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The so-called large magnet generally refers to the permanent magnet suspension type iron separator if it is based on the size of the head. Because the manual cleaning type permanent magnet suspension iron remover looks like a large magnet. Industrial magnets are distinguished according to the magnetic field strength. The magnetic field strength of strong magnets is very high, which can reach more than 100,000 Gauss. Iron and metal are called strong magnets. The shapes are round rod, square, flat, and special shapes.

Although the external view is a whole, no matter whether it is a large magnet or a strong magnet, there are several small magnets inside. For permanent magnet suspension type large magnets, most of them are composed of small ferrite magnets. Depending on the conditions of use, they may be composed of neodymium iron boron magnets. Of course, large magnets composed of neodymium iron boron are much smaller. , But the cost will be much higher. Therefore, ordinary large magnets are assembled with rectangular economic material ferrite magnets.

Suspended permanent magnets are often used to be placed above the conveyor belt to absorb a small amount of large iron metal in the materials transported by the conveyor belt. They are mostly used in the mining and crushing industries. When too much scrap iron is adsorbed on the large magnet, it needs to be cleaned up in time. Since it is not an electromagnet, the magnetic field cannot be interrupted, so manual cleaning is time-consuming and laborious. It has now been replaced by a suspended automatic iron remover. The so-called automatic iron remover is an additional conveyor belt device at the bottom of the large magnet. When the iron metal is adsorbed to the large magnet, it is actually separated by a conveyor belt. With the rotation of the conveyor belt, the iron metal is taken away from the large magnet. After the iron metal loses the adsorption of the magnetic field, it is thrown out with inertia.

Industrial super strong magnets are often used in the purification process of materials in the food, chemical, battery, plastic, ceramic and other industries. The strong magnet is wrapped in stainless steel on the outside and assembled with neodymium iron boron magnets. It has high magnetic field strength and can absorb weak magnetic substances. It is used to remove the weak magnetic metal in the material, improve the purity of the product, and protect the safety of downstream equipment. Since the content of magnetic metal in the material is different, the strong magnet will also select the appropriate surface magnet according to the user's material properties, and will also determine the appropriate intrinsic coercive force magnet according to the temperature of the environment in which it is used.

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