Different poster here. Correlation does not equal causation. from Weiweismart's blog

I don't have Jagex directly saying skillcapes caused botting, only that RS2 was out for over 2 years until Skillcapes came out and RS gold we did not have uncontrolled botting. However with them being out F2P worlds were inoculated together in 6 weeks of Skillcapes and thousands were being banned every week for purchasing gold. Your passive tone with every response whilst offering nothing is really shit btw.

Different poster here. Correlation does not equal causation. There were tons of other updates around those times also, and choosing one and saying"this caused botting" doesn't make it evidence that it did. Bots increase based on ease of accessibility to computing, understanding that Runescape is one which may be botted for profit, and quantity of gamers in general. Botting will always increase as the playerbase or popularity of Runescape increases, since there's more money. This rise was not alone caused by skillcapes.

I don't have a counterargument to your point. I just felt like saying that personally, while in theory your argument that Runescape would be better with them may be correct, I personally would be less interested in that match. Max cape and skillcapes are the reason I created my 1 and OSRS accounts and they are why I continue to play Runescape. Just some thoughts.

I enjoy the idea of rewarding players for getting a account. But I hate how they tie items like agility shortcuts, boosts to skilling techniques, and helpful teleports to requiring levels in completely irrelevant skills. The mole is completely destroyed by the falador achievement journal.

I may not have everything that I want, but I realized my goal. I am sure all the instances your son/daughter was wanting you would play peek-a-boo together instead of grinding 99 rune crafting will probably be worth it in the long term. Only a random edit - I was not trying to be a smartass that is trolling or condescending. This comment came from a place in my where one day not too long ago, my beautiful little 2 year-old daughter (the spitting image of me) walked up to me at my computer desk and stated"Dad-Dadup!". I knew that OSRS buy gold meant that she had been tired and wanted me to pick up her, sit on my lap and play with some interesting games with her.

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By Weiweismart
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