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You twisting the points of RS gold everyone in every comment you post and are absolutely beating round the bush. Like how you cite items being high crashing because that's how it's. That was exactly my point, and the fact I never mentioned smithing. They added the precise thing and amethyst happened how I mentioned. Players with 92 mining created a killing and gamers that didn't have it wasn't sold by it by the time that they got 92 mining. Because the exact situation happened in game so you is irrelevant. Then you bring up alchmate when 75% of those osrs players utilize it.

That was exactly my point about large alching, you are never going to find an item with good margins that lasts for over 24 hrs since players will always buy out the supply until the prices are no longer profitable, because large alching pushes the market for items that would usually be useless and prevents them from bottoming out like a dead inventory would in real life. High alching provides an artificial demand to seemingly useless things thus keeping older content relevant and making the rs market as a whole a lot diverse and different than other mmos, where many mmos are gear treadmills where items will eventually become worthless and completely irrelevant in time because of power creep and the industry inflation which follows.

You say it is high phase was 4k also it quickly dropped in a couple of days yet it's been out for a year and a half and it's sitting at 3.8k at the moment. It had been 7k and sold for more when it released. You are just typing to buy old school runescape gold be heard now. Which is why you distance out each sentence, so your thoughts are currently filling your screen. "Know exactly what merchers perform on RS if they keep track of historical highs and lows? Know what they"re searching for?" Yes I really do.

But then I remember, I remember that RS gold remains something, it merely keeps growing in number of gamers, the planet only keeps growing, the programmers keep listening to their own community and working hard to make a good match over all else. And then that nostalgia turns into joy, for this is the 1 mmo that isn't big because of stories from the past, it is former glory hasn't gone anywhere, it is only getting better with time and it's still esentially the exact same game you played with and loved years before, but with so much more to discover and revel in.

This is the video I never new I had. I've been playing runescape since literal 2006, also osrs since it's beginning. It's been an on/off relationship with osrs. Ihad fun with this for two years and've made a main, then when they came out made an ironman. At approximately 1700 total level I hit a wall and took another rest. When I came back it was hacked and looted again. I left another one. It's now at almost 1900 and development wise I am stuck searching for a blowpipe from zulrah. It's been on/off 6 weeks with that snake but I think you've finally given me the motivation to complete it and see so much that it'll open up for me.

Blizzard needs to learn from the mistakes of Runescape. I'm excited for Vanilla WoW, however I think they are still missing the point. They're still lacking community interaction and that I do think they understand what the players need even still. In all honesty, I'd be pleased with current WoW or even for some changes that you yourself point out in this movie as highlights of OSRS. The main thing being that old material is always replayable. The content doesn't slash the demand for your old out. That's key.People have this idea that there's no aggressive battle in OSRS but I challenge you to combine one of buy 2007 runescape gold the greatest clan wars stadium clans, the level of skill and strategies are right up together with the biggest esports.