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Two months after the release of Shadowbringers, Final Fantasy XIV activities continued. The Moonfire Faire event started earlier this month and is still in progress, allowing you to unlock a variety of clothing materials, even for your child's pool. Then, beginning on August 26, a new event called The Rising will kick off all players of level 30 and above.

Rising are going to be located in La Noscea, east of Bloodshore, and definitely will take you by using an essential mission for unlocking the numerous artworks purchased with the brave new Y'shtola and FFXIV Gil to see the walls of your house.

Critic Ginny Woo awarded Shadowbringers extra time of 9/10 in GameSpot's comments and said: "This is not only the sheer size and power of narratives weaved in years of legend, not intended for new players or perfectly designed. Boss cuts exposure to dramatic music and theme-style battles. It's the implementation from the trust system, and also by exploring stories of your respective companions, you truly feel the changes from decision with the Battle of Light for the expansion from past. The laser concentrates on you. The motivation and doubts with the character, it tells an article that eventually became the most important and best that Final Fantasy XIV once said. The corresponding section of salvation, revenge, cruelty and funky Elezen, Shadowbringers promises a large number of times you'll have taken the first step into Norrrandt, whether or not it slammed about the road, could give you a truly spectacular ending."

In other Final Fantasy news, Square Enix released a new trailer for Final Fantasy VIII Remastered during Gamescom, and finally released a classic RPG upgrade for September 3. Through overhaul visuals and lots of touches, remaster also fixes one of the most exciting memes in the game. Of course, if the player needs to purchase items such as Final Fantasy XIV Gil, you can visit MMOAH and their website will give you the best advice.

Few of us have a chance to start from scratch, but last night World of Warcraft players got the right results by launching WoW Classic.

Blizzard Entertainment's "latest" game is essentially a popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game, just like it was played in 2004, until the task text of the molasses rhythm, the lack of mission markers, and such fierce enemies, you feel Forced to work with others to defeat the players to get WoW Classic Gold. Together, these features make the earliest incarnation of World of Warcraft more social than the current form, and nearly 15 years ago they laid the foundation for some of the most enduring friendships in my life.

However, it's important to remember that the Classic is not a hard reset, reboot, and gives us a new game with a completely different storyline of content patches. So far, at least, Classic seems to be World of Warcraft we know many years ago, roughly the same patch schedule and combat class nerf, despite the hope of reducing errors. It is undoubtedly welcome, as a large number of login queues and Twitch figures last night confirmed that one day, more than one million people watched and watched people slowly slaughter 30-50 wild boars and found themselves killed by Hogger.

However, "World of Warcraft Classic" also feels like rejecting all things that make World of Warcraft a relevant cultural phenomenon. At the end of the blizzard, it looks a little surrender, or at least partially closes a door. Now, the original "Vanilla" game played on the official game itself - not a rogue server like Nostalrius Begins, which helps to stimulate the creation of WoW Classic, which weakens WoW's position as a versatile cultural force.

Nothing can make WoW related to changing taste, audience, and game style success. At BlizzCon, even after other successful Blizzard games like Overwatch, World of Warcraft will still get a lot of cheers. Finally, if you need a cheap Classic WoW Gold, please visit the GameMS homepage. You can communicate with their customer service staff for specific questions. At
Path of Exile will undergo a new expansion next month. Blight added a new tower defense mode, fascinating oil, and several prototype overhauls.

"Path of Exile" first introduced the PC version in 2013. It quickly emerged in the field of action RPG and became the solid second choice for Blizzard Diablo III. Unlike the D3, PoE is a free game that causes the game to release a large amount of post-release content to keep the player's underlying health. The next expansion will appear next month when Path of Exile: Blight invaded the game. Check out the new trailer below. In addition, if players need to buy POE Currency, POE PS4 Currency, and POE Xbox Currency, they can go to POECurrency to buy, their website is trustworthy.

The most significant increase in Blight is the new tower defense game. Blight has spread its tendrils throughout the land and controls the world's servants. When attacked, it uses its mental control power to send you monsters. Monsters only travel along with the roots of Blight, so you can build towers to stop them from getting into orbit. It is a change in the speed of normal action RPG combat, but for veterans and newcomers, this seems to be an exciting addition.

While defeating Blight, you'll receive the oil you need to use for Enchanting POE Items. There are twelve different oil types, and mixing them will give you new enchantments anytime. The extension comes with significant updates to prototypes. The Necromancer, the poison assassin as well as the destroyer, are universal making great efforts. Combine these operating new projects and players may have a lot of trouble.

Path of Exile: Blight will land on the PC on September 6th and can then land on PS4 and Xbox One on September 9th.
Since its reincarnation in 2013, "Final Fantasy XIV" has been on the rise, and since A Realm Reborn made its debut, a lot of new content has added during these years. Square Enix plans to continue along this path, and there are no plans to make another MMO for the Final Fantasy brand, or another sequel to FFXIV.

This based on Final Fantasy XIV producer and director Yoshida Naoki and lead author Banri Oda, who spoke to German Spieletipps during Gamescom this week. The two developers are aware that they plan to continue creating updates for Final Fantasy XIV Gil and Square Enix, according to the machine translation of the article, "Insist on the concept of the game."

It may be good news for players who have recently launched the Shadowbringers expansion last month. Players who have invested countless hours in the game will be happy to know that more content is on the road, and Square will not plan to implement Final Fantasy XIV in the short term, even if it is relatively old.

Yoshida and Oda did not discuss any specific plans for the extension or update of Final Fantasy XIV, but they did confirm that there are new devices and customization options in the Viera and Hrothgar competitions. Added Shadowbringers.

The developer also said that Square Enix plans to stick to the current subscription model of Final Fantasy XIV instead of free or using other monetization methods. Yoshida noted that between the free demo and a large amount of content included in the base game, they believe that the existing subscription plus advanced pricing structure is fair to the player, and it allows for the development of new content for the game to be fast and plentiful.

Finally, players want to learn more about Final Fantasy XIV, check out the Google Play or App Store page. To purchase the cheap FFXIV Gil, please visit the MMOAH homepage.

Path of Exile slowly gained the right to keep installing on my computer. Although the game did an excellent job on the PC in 2013, it didn't hold my interest for a long time.

In the next few years, the developer Grinding Gear Games put this mentality first, offering a lot of free extensions while keeping the game open. From there they expanded to Xbox One in 2017 and grew to PS4 in 2019. It is an excellent choice for them, and it is not over yet. At the same time, POE PS4 Currency and POE Xbox Currency will also use in the game.

The next expansion of Blight will arrive on September 9 as part of the quarterly update plan. As usual, the elements are shifting, a lot of new content is coming, and a tower defense game is added, which is associated with the main story of destroying evil fungi: otherwise known as Blight.

More skills and POE Items are on the road, and the Necromancer Spells level redesigned, and the Poison Assassin and My Destroyer gain new Path of Exile Currency and POE Orbs for more room to build. For all the ultimate players, Master Missions is changing, and developers are best explained: "Once you have to pursue a mission actively or miss it forever, you can now accumulate these tasks over time and then be able to play them at your own pace and end up with the map area you want!"

Again, this game has been supported for almost six years and is still a free game with no time limit or paid purchase mechanism. If you are willing to enjoy the dungeon reptiles remotely, please try it!
Grinding Gear Games is proud to announce the Path of Exile: Wither! Blight will be available on September 9th and is the latest release of the Path of Exile's quarterly update. Each expansion will introduce a new challenge alliance, dominant POE Currency, POE Chaos Orb, Path of Exile game style, and more.

At Path of Exile: Withered, dangerous fungal growth has begun to appear on the cursed Wraeclast continent, threatening humans and beasts. With the help of the new NPC Cassia sisters, your mission is to destroy these growths. Cassia built a special pump for the job, but as her pump sucked toxic fungal lizards, monsters of all shapes and sizes appeared to protect against Blight. These demons are particularly hardy. Fortunately, Cassia has designed a series of towers to help protect the pumps you can deploy.

Blight combines the fast, crazy action of the Path of Exile battle with the strategic fun of the tower defense game. To successfully defeat Blight, you need to make effective decisions, pay attention to your surroundings, and prepare for future growth. Successfully defending Cassia's pumps rewards you with precious weapons and armor, as well as special oils that Cassia uses to smear your rings and amulets with powerful magic.

In addition to Blight's tower defense game, there are plenty of new skills, items, and balance changes. This update provides significant balance improvements for the Necromancer prototype with new defense options such as POE Orbs, support for gems, AI updates to your minions, existing military themes POE Items, and significant repairs. The level of superiority of the Master.

As with every Path of Exile update, all of this addition and everything in the core game is 100% free. The Blight Alliance will last for about three months and has a new gaming economy. The start of the new league is the most exciting moment to play Path of Exile, and thousands of players will be the first to discover everything the new league has to offer, so we hope that you will release on September 9th at Blight. Join us!

MapleStory M is a free, massively multiplayer online mobile game for iOS and Android. It has received a new content update that brings a lot of new material to the player, including three new resource manager classes.

Starting today, players can investigate Maple World using three new unique browser characters. This includes the short thief Shadower character with daggers causing melee strikes, the utilization of "two-handed swords" and "hands axe" because primary weapon with the enemy to battle the main weapon heroes, and Arch Mage (Ice) / lightning), one of the most shining Magic world-class maple world, using ice and lightning properties to destroy enemies. It's worth noting that these weapons are not free and so are purchased using Maplestory M Mesos.

Players can also enjoy Emblem Enhancement, a new device enhancement system that extracts Emblem Trace from Elite items to make Emblem devices even more powerful. It also has an Exaltation, and the player must use the same Elite tool as the base device or use Exaltation Stones as a material during the upgrade.

Also, you can find new course growth support events and Lunar New Year celebrations, and players might get MS M Mesos and rewards. New Explorer Updates:

    Update Celebration - Until January 31, players who sign in during the event will get a special one-time gift
    Burning Event - Until February 20, characters upgraded between Level 3 and Level 75 will get two additional bonus levels to get a total of 3 degrees.
    Growth Support Activities - Until February 20, the Growth Support box will distribute new Explorer classes in promoting character growth as players reach a specific level.

MapleStory M has tens of millions of downloads in 100 days after its global release in July 2018 and is also free to use on iOS and Android.

Submersion is still not too tricky, but it has some ferrules in both aesthetics and mechanics. On the one hand, in terms of plot, this Final Fantasy XIV: Shadow Boehringer's raid is a return to the early boss... some twists and turns. On the one hand, it takes a lot of FFXIV Gil to buy the items you need to get through.

In this less constant struggle with Leviathan, there are three main parts to keep in mind. The first and most important is the submarine earthquake, in which the giant sea snake destroyed part of the arena. You get some warnings - the text talks about how it builds ether, or something similar - and then after a few seconds, half of the arena temporarily disappears.

When I said that half of the arena disappeared, I was not joking. It's too late when you see visual AoE metrics, so don't rely on them. Instead, as soon as you see the text (or cast), you will act now or be prepared in advance. Leviathan will always use the first cast to destroy the left and right sides of the arena, then use the second cast to destroy the left and right sides of the stage and repeat. So when you first see this tip, stay away from both sides.

Tidal Wave is also worth mentioning because there are no real tips other than the cast. It will produce a fountain to the side of the arena (if you are watching Leviathan, you may not see it). Find it and run it as close as possible to it. After a short delay, it will push the entire party away... If you are not close enough, it will let you fly off the arena.

Vortex is another point you need to know. At this stage, Leviathan was unable to attack and leave the arena, and three small blue vortexes appeared on the ground. Then these will expand to more giant eddies, so don't get close to them. More importantly, a considerable geyser will appear somewhere beside the arena. Unlike Tidal Wave, you don't want to be close to this: Leviathan will rush out of it and go straight to the field. When you find it, make sure you are not on half of the area that it will cover and find a safe spot away from the mini vortex on the floor.

Tank: Leviathan has a line-based attack, so you don't want to be standing directly in the front of the party, so players should be aware that you should be good at protecting yourself with Final Fantasy 14 Gil.

Last December, Grinding Gear Games released the latest extension of Path of Exile, the new "Atlas Wars" campaign.

Players can enjoy a lot of new content in the expansion. There are a total of 32 new maps to be fought, each plan has a boss belonging to that map, and you must take four challenging older guards before the final boss: the Elder.

With the new expansion, new content needs to be researched, including upgrading standard equipment to more sophisticated items. You can do this with something like Exalted Orb and Chaos Orb, which adds random add-ons to rare Cheap POE Items, while the latter re-rolls limited item modifiers. Using these two methods can help you equip your equipment into the construction of your choice, but farming them can be time-consuming.

We offer these two projects at PlayerAuctions partners to help reduce the time you need to re-enter the plan to get the preferred features and modifiers, so check it out!

The previous game extension, The Fall of Oriath, is now available. You can read our reviews at POECurrency, and you can also find a comprehensive review of the base game and POE Currency Buy in the comments section of their website.

As an online game, Nexon's MapleStory looks a bit outdated in its 15th year. But the Tokyo-based company plans to make significant changes as it prepares to launch MapleStory 2 for PCs and MapleStory M for mobile devices.

It seems strange that Nexon invested a lot in its first franchise in 2003, but at its peak, Nexon had greater than 92 million MapleStory players during 2009. Since then, the listeners have shrunk dramatically, but Nexon continues to be updating the experience to allow players to revisit the on-site service of games. Last year, I developed a statistic that the experience had 14 million players inside the second quarter, and players who bought Maplestory M Mesos are already rising.

As early as October 2017, Nexon stated that users are inventing more than 273 million characters currently. MapleStory M is a new mobile adventure by the original horizontal scrolling 2D franchise, while MapleStory 2 on the PC will convert the franchise into 3D graphics the first time.

MapleStory M brings MapleStory's nostalgia to mobile, an authentic massively multiplayer online role-playing gaming experience - you can play games on your mobile device. MapleStory M offers the same infinite amount of customization, an immersive storyline, and an epic boss raid that fans expect of the epic MapleStory series.

In MapleStory M, players will return to Maple World using all familiar characters and monsters. Maplers can play five unique MapleStory characters, search for loot in the Daily Dungeons, upgrade, discover new locations, and play with friends in an epic boss battle.

Players can revisit the original MapleStory on mobile devices and explore familiar cities including Henesys, Perion, Kerning City, Elina, and more. They can play live games in real-time in the open-world MMORPG. They can use MS M Mesos to buy a bunch of cosmetic accessories to compete with players from all over the world in rankings, Mu Lung Dojo. They can create or join a guild with friends to challenge challenging epic bosses.
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