient should be selected between 0.18 ~ 0.25.

Fans are an important part of the Raymond mill equipment and are associated with the fineness and quality of the powder in the milling operation. Do a good job on the maintenance of raymond mill fan, the relationship between the efficiency and quality of milling, affecting the user's economic benefits. Here, SBM Heavy Xiaobian briefly summarize a few Raymond mill equipment fan maintenance tips, I hope for your help.

1, in the process of connecting Raymond mill fans and separator, different types of equipment need to take different forms of connection. And if the connection is different, Raymond mill maintenance features are also different.

For example, if a Raymond mill blower and separator are soft-connected, no noise noise will normally occur during the milling operation. It should be noted here that the installation of the fan of Raymond mill equipment can be added to the special spring device to play a better connection. At the same time pay attention to the wearing parts of the wear and tear to better extend the service life of the Raymond mill fan.

2, when we use Raymond grinding equipment grinding milling time, we must always pay attention to the situation of powder mill fan wear. When the Raymond mill out of coarse material, it is necessary to promptly check the fan for wear and tear. Once found that Raymond mill equipment fan blades wear serious, should be immediately repaired or replaced, so as not to affect the grinding quality of the Raymond mill.

3, with the use of time to extend the use of Raymond mill equipment fans in the milling process will inevitably have some crushed material or residue attached to the fan. In the case of Raymond mill fans running at high speed, the dusty material attached will affect the balance of the fan operation. Therefore, we usually use the process, we must regularly Raymond mill equipment fan wind page timely clean-up, in order to ensure the best performance fan.

The growing amount of construction waste will make it hard for urban China, which has already suffered from domestic waste, to bear the weight. Now, the vast majority of construction waste is transported to the countryside or rural areas without any treatment and is stored open-air or landfilled. This not only takes up a lot of land, but also causes serious environmental pollution. Many of the wastes in construction waste, after they are sorted, removed or crushed, are mostly reused as renewable resources. The modern and efficient construction waste management equipment developed by SBM Machinery can realize the comprehensive utilization of these resources and contribute to the urban construction.

Construction waste crusher equipment is mainly mobile crushing plant, mobile crushing plant is a series of novel rock crushing equipment introduced by SBM Machinery, greatly expanding the rough crushing, crushing operation concept areas. Mobile crushing station design concept The purpose is to stand in the customer's position, to eliminate broken sites, the environment, complex infrastructure to bring customers the obstacles to crushing operations, homework solution. Truly provide customers with simple, efficient, low-cost project operating hardware facilities. SBM Machinery is the first to introduce mobile crushing plant combination equipment, based on the integration of integrated units, convenient and efficient realization of the construction waste crushing. After the sorting, the construction rubbish is removed through certain iron removing equipment to remove iron substances contained therein, and is crushed and crushed by a crushing, crushing or even crushing equipment to be processed into a certain size of reclaimed gravel aggregate, and finally applied to roadbed stone, Unburned brick, cement admixtures and many other aspects.

In the paper industry, as the sizing technology in the papermaking process shifts from acid sizing to neutral sizing, there is a huge potential market for the use of calcium carbonate. The high whiteness of calcium carbonate used as filler in papermaking can greatly improve the paper performance. As a result of replacing the expensive kaolin, the paper mill can obtain obvious economic benefits. ultrafine mill carbonate is used in ink products to exhibit excellent dispersibility, transparency, excellent gloss and hiding power, as well as excellent ink absorbency and drying properties. The ultrafine calcium carbonate used in the ink must be activated and the crystal form is spherical or cubic. Superfine calcium carbonate also as a calcium source additive can be used in health food and feed industry, with high quality and cheap and easy to absorb and so on. Superfine calcium carbonate can be used as high-end cosmetics, soap, facial cleanser, toothpaste and other children's day packing products. In the pharmaceutical industry, ultrafine calcium carbonate is an important component in the medium and a calcium source additive. It is used as a buffering agent for microbial fermentation in the production of antibiotics, and plays a certain pharmacological role in analgesics and stomach medicines.In summary, China's demand for ultra-fine calcium carbonate powder has more than 4 million tons, the amount of detergent on the powder more than 800,000 tons. The production of automobile friction materials based on the raw materials of fine powders has also reached 400,000 tons. The increase of the industrial demand for the subdivisions is bound to drive the development of the mill. Conform to this development, SBM professional production of ultra-fine calcium carbonate powder mill efficient energy-saving, greatly improved wearing parts wear, product efficiency, and environmentally friendly pollution-free, suitable for modern production requirements.