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The latest lineup update for NBA 2K20 has been reduced, and once with the New Orleans Pelicans rookie Zion Williamson has become the biggest winner.

Zion Williamson has now entered his career 17 games and looks like a good deal. The 19-year-old rookie has definitely dominated the New Orleans Pelicans for his limited time since his debut in January this year. His performance on the court in real life began to be reflected in NBA 2K20. Players also want to always get a cheap NBA 2K20 MT in order to make their gaming experience better.

The latest ratings update (# 6) for NBA 2K20 was released last week and Williamson is once again a big winner. He scored two more overall points, bringing the NBA 2K20 to 86. He is now one of the top 40 players in the game. In Power Fowards (his top spot in the game), he is tied with John Collins (Atlanta Eagles) and Kirstaps Porzingis (Dallas Mavericks) (they also scored 1 point in this update), ranking him in the game three. The three young players are only behind Anthony Davis (Anthony Davis) (96 OVR, Los Angeles Lakers) and Pascal Siakam (89 OVR Toronto Raptors). This is not a bad thing for this 19-year-old rookie. Williamson's overall score of 86 is well deserved. In just 17 games this season, Williamson has averaged 24 points per game, averaging 6.8 rebounds and 2.2 assists per game. At the time of writing, he has scored at least 20 points in 13 consecutive games. This is amazing!

Joel Embiid also scored an overall score, giving him another 91 points. In a previous roster update, his OVR has dropped to 90. Embiid and the 76ers have experienced a roller coaster season all season, but it seems he is finally on track. Although it is unclear whether he and Ben Simmons will find a way to consistently win each other, Embiid is a force to be reckoned with.

With a total score of 91 points, Joel Embiid is now the tenth highest rated player in the NBA 2K20, with Denver Nuggets and Kyrie Irving) (Brooklyn Nets) tied. He and Jokic are two of the most highly regarded centers in the game, although Embiid has a slight advantage in dunks (80 to 70). In the end, I do n’t think that ordinary players can be compared with professional players. Most players still want to find a more suitable 2K20 MT. My suggestion is to buy from GameMS. After all, this is a website that I have always trusted.
It turns out that 2019 is a year for Path of Exile. Grinding Gear Games released Path of Exile 2 and Path of Exile in December. Many players are preparing to buy POE Currency, and it turns out that players are interested in these online action role-playing games.

Path of Exile is one of its fastest-growing games on Western servers in five years. Grinding Gear Games general manager Chris Wilson (not related to the author)-shared these details in a speech on Delirium extensions on March 13 (and a week later 3.10 update for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One). In terms of quantity, the growth peak from 2018 to 2019 is roughly the same as that of Grinding Gear from 2016 to 2017, although the growth rate is large because there were fewer players at the time.

This is another good growth leap forward after Betrayal expansion started at the end of 2018.

"I'm happy to see the increase, and the fact is that the number of players we increased in game time between 2018 and '19 was essentially the same as the number of players in 2015," Wilson said in a video on Monday. Call. "This is a big growth, and hopefully we can maintain the growth time."

Wilson said this does not include growth in China and Taiwan, as "Grinding Gear Games" needs permission from partners in the region to reveal those numbers. The studio no longer reports a specific number of players, but instead chooses to track player hours or concurrent players (as if you noticed nearly 200,000 concurrent players at a time of betrayal).

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Path of Exile launched the PC version in 2013, and has since expanded steadily across regions and platforms. It entered the Xbox One in 2017 and PlayStation4 in 2019. It entered China in 2017, bringing the game to a major area that enjoys free PC games and action role-playing games. Just in the game, you still need to spend Path of Exile Currency to win the war and win trophies.
Xbox Game Pass now includes four new games, including NBA 2K20. More specifically, in the Xbox One and PC versions of the service, NBA 2K20, Mother Russia Bleeds, Train Sim World 2020, and Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game have been added. The first and third of these games are available on the Xbox One, and all games are available on the PC except NBA 2K20. NBA 2K20 is also a very popular game now, and players' enthusiasm for purchasing NBA 2K20 MT is also very high. I think this is also a good opportunity for publicity.

At the time of publication, it was unclear how long any of these versions would be available in the library. Of course, Microsoft does not disclose this information. They may also stay for weeks, months or years. Who knows?

It's worth mentioning here that the Xbox Game Pass is a monthly subscription with a popular price of $ 10. In other words, it costs $ 120 per year. As a subscriber, you have unlimited access to the vast game library and keep it updated with new additions and deletions.

Next, I will introduce you to the situation of NBA 2K20. NBA 2K20: "The development of NBA 2K has far surpassed basketball simulation. 2K continues to redefine the capabilities of NBA 2K20 in sports games, with first-class graphics and gameplay, breakthrough game modes, and unparalleled player control and autonomy. Define the function. With its immersive open world neighbor function, NBA 2K20 is a platform for gamers and ballet dancers to come together to create a new platform for basketball culture. Of course, after investing more Cheap 2K20 MT, you will get more Good development.

The other three games I recommend players to understand on the official website, you will know more detailed and specific. If none of these games surprises you, rest assured that there may be many new games coming to market this week. You can check out all of these new releases with the latest Game of the Week on Xbox Game Pass. Meanwhile, for more information about the future of the Xbox, this is every Xbox Series X game confirmed to date.
It is reported that according to the latest community update of Path of Exile, "World Atlas" is undergoing changes. The team addressed the main issue of feedback, namely the randomness of spawning encounters. They responded to this directly through their plans. The change is a brand new experience for players. There are already a lot of players who are preparing sufficient POE Currency for a better game experience in the future.

"After you fight the Awakener for the first time, you need to make an impact in an area. This effect will happen randomly, but the odds are high. After having an impact in a certain area, you will see a new one next to the Atlas list Icons and bars (your watch stone can be stored on the left). This bar is divided into 5, 7, or 9 sections. The first, middle, and last sections of the bar represent maps containing affected monsters and results. In the screenshot below, the first map is complete and the third and fifth maps are still in progress. "

In addition, the sextant is back as a supplier formula. Even though Delirium is coming, the team hasn't made many changes to Atlas in the Delirium League. However, some adjustments have been made to some map layers.

Awakening levels will be the four watch stones inserted in your atlas. In addition, except for the percentage increase effect of modifiers on non-unique maps, the Awakening Level bonus will give you the same benefits as before.

If you missed it, you can check out a Delirium preview of Path of Exile at IGGM. In addition, you can also Buy POE Items here. As a loyal POE player, I totally recommend it.

Essentially, MyTeam Unlimited is the best and most complete way to play NBA 2K20's MyTeam mode. However, it has a problem that things will only get worse as we enter the release cycle.

In short, the rewards do not match the hardships or challenges required to reach the maximum MTU reward. The requirement for MTU to finally win the reward is to win the match against online opponents 12 times in a row. If you can do that, you will win an exclusive pink diamond card, 8,000 tons and 20 NBA 2K20 MT and / or tokens.

The available cards change once a month, and if you can collect them all, you can win the Galaxy Opal. Each time you lose a game, the maximum reward is reduced because you can only play 12 games. Every time you fail, the reward will decrease proportionally, and you will not be eliminated until your third failure. At that time, your records will be reset and you will receive the bonus you received. It sounds simple, it does, but it takes a lot of time. In addition, achieving 12-0 is not easy.

Each game takes about half an hour to complete, which means that if you can play 12 games, you still have to spend six hours to reach your goal. Participating in a 12-0 match is aimed at a specific group of players, which is great, but those waiting to complete the journey should have some gains. The more experience you have, the less valuable the highest award you get. For example, the Pink Diamond Clyde Drexler card currently does not even have a place in my MTU or Triple Threat team, so I have no incentive to fight for a 12-0 record.

Since MTU games take longer than other games in MyTeam, it is not recommended to put two games together. If the rewards are more attractive and the value increases as the season progresses, players will be more motivated to fight for the highest ladder.

Finally, there is no need to wait until they are eliminated before redeeming prizes. If the player is given a game pack, 2K20 MT and / or tokens after each win, it will be encouraging to continue.

For now, you'll only get one reward package, which is proposed when you are eliminated or have 12 wins. Many of the players I spoke to immediately reset their records after losing a game. So after winning a lot of players, in addition to the Cheap 2K20 MT obtained in the previous game, there is only the previous MTU experience.

It is not recommended and not rewarding, but this exit method still leaves a nasty taste in the player's mouth. Ultimately, this is not the ideal result for gamers, developers, and publishers.
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