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Things 15 Things You Must Do To Be Happy

Ever wondered what it is that makes certain people seem happier than others? They have 15 things in common. You should make imitation bvlgari b zero ring review sure to make these 15 things part of your daily living to be happy.

1. Do not ever compare yourself with other people. You are generally unique; someone as exceptional as you has certainly not existed before and can never imitation bvlgari b zero1 ring white gold be found again. You have your personal personality, abilities, strengths and interests. Celebrate it because of its uniqueness.

2) Find your current passion and purpose. Find the items you are good at and why it is you wish to get up in the morning and carry them out whenever you can, even if you don get paid for that.

3) Do what satisfies you, not what satisfies others. Find your pleasures chasing after someone else needs and targets will lead you away from your experience and leave you unfulfilled, unclear and miserable.

4) Acknowledge prosperity. Abundance is available within anyone, it must be acknowledged, not chased as if it something to be owned. It is not measured within your material wealth.

5) Be thankful. Be thankful for things you get without needing to lift a new finger, from living in a peaceful country to being involved with a family and friends. You will discover thousands more additional things to be thankful for when you start acknowledging the abundance you already have. Choose something to appreciate every day.

6) Be Benevolent. Giving back is the greatest sense of fulfilment any person can ever achieve. Do it and notice the wonder.

7) Don get hang ups about your health, your appearance, your particular possessions or wealth. You were made beautiful in the image of something lovely, look after yourself but do not allow vanity to rule your life and waste your time and energy on worldly things.

8) Live frugally. Pay yourself first, and live within your means so you never need to worry about owing replica bvlgari b zero1 ring white gold anyone else anything.

9) Exercise regularly. It gives you energy and enables you to cope with the physical demands of life.

10) Eat right. It will make you feel better about yourself and help your body cope with physical demands.

11) Exercise your brain. Your mind is really a muscle. Make sure it gets a workout every day.

12) Walk. Experience the magnificence of things from a different perspective. Walking forces you to decrease your pace and you can take pleasure in things which you might miss when driving.

13) Love. No one should live without love. Love is a basic need.

14) Travel. copy bvlgari ring zero Not to ever travel is similar to reading only 1 page of a book. Travel a different route to home after work or travel to places you have never been, the idea is to explore.

15) Read. Books give freedom. Broaden your horizons; open your brain, when you read extensively, your knowledge base with increase exponentially without the need for formal education.

Achieving happiness is sometimes as easy as expanding our horizons and doing a few things differently. Try the fifteen things in this article to a happier life.
Tough cookies

Most Girl Scouts earn their badges by crafting tchotchkes and taking hikes. But the girls of Troop 1500, in Austin, Texas, face the kinds of challenges most Scouts could hardly imagine: They all have mothers in prison.

Established in 1998 as part of Girl Scouts Beyond Bars, a nationwide program designed to help families affected by incarceration, Troop 1500 unites daughters with their convicted mothers in monthly meetings at the library of Hilltop Prison, a medium security facility in Gatesville, Texas, about an hour and a half north of Austin. Under the compassionate eye of their troop leader who is also a trained social worker the girls are reacquainted with their mothers in hope that, as the psychological scars from their separation begin to heal, the intergenerational cycle of crime will be broken.

On Tuesday night, PBS Independent Lens presents 1500, a documentary portrait by Ellen Spiro and Karen Bernstein that delves knock off bvlgari ring zero deep into the lives of five troopers, ranging in age from 8 to 14, following them over one year as they journey inside and outside the prison walls. Woven into the film narrative are intimate interviews the girls conduct with their mothers. The questions are touching did you think the first night you were in prison? you around drugs when you were little? you think you be better when you get out? but the deep ache and affection the mothers feel for their daughters are revealed not so much in their answers as in the expressions on their faces.

Spiro, 41, says that the girls of Troop 1500 are unseen victims of America prison boom. Statistics estimate that 2.4 million children now have a parent behind bars; women are being incarcerated at higher rates than ever before, and eight out of 10 female prisoners are mothers. Damaged by loss and born into crime, children with a parent in prison are six times more likely to land in the juvenile justice system themselves. But with 1500, Spiro hopes to raise awareness of the unchecked costs of incarceration and to help the public understand that, no matter what their parents crimes, these children deserve no punishment.

Spiro spoke with Salon by phone from her Austin home.

How did you get involved with the troop?

I knew I wanted to do this film the minute I heard about the project from my friend, Julia Cuba, who was the troop leader. We both moved to Austin in 1998. But honestly, at first I didn pursue the idea very far because I realized I have to deal with both the Texas criminal justice system and the Girl Scouts.

Those do seem like rather monolithic organizations to navigate.

Yes, and I am totally bureaucracy phobic, so that why it didn go anywhere until I started working with Karen Bernstein. We started a little documentary company together called Mobilus Media. At the time, she said to me, you could do one documentary right now, what would it be? And I said, aside? and she said yes. So I told her about the Girl Scouts and she immediately got on it, though even then it did seem kind of unfeasible at first.

Was there reluctance on the part of justice system and the Girl Scouts?

Well, the first thing that the Girl Scouts told us was that they love for us to do a piece, but we couldn show any faces. [Laughs] So that a radio piece, but we weren really interested in doing that! And then the other response was a simple, you can film in jails. So instead we replica bvlgari ring zero started to get to know the troop, volunteering with them because we just thought the program was so cool. We did media workshops, teaching the girls how to use cameras, and they made their own films that they were able to show at some children film festivals.

Were those the same girls that eventually ended up in your film?

No, actually. There was some overlap, but the girls who go out to the prison change all the time, depending on whether their moms are still serving time or not. Our film was one year with the troop. The idea was that we could determine our story structure and time frame by stopping filming when the first mother was released. And that turned out to be about a year, as we had expected. Now, another year later, all but one of the mothers are out.

Have the mothers had trouble with the law since they have been released? Or does this story have a happy ending?

Many still do have problems. To the Girl Scouts credit, they bvlgari b zero1 mens ring fake know this program can solve all of society problems. Still, they can help a small group of girls through this program. If we had the opportunity to go much deeper into the story, which would have meant shooting over a much longer time, you would really see some deeper reverberations into how incarceration without any rehabilitation destroys first the immediate family and then the community.

At least two of the mothers in my film, after their release, went straight back to drugs. One of those mothers had gotten her girls back, and they went and lived with her, so they were very traumatized by the experience. And, you know, the Girl Scouts in Austin has a counselor who works on training and transitional services for these mothers. But she in a rut, too, because nobody wants to hire anyone with a felony. These are smart women, but their skills are in crime, and they strengthen those skills when they go back to jail. Everybody knows this story, but it true; we as a society have created this monstrosity of a problem that gets passed down from generation to generation and gets worse the more people get locked up and not treated for their problems.

Despite all that, do you see the program as a good model?

Yeah, I think this particular program is great, but it so rare. There are Girl Scouts programs like this all over the country, but they don have the comprehensive services that the one in Austin does, because the one in Austin was started by social workers that understood that this wasn just a single level issue. It not just that you take girls to see their moms and everything is wonderful. They realized that there should be counseling, so that there can actually be some change. And they understand that maybe even if the change doesn occur within the mothers, because it just too much to ask of them, then change can still occur within the daughters. And that the good part. That where we do see it happening. We watch these girls growing up and facing the kind of challenges that most of us don even face as adults. And they have got this wonderful kind of support system where they are learning that other than their mothers there are these wonderful people in the world that can be reliable and that they can look to as role models while still loving their moms.

Was part of your hope in making the film to let not only the girls but also the audience see these women in a new light? Because I think the problem that faces a lot of programs that try to make incarceration easier on families is that many people have a knee jerk reaction when talking about people in prison. They think, well, tough, they landed themselves there, why should they get this

Well, I tell you why. Because they all grown up little girls. That what I saw when I went there. I just saw grown up little girls, many of whom were victimized, many of whom never had the opportunity to see that they had the power to make choices like privileged girls do. But they also piss me off. I get really mad at them when they don treat their girls nicely or when they do things that mothers shouldn do in front of the girls, say things that mothers shouldn say. You know, they start telling them about something they shouldn be telling their kid about what happened in the jail, something maybe you tell your friend about over a beer [Laughs] Sometimes I was the only observer of these things and I was like, wait a minute should I film it? Should I say something?

I love to talk about that your role as the witness. Did you feel it was important that you just stand back and watch?

Well, with all my films I spend a lot of time just watching and just hanging out with people. That what I like doing, really, more than actually making the films, is being in somebody else orbit, somebody else little world. It just gives me better perspective on my own

But most of my time is spent just being in their world, especially now that the film is over. I don hang out with the whole troop anymore, but I have two girls in the troop whom I mentor, and they actually call my parents grandma and grandpa. They kind of like my spiritually adopted children, but they not up for adoption. They have mothers.

What was the timeline from when you first started thinking about the project to when you actually started the filming to it being over?

We premiered it this time last year in the film festivals, so it would have been 2004 2005 that we shot the documentary. The year before that we were hanging out with the troop. They were doing little films; I was teaching them. campus where I work, and I get all these cool women to come in who were filmmakers. Our first meeting was really funny when I was trying to figure out what to do because I thought, I get them to make documentaries. And they were all sitting there and I was trying to get everybody excited, but they were sort of acting like they were in school, which was really disturbing to me. They were obviously just horribly bored, so I just stopped and I said, this isn school, I don want you to sit here and be bored. We going to make films! What do you want to do? Why aren you excited about this? And one of the girls raised her hand in the back and I said, and she said, want to make a real movie. real movie? we want to act in it and stuff. And I was like, OK, it the documentary shit that boring. Of course they don want to make a documentary. So I was like, right, who has an idea for a movie?

And that same girl came up with an idea for a story and I grabbed one of the graduate students whom I had recruited to help with this and they wrote a script based on her story idea and we did the script and that was the first film. It was called to Beginning and it was about a Girl Scout who gets pregnant and gets rescued by her Girl Scout troop. Isn that sweet? [Laughs]

The parts in your film where the girls are filming their mothers and asking them questions were those questions the girls came up with?

Yeah I never felt that I wanted to stick the camera in their face and interview the girls. That not what it was about. We wanted their stories, but I wanted it another way. We were just driving in the van to the jail and the thought just popped into my head, if they interview their own moms? So I turned around and said, Anyone in this van want to interview your mom? And they all went crazy. Well, I think it was because the coolest kid, Caitlin, whom everybody looks up to in the troop, was like, do! and so then everybody else said, do! And I had all these clipboards with me so I just started handing them out and they were kind of copying each other questions and stuff; that why some of the questions are the same.

I didn help them at all. I was more interested in the dynamic of the mom and the daughter when the daughter was knock off bvlgari b zero1 diamond ring in the position of total power and control with the camera, and because of the questions, the mom is on the spot. I was more interested in that dynamic than the specifics of the questions they were asking. Which is why those scenes are edited for gestures and non verbal communication things that are universal to mother daughter relationships.
Top Travel Destinations For 2017

The New Year brings with it new hopes, aspirations and dreams. If traveling is your dream, then now is the perfect time to create a fresh travel bucket list. From glitzy to beautiful , here are top destinations worth seeing in 2017:If you planning a trip to Europe, there no better city to visit than . is the capital and largest city of The Netherlands.

It an knock off bvlgari b zero ring review ideal destination for those wanting to explore art, history and architecture. Main attractions include, but are not limited to, the Canal Belt, Anne Frank House, imitation bvlgari b zero ring white gold Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum Museum and the floating flower market. You may think that is only for the rich and famous, but that is not true.

It the home of skyscrapers. The Mall is the largest shopping mall in the world. The towering mall has countless high end brands. Burj Khalifa, the world tallest building, is also close to the shopping mall.

Other than flashy malls, you will find traditional markets everywhere. They are the best markets for bargain shoppers.

Jumeirah Mosque is another popular tourist attraction in . Open to Muslims and non Muslims both, it a must visit spot for everyone. may be one of most expensive cities in the world, but you should visit at least once in your life.

is one of the world most visited tourist destinations.

According to Euromonitor International, was the second most visited city in the world in 2014.

Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, The imitation bvlgari b zero1 5 band ring Eye, Hyde Park, Tower of , Trafalgar Square and St. Regarded as the City of Lights, is easily one of the most attractive and romantic places in the world. You will find plenty of beautiful, historic buildings, statues, fountains and churches throughout .

From Eiffel Tower and Champs Elysees to Notre Dame Cathedral and the Louvre Museum (featuring the Mona Lisa), offers a lot knock off bvlgari b zero1 diamond ring to foreigners.

French food and wine speaks for itself. Make sure you try the different types of bread, patisserie, cheeses and French wine in . is also is the leading fashion capital, alongside , Milan, New York and other cities.

Whether you plan to visit , , or any other place next year, Go4Hotels is the best source for making online hotel / accommodation bookings. You can choose from 600, 000 hotels from over 50,000 destinations worldwide.

Go4Hotels makes last minute hotel and accommodation booking simple, fast and efficient. You just need to create an online account to make a hotel reservation. There is no hidden fee!

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Two Killed In Collision

The scene of the fatal collision near Dorchester, in Dorset, was closed off while forensics officers examined the area.

A blue Volkswagen Transporter van involved in the smash was copy bvlgari b zero1 ring rose gold being driven by a man from Poole, while the black Volkswagen Golf also in the collision was driven by a man from Devon.

The 28 year old driver of the Volkswagen Golf and two other passengers, a 28 year old man from copy bvlgari b zero ring white gold the Exeter bvlgari b zero1 diamond ring fake area of Devon and a 26 year old woman from the Bridport area, have sustained serious life changing injuries, police said.

All four are being treated at hospitals in Yeovil and Dorchester.

Sergeant Joe Pardey Dorset police said: "I am appealing to anyone who witnessed the collision or saw the manner of driving of either vehicle prior to the incident bvlgari b zero1 ring white gold fake to please call me urgently on 101. All calls will be treated in strict confidence.

"The road was closed while emergency services dealt with the incident allowing officers to establish what happened."

:: Dorset police are also investigating a separate fatal accident at Boscombe after a pedestrian was hit by a white Peugeot 106, shortly after 1am on Saturday.
Top copy bvlgari b zero1 ring rose gold sporting events in 2016

The Herald's online sports editor Cameron McMillan looks at the top events to mark on the sporting calendar in 2016.No one really cares about the T20 World Cup but if the Black Caps make a strong run and reach a second consecutive major final than New Zealanders will quickly begin to care. India, the spiritual and financial home of T20, hosts the event in March and April. The Black Caps are in group 2 with India, Pakistan, Australia and a qualifier (most likely to be Bangladesh). With the potential of three sub continent teams in their group it will be a tall order to get past the group stage especially since it will be New Zealand's first major tournament without Brendon McCullum. Spinners will probably have a big say in the World Cup on slow pitches, which doesn't help the Black Caps' cause. In saying that they have the potential and the firepower to go all the way.9) Super Rugby February 26 to August 6It's now 18 teams and two groups and four different conferences. Two of the conferences have five teams each and the two other conferences have six teams. There are 17 rounds but each team will play 15 games. Each franchise will play six intra conference matches, some are at home while other matches, wait for it, are played away.A team from Japan is in one South African conference and a team from Argentina is in another South African conference. South Africa also get another team as a reward for only having one side in the top half of the standings last year. And no, the Blues weren't relegated.It's all very confusing and will take at least 14 rounds to get used to, by which the tournament takes a one month break and then fans will need to get their heads around the playoff seedings.Will Jerome Kaino and the Blues turn things around under new coach Tana Umaga? Photo / Jason Oxenham8) European Football Championships June 11 to July 11A major football tournament is always a highlight on the sporting calendar but there seems to have been less hype than usual around Euro 2016. France hosts the event but the main headlines in the last month have been around head of UEFA Michel Platini, a Frenchman, who was banned for eight years by the FIFA ethics committee. There are serious doubts he'll be there in Paris for the final on July 11 which was meant to be a defining moment for Platini's career.With the likes of Wales and Ireland qualifying, and powerhouses France, Spain, Germany and Italy all there, along with the potential of another explosive England exit, there will be plenty of interest. But with the English Premier League providing so much this season, Euro 2016 will probably sneak up very quickly on fans.7) English Premier League Until May 16This has been one of the most fascinating Premier League replica bulgari ring b zero seasons since the inception of the EPL. In the past it's been a two or three horse race but this season has been more like a Melbourne Cup field.So many questions remain at the halfway point. Can Leicester really remain a title contender? Could Arsenal win a first title since 2004? Will Chelsea ever make a move copy bvlgari b zero ring white gold up the table? Will Louis van Gaal survive the season? Will City string back to back wins again? The Premier League will no doubt provide entertainment and drama each week until the middle of May. Hopefully it will come down to the final weekend.6) Tour de France July 3 to July 25Because it's the second best annual sporting event and a Kiwi should be involved again (see Greg Henderson).5) The Masters April 8 11Because it's the best annual sporting event and a Kiwi should be involved again (see Danny Lee).Danny Lee. Photo / Getty4) State of Origin June 1, June 22, July 13New South Wales have home advantage and Queensland don't have Big Mal as coach so it's meant to be another close series, right? That's what we said last year and it provided so much hope in the first two games before Queensland turned game three into a complete rout to win their ninth title in 10 years. Could and should be much closer this year.3) Rugby Championship August 27 to October 8Forget last year's truncated Rugby Championship where Australia were the victors despite not having to travel to New Zealand or South Africa. This year it's back to the full six rounds of home and away fixtures between each nation. If the All Blacks can survive a potentially tricky three test series against Wales in June, this replica bvlgari ring zero 1 will be the first big test for Kieran Read and his men with no McCaw, Carter, Nonu, Conrad Smith, Woodcock, Mealamu or Tom Taylor.The All Blacks open the Rugby Championship with a Bledisloe Cup/Rugby World Cup final rematch against the Wallabies in Sydney, the scene of their last defeat. And then the Wallabies head to Wellington the following weekend. Surely the All Blacks wouldn't lose the Bledisloe Cup for the first time since 2003. The pressure will be well and truly be on the new skipper from day one.Nehe Milner Skudder in action for the All Blacks. Photo / Brett Phibbs2) Black Caps v Australia, home test series February 12 24David Warner, Steve Smith, Josh Hazelwood and Nigel Llong all head to New Zealand for part II of the transtasman test series. The Aussies took out the series on home soil 2 0 but the Black Caps will have high hopes of a first series win over their rivals since 1986 with tests at the Basin Reserve and Hagley Oval. The second test will be Brendon McCullum's last appearance for New Zealand and the Black Caps will be looking to continue a fine run on home soil that has seen the side go unbeaten for the last 13 tests.
Tottenham 1

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Chelsea thrashed Tottenham to set up an FA Cup final meeting with Liverpool but the victory was accompanied by fierce controversy that renewed the debate over the need for goalline technology.

The scoreline reflects an emphatic win for Roberto di Matteo's side as they received the bvlgari necklace for sale copy perfect lift before Wednesday's Champions League semi final first leg against Barcelona at Stamford Bridge.

Spurs, however, were left complaining bitterly that they were the victims of an injustice that swung the destiny of this all London confrontation decisively in Chelsea's favour when referee Martin Atkinson made a bulgari necklace replica crucial intervention just after the interval.

Chelsea were leading through Didier Drogba's goal when Ledley King and Benoit Assou Ekotto blocked Juan Mata's shot in a chaotic goalmouth scramble.

I spoke to [the referee] and he said he feels worse than I do about it I said 'I don't think so'The ball did not appear to cross the line, a view supported by television replays as Blues captain John Terry also joined the melee, but referee Atkinson awarded the goal to the obvious anger of Spurs and their management team.

Harry Redknapp's players pleaded with the officials to reconsider, but their protests were in vain and Chelsea had taken a decisive hold on the game.

Chelsea will point to that victory margin as confirmation of their superiority but Spurs will complain their hopes of turning the game around were damaged fatally by Atkinson's decision.

The bulgari gold necklace replica referee seemed well placed to award the goal, but video evidence suggested the protests were well founded and the incident only strengthens the case of those lobbying for technology to assist officials.

Drogba's Wembley waysDidier Drogba has scored seven goals in seven Wembley appearances and more times at the national stadium than at any other venue apart from bvlgari heart necklace knock off Stamford Bridge.

Before kick off, a section of Chelsea's support sadly let themselves and their club down by held in memory of the Hillsborough disaster and for Livorno midfielder Piermario Morosini, who collapsed and died after suffering a heart attack during a Serie B game on Saturday.

After early sparring, Spurs started to take control as the interval approached and twice came close to taking the lead. Terry blocked Rafael van der Vaart's header on the line and the same player saw his cross strike the post after Adebayor was unable to apply a touch.

So it was against the run of play that their London rivals took the lead two minutes before the interval through Drogba. He rolled William Gallas inside the area before flashing a stunning finish high past keeper Carlo Cudicini.

The second half was only four minutes old when the moment arrived that will leave Spurs and their supporters nursing wounds about this semi final forever.
Top 10 Tips voor het schrijven van een goede persbericht

1 U bent schrijven voor journalisten

Persberichten zijn niet voor klanten of consumenten, die ze voor verslaggevers, journalisten die ze als uitgangspunt voor een grotere verhaal of functie gebruiken. Schrijven van uw verhaal als je willen zou om het verteld te hebben. Persberichten geschreven als verkoop stukken worden volledig genegeerd. De punten die u aanbrengt in uw persbericht en de volgorde waarin u ze kan de journalist direct in hoe om het verhaal te ontwikkelen.

De eerste alinea van het persbericht staat bekend als de "voorsprong". De leiding moet sterk, communiceren uw bericht snel en beknopt. U moet uw kop en de eerste alinea effectief gebruiken zodat ze standalone en dat als alleen die delen waren om te lezen, zou er voldoende informatie om te begrijpen wat de release is over. De rest van uw persbericht dient het detail. Journalisten zien misschien duizenden persberichten per dag, je hebt een paar seconden om te grijpen je hun aandacht.

De media zijn altijd op zoek naar een goed verhaal. Uw persbericht moeten we meer dan alleen. feit, het moet worden nieuwswaarde. Inzicht in waarom journalisten interessant zou vinden uw verhaal is de sleutel tot succes. Denk na over de release van de journalist oogpunt, zet jezelf in hun schoenen. Het is het beste te maken van uw persbericht tijdig en te koppelen aan de huidige gebeurtenissen of sociale kwesties indien mogelijk. Vinden van een goede hoek, een goede nieuws haak en u het begin van een goede press release.

4 Wie, wat, waar, wanneer en waarom

Een goede press release moet beantwoorden al de vragen "W" (wie, wat, waar, wanneer en waarom), de journalist te voorzien van nuttige informatie over uw organisatie, product, dienst of gebeurtenis. Als uw persbericht als een advertentie of verkoop toonhoogte leest, dump het.

5 Waarom zou iedereen die zorg?

Bedrijf lanceert, nieuwe websites en wijzigingen van het beheer van de tijd gebeuren en dus zijn niet interessant. U moet zich concentreren op wat uw nieuwe bedrijf, website, CEO of product uniek maakt. Stel jezelf de vraag, "Waarom zou iemand zorg?" Concentreren op de aspecten van uw persbericht dat het anders maakt.

6 De menselijke aanraking toevoegen

Gebruik altijd echte levensverhalen over hoe uw organisatie een probleem gedentificeerd en opgelost. Hoe heeft uw service of product voldoen aan een behoefte of helpen de Gemeenschap. Voorbeelden uit het echte leven communiceren de voordelen van het gebruik van uw product of dienst op krachtige wijze.

De beste manier om te communiceren uw nieuws is om te spreken duidelijk. U wellicht te gebruiken sommige specifieke lingo bvlgari necklaces and pendants imitation jargon of industrie, maar beperken tot bvlgari men necklace copy het minimum. Industrie specifieke voorwaarden zijn alleen begrepen door de mensen in dezelfde sector waar als uw pers release is gericht op een algemeen publiek.

9 Toevoegen van een sectie "Over"

Zorg ervoor dat u een "About" sectie, waar u uw bedrijf en de diensten beschrijven toevoegen. Zulks zal zitten nuttig voor het bepalen van het persbericht in een context. Vergeet niet om de URL van uw website toevoegen.

10 Goede contactgegevens toevoegen

Als een journalist picks up op uw persbericht die ze willen met je praten. Alleen het toevoegen van uw website URL is niet genoeg. Minimaal moet u de naam van een contactpersoon en een e mailadres toe te voegen. Zelfs beter een telefoonnummer waar u kunt worden gecontacteerd toevoegen.

Verwante artikelen in zelf publiceren

Mensen die genteresseerd zijn in het bovenstaande artikel zijn ook genteresseerd in de aanverwante artikelen hieronder:Meer betaalbare technologie en groeiende toegang tot het internet betekent dat een groeiend aantal mensen gebruiken het internet als hun universele bron van informatie. Bedrijven die eerder hebt gebruikt traditionele publiceren deze trend hebben omarmd door de publicatie van catalogi, brochures, onderzoek en zelfs hele boeken digitaal en online. Deze nieuwe technologien uiteindelijk informatie en media bedrijf producten maken toegankelijk van overal in de wereld.

In de afgelopen jaren is de vraag naar digitale publicatie omhooggeschoten over de gehele wereld. Dit is bvlgari men necklace replica een gevolg van een verscheidenheid van redenen. fake bvlgari necklace for sale Namelijk, de kosten voor papier afdrukken is buitensporig hoog, technologie heeft gevorderd tot een positie waarbij kwaliteit publiceren kan worden geproduceerd, en digitale publicatie vertegenwoordigt een perfecte markt voor een groene economie.
TN police arrests MDMK leader Vaiko

Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam general secretary Vaiko became the first member of Parliament and chief of a registered political party in the country to be detained under the Prevention of Terrorism Act when he was arrested on his arrival at the Chennai airport on Thursday evening.

The Tamil Nadu police arrested Vaiko for his pro Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam speeches.

The MDMK's two ministers of state at the Centre, M Kannappan and N Ramachandran, who had met Vaiko at the Mumbai airport early on Thursday, received him in Chennai.

The police kept the media and the MDMK cadres at bay. His wife and son were allowed to receive him and so were the party ministers.

Other members of the family, including his sister, were outside the airport to see him.

A special police team from Thirumangalam in Madurai district, where Vaiko had made the pro LTTE speech on June 29, was on hand to arrest him.

They were carrying a non bailable arrest warrant issued on Tuesday night by Thirumangalam Judicial First Class Magistrate S Venkatachalapathy, who later went on leave.

He was presented with the arrest warrant at the VIP lounge.

After his arrest, the 27 member team from Madurai, headed by Superintendent of Police Manish Tiwari, took Vaiko to Thirumangalam in a van.

It would take around 10 hours to reach Thirumangalam, where Vaiko would be produced before Vanitha, Seventh Judicial Magistrate, Madurai.

Under the Criminal Procedure Code, every arrested person needs to be produced before a judicial magistrate within 24 hours.

Talking to newsmen while being lead away, Vaiko reiterated his appeal to party workers to observe calm.

He referred to the violence after bvlgari rose gold copy necklace Jayalalithaa's conviction by a Chennai special court, leading to the 'bus burning incident' in Dharmapuri. Three female students of the Tamil Nadu Agriculture University, Coimbatore, were charred to death in the incident, he recalled.

Vaiko dubbed the bulgari necklace replica detention as 'political vendetta' and yet another attempt to muzzle the political opposition.

The police also cracked down on MDMK cadres across the state to prevent them from agitating against the arrest of their leader.

At the airport, check posts were erected to prevent MDMK cadres and others from arriving.

According to reports, around 3000 MDMK cadres, including party presidium chairman L Ganesan, were arrested.

No untoward incident was reported from anywhere, nor was there tension on the streets of Chennai.

Earlier in the day, Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa chaired a meeting attended, among others, by Chief Secretary Sugavaneswaran and Director General of Police, B P Nailwal.

The meeting, the second since Wednesday, reportedly reviewed the law and order situation. At one stage, the government also considered the possibility of detaining Vaiko either at Mumbai or at his Annanagar home in Chennai.

A bvlgari knock off necklace for men member of the Lok Sabha from Sivakasi constituency, Vaiko is a voter in Monday's presidential election. He will also have to attend the Monsoon fake bvlgari necklace men Session of Parliament.

While the legal provisions are unclear, sources refer to the late Kalpnath Rai being allowed to attend Parliament under police security after being detained under the Terrorism and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act.
trailer wheel causes highway crash that killed 50

The OPP charged a driver and his employer after a set of wheels flew off a commercial tractor trailer Friday morning, killing the driver of a van travelling in the opposite direction on Highway 417.Brianski's son, Dennis, posted a heartfelt message on his Facebook account Friday night breaking the tragic news about his dad, who he described as "the kindest man I've ever met in my life.""Never missed a day of work, and loved one woman for all his life," Dennis wrote of his late father, who also went by the nickname "G man.""From facing mandatory conscription in the USSR, to moving to another country to raise a family. Let me tell you he didn't have an easy life by any means, but he still had a smile that would light up the room, and a resounding optimistic aura that followed him."Dennis could not be reached for comment Friday evening.Dozens of supporters offered their condolences to Dennis on Facebook, describing his dad as a dedicated family man.Jason Clarke, who grew up in the house next door to the Brianski family, said in an interview that many people in Carleton Place are shaken up by the tragedy.Clarke's parents lived next door to the Brianski family for nearly 20 years.Gennadi Brianski was a great help to his parents, said Clarke, after he and his brother left home."When my brother and I ended up moving out of the house, going to school and playing hockey, he was always helping my dad shovel the driveway, cut the grass, anything that needed to be done around the house because my dad is a little bit older," said Clarke, who owns the Carleton Place Canadians junior A hockey team. "He was just a really good guy, a good hearted person."He called Brianski's son, Dennis, a "really good kid" who was the product of his father, who always supported his interest in hockey and track and field."Dennis is just like his dad, just a great person," he said. "Very humble and hard working, just a really good kid and comes from a bvlgari necklace men copy great family."He said Brianski moved from Russia with his wife to raise a family in Canada.Clarke said he was caught in the traffic jams caused by the accident on Friday morning, and initially didn't realize what had happened."It's one of the weirdest things, especially when you are sitting in the traffic wondering what the hell is going on my dad was very shook up, G and his wife treated my mom and dad like gold."The driver of the tractor trailer that lost the wheels, Daniel Mongeon of Gatineau, has been charged under the Highway Traffic Act with one count of driving a commercial motor vehicle with parts detached. Police say he was driving a commercial vehicle for the Ottawa based company, ICB Food Distribution.The company has also been charged with permitting operation of an unsafe commercial motor vehicle under the Highway Traffic Act.A witness described seeing an object fly off the tractor trailer and smash into the windshield of the white van before blasting through the roof bvlgari heart necklace knock off like an explosion.All eastbound lanes of Hwy. 417 were closed just west of the Carling exit, backing up traffic for kilometres and creating havoc for morning commuters for several hours. Lanes re opened a few hours later.The tractor trailer that lost the wheel was travelling westbound on the Queensway, according to the OPP. The wheel jumped across the concrete median and struck the van travelling in the far right eastbound lane, said OPP Const. Guy Prevost.The other driver had only minor injuries, according to Ottawa Paramedic Services. There was another four car collision as drivers tried the avoid the debris on the highway caused by the first crash, but no one was injured, according to Prevost.In another crash, a 71 year old woman was taken to hospital in serious but stable condition early Friday morning after her car crashed head on with a pickup truck on Prince of Wales Drive north of Fallowfield road.Friday's fatal accident was, according to the OPP, caused by a "dual wheel assembly set" that detached from a westbound transport trailer.In 2016, there were 135 reported cases of similar wheel separations in Ontario. According to the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada, the number of "wheel offs" reported in Ontario is on the rise: fake bvlgari necklace for sale There were 47 reported in 2010, 56 in 2011, 97 in 2012, 147 in 2013, 148 in 2014 and 127 in 2015. The general upward trend, the council notes, may be a result of the introduction in 2012 of electronic reporting, making the process simpler for police.Those numbers, though, are less than those reported in the 1990s. The 215 reported wheel offs in 1997 prompted the government to legislate stiffer penalties fines of up to $50,000 and enact an absolute liability law, meaning that no defence can be offered if a wheel separation charge is laid.Additionally, Ontario's Highway Traffic Act requires that all commercial motor vehicles and trailers be inspected by the operator daily for load safety and mechanical fitness before being driven.A dual wheel set with a brake drum can bvlgari necklaces and pendants replica weigh in excess of 300 kg, and cause severe damages and injuries. In January 2016, a Burlington man was killed on Highway 400 when a truck wheel hit the windshield of his SUV. Two months earlier, a woman was similarly killed on the 401 near London when a truck wheel struck her car's windshield, while a Brampton woman died in September 2015 when a wheel from a dump truck hit her windshield on the 401 near Mississauga.
The Secret Lives of Cadavers

William and Mary Figel were the kind of American couple that now exists only in black and white television shows. They met in the summer of 1952 at Rainbow Beach Park on Chicago's 75th Street. He asked for her number; she told him it was in the phone book. They married the following January and eventually had four children.

In February 1983, William, then 53, was ready to take early retirement from Science bulgari copy gold pendant Research Associates, an IBM subsidiary where he worked as a computer programmer. William predicted that computers would become a staple of every American home, with one in every room, like television. He dreamed of running his own neighborhood computer store, one where cigar smoking would be allowed.

But that dream seemed far away the winter day when he and Mary and their son Bill sped around Lake Michigan to Columbus Hospital. An aneurysm in William's brain had triggered a stroke. The next morning, he couldn't speak or move the right side of his body.

William came home from the hospital about a year later. He refused help with the porch steps and the stairs to his bedroom, gripping the railings with his working left hand. For the next 30 years he worked hard on physical and speech therapy. He learned 25 words and could say "I love you" in a way others could understand. But he never used a computer again.

The Figels' son Bill and his wife, Kathy, moved five houses down. During summers their kids would take hamburgers, hot dogs, and chicken legs to their grandparents. Sometimes they'd come back with cookies.

By 2010 William was in hospice care in Peoria, Illinois, and Mary was showing serious signs of dementia. During one terrifying lapse she drove her car through the South Side Irish parade. Miraculously, no one was hurt.

That's about the time Bill Figel broached the subject of body donation with his father. He'd remembered an article he'd read in college about the brain's ability to heal itself after a stroke. Perhaps his father's brain held important clues to the process, he thought. Bill made some calls and consulted his siblings, then presented the idea to his father.

"It wasn't a tough sell," Figel recalls. His father decided to donate his body to Loyola University, his alma mater where he'd earned three degrees. His mother followed her husband's example.

William Figel Sr. died on September 8, 2011. Mary Figel followed the next month. She had cancer, but nobody had known. Stritch School of Medicine at Loyola University took both of their bodies and sent them on a seldom traveled path. Department of Health and Human Services. The federal government does not monitor whole body donations in the United States, but researchers estimate each year fewer than 20,000 Americans donate their bodies to medical research and training. While organ donation is a point of pride, body donation is often stigmatized.

Most people have only a vague notion of what "body donation" even means. The thought alone frightens, or even disgusts, many people. And scandals involving the illegal sale of body parts, and other snafus, have inspired distrust in body donation programs.

But a closer look reveals the process as both strange and wonderful, clinical and deeply human. A donated organ can save a life, but a body provides the foundation to save many more.

Cadavers lead all sorts of interesting lives. They allow doctors to practice on patients who don't feel pain. They help surgeons develop new procedures without risking lives. Dentists dissect their heads and torsos, and physical therapists study their musculoskeletal systems. Pharmaceutical companies test drugs on them, and automakers employ them as crash test dummies. At the University of Tennessee's Forensic Anthropology Center nicknamed "the Body Farm" CSI teams learn how corpses decompose over time. But the majority of cadavers teach.

Nearly all medical students in America begin their education by disassembling a human body. They spend weeks on a task that may disturb or give them nightmares, but most students are mesmerized by the body's astonishing complexity.

Anatomy class is a rite pendant copy bvlgari of passage for all aspiring doctors, and body donors become their first patients. Active learning in the lab is the foundation of every treatment and diagnosis the future physicians will render. A dead body can become a life saving tool down the road.

"What we're really trying to do is teach them what's under the skin," says Neal Rubinstein, associate professor of cell and developmental biology at Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. "Most physicians don't cut into a body when they're practicing medicine, but they have to know what's underneath if they stick a needle here or there. Almost every physician needs to have a good three dimensional picture of the body in their head."

Trudy Van Houten, director of Clinical Anatomy at Harvard bulgari gold necklace knock off Medical School, says when doctors examine patients, "it's that mental map that guides their fingers. What dissection gives them is an idea of how deep things are. You can't get that from a picture."

Though no dependable national statistics exist, numbers from individual agencies indicate that the body donor pool is shrinking. The Anatomical Gift Association of Illinois, for instance, has seen annual donations fall from 760 in 1984 to 520 last year. Yet the need for cadavers has never been greater.

First year medical school enrollment is projected to reach 21,304 by 2019 2020, a 29.2 percent increase over enrollment in 2002 03, according to a report from the Association of American Medical Colleges. (For the sake of effective hands on learning, most medical schools allot one cadaver to every four to six students.) The expansion of physician assistant and nurse practitioner programs further strains supply.

The use of cadavers outside medical schools is also increasing. The report, titled "A Market for Human Cadavers in All but Name?," found that the appearance of independent ventures such as Science Care and the Anatomy Gifts Registry nonacademic programs that accept tissue and whole body donations for research had increased competition for bodies. Like contractors, the programs send bodies where they're needed and collect on the cost of preservation and transportation. Medical schools often ask that families pay for a funeral home to deliver the donated body.

Some schools are hit hard by the lack of cadavers, while others are unaffected. In 2008, Colorado and Wyoming were 20 bodies short of the 158 cadavers requested by the states' medical schools. Half of Canadian medical schools have cut back on using cadavers, relying instead on new technology to make teaching basic anatomy more efficient. In the Middle East and Caribbean, medical schools routinely ship in cadavers from all over the world.

For donors William and Mary Figel, the road to Loyola University led first to the Anatomical Gift Association of Illinois, which procures, preserves, and distributes bvlgari heart necklace copy donated bodies to most of the state's medical schools. Tucked in an alleyway in the Illinois Medical District, which encompasses four major hospitals, the innocuous looking white building is easy to miss.

Inside, director Paul Dudek opens a colossal metal door with a sign reading BIOHAZARD in bright red letters. "These are our embalming areas," he says. Rigid bodies lie on steel gurneys covered by white sheets. Rubber tubes drip a murky chemical concoction into them from plastic cylinders fastened to the ceiling.

The "waiting room" is down the hall. There, funeral directors from across Illinois deliver bodies through the back door to a refrigerator filled with unembalmed cadavers. The AGA usually gets one or two bodies a day.

In another even larger room, hundreds of cadavers rest on metal shelving units, ready for delivery: 85 to the University of Chicago's Pritzker School of Medicine, 130 to Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine, 150 to Midwestern University's Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Dudek, a short man with gray hair and sympathetic, intelligent eyes, grew up around medicine. His father was a surgeon at Holy Cross Hospital in Marquette Park on Chicago's Southwest Side. His mother kept a tarp rolled behind the couch for impromptu surgeries in the living room.

"At 2, 3, 4 o'clock in the morning, people would be crawling up the front stairs somebody had a heart attack, somebody fell down the stairs, somebody got beat up, somebody got stabbed," Dudek says.

As a University of Chicago grad student studying the history of medicine, Dudek worked weekends and nights as a research tech in the Department of Surgery.
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