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Sand making machine equipment can be divided into: river pebble sand making machine, granite sand making machine, limestone sand making machine, marble sand making machine, basalt sand making machine, calcite sand making machine, iron ore sand making machine. , quartz stone sand machine, etc. According to different working principles, sand making machines can be divided into hammer sand making machines, impact sand making machines, counter-type sand making machines, composite sand making machines, etc. Sand making machines are mainly suitable for soft or medium hard and extremely hard materials. The crushing and shaping are widely used in various ores, cements, refractories, aluminum clay clinker, corundum, glass raw materials, mechanism stone materials, gold slag, especially for silicon carbide, silicon carbide, sintered bauxite, sand, etc. High hardness, extra hard and abrasion resistant materials are more efficient than other types of crushers.Energy saving and environmental protection is the biggest advantage of sand making machine. At present, China's traditional natural sand and gravel resources are very scarce. Natural river sand is an excellent building building material. Although there are huge amounts of sea sand stored, the salt will corrode metals and cause buildings. The quality is declining. Therefore, the mechanism sand is the largest source to replace the natural sand. The appearance of the mechanism sand not only avoids a series of hazards caused by the indiscriminate river sand, but also greatly enriches the market demand. It can be said that the mechanism sand is The most ideal alternative to river sand quality materials.

The composition types of ultra-fine pulverizers and other types of pulverizers are basically similar, and it is further innovated and modified on that basis. In general, micro-grinding is mainly composed of main engine, blower, ultra-fineness analysis machine, finished cyclone dust collector, bag filter and connecting air duct. Users are equipped with lift, storage bin, electric control cabinet and electromagnetic as needed. Add equipment to the powder machine, crusher, etc. In the Ultrafine Mill chamber, the grinding roller assembly is suspended on the grinding roller hanger through the cross-arm shaft, the grinding roller hanger is fixedly coupled with the main shaft and the blade holder, and the pressure spring is tightly pressed by the tension rod in the grinding roller shaft chamber. On the outer end of the suspension wall, with the cross-arm shaft as the fulcrum, the grinding roller is pressed tightly on the inner surface of the grinding ring by the spring pressure. When the motor passes the transmission, the blade mounted on the blade holder is synchronized with the grinding roller. Rotating, the grinding roller rotates around its own axis and revolves while rolling inside the grinding ring. The analyzer drives the impeller of the analyzer through the motor transmission device. The analyzer adjusts the speed to achieve the purpose of milling.

The micro-grinding work process is also relatively simple, mainly because the bulk material is crushed and sent to the storage bin by the hoist, and then the electromagnetic vibrating feeder is evenly sent into the main machine grinding chamber, and the material entering the vertical roller mill is shoveled by the blade. After entering the grinding roller and the ring, it is crushed and crushed. The fan blows the wind into the grinding chamber, and blows the powder into the analysis machine for sorting. The fineness of the grinding chamber is not up to the fineness. The powder enters the finished cyclone collector with the airflow. The fine powder is separated from the air and discharged from the discharge port, which is the finished product, and the air is returned to the fan from the upper return air duct. The air path is cyclic and under negative pressure. flow.

In the grinding chamber, due to the certain moisture content of the material to be ground, a certain amount of heat will be generated during the grinding to cause the water vapor to evaporate, and the flanges of the whole machine are not tightly connected to seal the outside air, so that the circulating airflow increases. The grinding machine is guaranteed to work normally under the negative pressure state, and the increased gas flow is discharged into the bag filter through the residual gas pipe between the fan and the main machine, and is purified and discharged into the gas.

From this point of view, the principle of ultra-fine grinding and other grinding equipment have the same function, but its function is superior to other grinding machines, the efficiency is greatly improved, and the applicable fields of production products will be more extensive.

Our sand-making machine wear-resistant block business specializes in the production of large-scale sand-making machine wear-resistant block (scraping head) at home and abroad, throwing head, sanding machine throwing head, for the characteristics of high-speed impact of sand making machine stone, adopting specific Formulation and process to ensure the impact resistance of the product, the wear resistance of the product is maximized. According to the stone and alloy grades, the service life of each alloy can reach 40-150 hours.The sand machine impeller is mounted on the shaft head at the upper end of the main bearing, and the purpose of transferring the button pitch is achieved by the conical sleeve and the key connection. The material enters the center of the impeller at the high speed by the feeder at the upper part of the impeller. The cloth cone at the center of the impeller will The material is evenly distributed to the various emission channels of the impeller, the material rotates with the centrifugal force of the impeller, and the impeller accelerates the material out of the exit of the launching channel. The material has a velocity that is ejected and the material lining in the vortex breaking chamber is strongly natural. Impact collision, the exit flow of the launching channel has wear-resistant block protection equipment, and the replacement is convenient. The impeller, the cone cap and the wear block have the upper and lower flow channel plates of the diverting material, and at the same time protect the impeller from the impact wear of the material.Before the equipment stops running, it should be noted that the feeding should be stopped before stopping the discharging equipment. The feeding should be kept uniform and the specifications of the materials should strictly comply with the requirements. Otherwise, the impeller can be easily worn. When we use the product, we still have to Pay attention to the maintenance of the impeller and let our sand making machine use longer.

The use of the third generation sand making machine: After years of research, the scientific researcher of our company refers to the working principle of fine crushing equipment at home and abroad, and according to the feedback information of users' use, combined with its advantages and equipment principle, it is shared with the experts of the National Machinery Research Institute. The new high-efficiency energy-saving fine crusher (sand making machine), which is designed and developed by the new high-efficiency energy-saving fine crushing experts, is designed to adapt to the current (artificial sand making) industry. It is a rod-grinding sand making machine and straight-through impact. An alternative to the sand making machine, the equipment is suitable for the production of high-quality stone materials in the mechanism of artificial sand making machine, high-grade roads, railways, water conservancy, airports, construction, cement, refractory, metallurgy and other industries.

The working principle: when working, driven by the motor, the rotor rotates at a high speed, the material enters the first crushing chamber and breaks with the hammer on the rotor, then enters the second fine crushing chamber for crushing, and finally discharges from the discharging port.

The invention of the Mobile Crusher Plant can be said to be a major improvement in the history of crushing equipment. Since its inception, it has been popular in mining, metallurgy, building materials, transportation, water conservancy and other industries. Today, I will introduce the applicable fields and performance advantages of mobile crushing stations.

Compared with the traditional crusher, the mobile crushing station breaks the fixed cage and can realize efficient and free movement. This feature makes the mobile crushing station stand up for the treatment of construction waste. The realization of the utilization of construction waste resources, the construction waste into recycled aggregate recycling and reuse in urban construction. It is not difficult to see that the mobile crushing station can move with the advancement of the raw material mining surface, and it is precisely because of this performance advantage of the mobile crushing station that the material transportation and infrastructure costs are greatly reduced. In addition, the mobile crushing station has a high degree of automation, which can achieve centralized control of crushing, screening and transportation equipment, which greatly saves manpower and material resources. The applicable field of the mobile crushing station is in fact closely related to the performance advantages of the portable crusher. The performance of the mobile crushing station determines what the mobile crushing station can do. Through the introduction of the performance advantages of the mobile crushing station, I believe that everyone knows the applicable fields of the mobile crushing station.

In short, whether it is urban demolition or reconstruction, mobile crushing stations can always give fragmentation and rebirth. As long as it is a mobile crushing station that can be realized by a conventional crusher, mobile crushing stations that cannot be used by conventional crushers can be realized. It is believed that with the popularity and continuous development of mobile crushing stations, the future crusher market will be another scene.

The grinding part of the Raymond mill is a grinding roller and a grinding ring. In the process of processing the ore into powder, the grinding roller and the grinding ring are often in contact with the ore and the grinding is very severe. The time used varies depending on the material being processed. There are three kinds of materials used for grinding rolls and grinding rings, three kinds of manganese 13, 65 manganese, and alloy steel. The price is also very different. Some materials have relatively large wear on the grinding roller and the grinding ring, so the wear is faster. . Some materials do not wear out the equipment. At this time, the material of the alloy can be selected. Then, for those materials that are seriously worn on the grinding roller and the grinding ring, manganese 13 material can be selected. Manganese 13 material is more wear-resistant than other materials, but the price is more expensive, suitable for the grinding of materials with high hardness and high toughness.

How can Raymond mill accessories grinding rolls and grinding rings be more wear-resistant:

Raymond mill accessories have a wide range of grinding rolls, grinding rings are the most commonly used accessories, and the most easy to wear parts, the replacement frequency is very high. How can the Raymond mill accessories grinding roller and grinding ring be more durable? The grinding roller and grinding ring are made of three kinds of manganese 13, 65 manganese and high alloy. These three materials are not the higher the price, the more wearable, the material that is suitable for the material needs to be selected according to the different materials, so that it can be more wear-resistant. If the material hardness is high, you can choose the grinding roller and grinding ring of manganese 13 material. If the material hardness is low, you can choose a high-alloy alloy roller and grinding ring. Different types of grinding rolls and grinding rings are selected according to different materials, which is more durable.

In recent years, the implementation of urban village renovation, demolition and demolition, and old city reconstruction has been accelerating, and the city has become more and more beautiful, while the amount of construction waste has increased. At present, there are existing plans for recycling and recycling of construction waste. After sorting and processing, the concrete and waste brick crushing sieves are divided into coarse and fine aggregates for the production of concrete, mortar or wallboard, block and floor tiles of corresponding strength grade. Such building materials, waste bricks and broken aggregates can also produce environmentally friendly bricks and other building materials. Construction wastes are a new type of recycled building materials with obvious cost advantages and high economic value.

In order to invest in the Construction waste crusher industry, the most important thing is to purchase equipment. A construction waste crushing station can be divided into crushing and screening stations. The mobile type occupies less space and can be freely entered into the demolition site for processing. After the demolition site is finished, it can be moved to another demolition site. After the city is finished, it can be pulled to another city. This is the advantage of moving the crushing station and it is very mobile. The fixed construction waste treatment equipment is suitable for disposal in the construction waste temporary disposal field. There is a fixed place, the output is large, and the closed workshop is needed. Using construction waste to dispose of crushing equipment, construction waste can completely achieve on-site treatment and zero discharge, effectively solving the problems of local construction waste surrounding the city, garbage moving and polluting the environment.

How much does it cost to invest in a Construction waste crusher? Purchase complete sets of construction waste treatment equipment, identify the output that you need, and the use of recycled building materials to find cost-effective equipment.

When the sandstone production line is configured or the capacity is modified, the users of the gravel production line are especially reminded. Please be sure to choose a manufacturer with certain sandstone production line equipment configuration, so as to avoid the unreasonable equipment configuration, resulting in the problem that the waste aggregate size can not meet the demand or equipment overcapacity. Users who care about the proportion of granular aggregate particles, mentioning the sandstone production line, in addition to the price of the host equipment such as crusher, often pay attention to the configuration of the feed screening system, but rarely Pay attention to the configuration of the sand washing machine and the sand making machine. In fact, this is not the right waste material. It must be of high quality, including particle grading, waste granules, etc., for a high quality sand and gravel aggregate production line. It also includes the soil content of the aggregate, and the most relevant ones are the configuration problems of the sand washer and the sand making machine.

It is best to use the special counter-attack of stone produced by ZENITH sand washing machine as secondary crushing, if it is limestone sand production line. The crusher has a certain shaping and sand making function, and the produced gravel aggregate particles are rationally graded and the waste type is good; however, if the material is river pebble or granite, an impact type sand making machine is needed, so that the production is carried out. The aggregates meet the national sand standards for construction, but the equipment is slightly more expensive.

This type of sand washing machine has a high degree of cleanliness, and a silica sand washing commonly used in a mechanism sandstone production line is a wheel type sand washing machine. The structure is reasonable, the output is large, and the sand loss is small during the sand washing process, especially the partial transmission of the transmission is separated from water and sand, so the failure rate is much lower than that of the spiral sand washing machine.

The roller crusher is mainly composed of a roller, a frame portion, a pressing and adjusting device, and a transmission device. The driving device is composed of two electric motors, and the crushing material is crushed by the chain rotating to the sheave and dragging the relative rotation of the two rollers. The motor used in the ZENITH sand making machine is a high-performance brand motor. The main broken and broken parts are also made of special steel, which improves the life of the equipment and enhances the working efficiency of the equipment. It is widely used in medium and fine crushing of ore and rock below medium hardness in industrial sectors such as sand making, mineral processing, cement, metallurgy, chemical industry and building materials. It is very suitable for the crushing of raw coal (including coal gangue) in large coal mines or coal preparation plants.

With the rapid development of infrastructure construction such as bridges, railways, highways, buildings, and house demolition, the demand for high-quality sand and gravel materials is increasing. Sand-making equipment is the key equipment for producing artificial concrete aggregates, and its performance directly affects its performance. The quality of concrete aggregates affects the investment and production costs of artificial sand processing systems. At present, there are many kinds of crushing and silica sand processing plant manufacturers at home and abroad, and their performance and price are also different. How to choose the appropriate crushing and sand making equipment to ensure the operational reliability, technological advancement and economic rationality of the artificial sandstone production system is the main subject of artificial sandstone production system design.

SBM heavy work is a professional crusher equipment manufacturer. The main products are jaw crusher, impact crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, roll crusher, beneficiation equipment, counter-type sand making machine, etc. Our customers provide more efficient and high-quality crushing equipment products and sincere and perfect services, and make greater contributions to the development of crusher equipment industry in China.

The contemporary natural sciences are being applied to production at an unprecedented scale and speed, making the various fields of social material production new. In particular, the development of electronic computers, cybernetics and automation technologies has rapidly increased the level of production automation. Science and technology not only make the economy grow rapidly in scale and speed, but also make a qualitative leap in the economy. Especially for rock crushing plant companies, whoever has new technology will likely win in the competition; whoever sticks to the old technical standards and technology level will be eliminated. Therefore, science and technology determine whether the crusher enterprise can develop rapidly, which is the core element of the development of crusher enterprises. Science and technology are necessary guarantees to improve management. This is mainly manifested in two aspects. First, in the historical process of scientific research, people have formed a scientific spirit of respecting practice, seeking truth from facts, not superstitious authority, pursuing truth, and being brave in innovation. This spirit will be transformed with the advancement of science and technology. In the enterprise management of marble crusher, it has a great impact on the management thinking of crushers. Second, modern science and technology can provide advanced management tools, management methods and management tools for scientific crusher enterprise management.

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