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Crystal shards will be used together with RuneScape gold award players and every seed or part with crafting and smithing experience. There's also a minimum requirement for every piece of equipment, although it isn't too high for mid-level players.Crystal armor is made up of helmet, plate body, and plate legs. It had been designed with giving precision and damage bonuses since the armor is unique compared to other high-level options. A set will give harm and accuracy that is 30% to 15% to the crystal bow and bonuses are awarded if players decide to equip one piece.

The crystal requires 1 seed to make, whereas the plate body requires three and 2 is required by the plate legs. For someone just trying to find a small damage boost, or an alternative to a dragonhide coif, then this may be the cheaper option.Crystal tool seeds may be attached to the dragon axe, pickaxe, and harpoon into new comprehensible skilling tools. Charges could be brought up to 20,000, and it will degrade while. It has to be set by players if the charges are worth the cash over the increase in functionality.

The axe keeps the increase and is 5% more effective than the dragon axe. While keeping the exact same special attack, the pickaxe is 25 percent more effective than a pickaxe. The harpoon is a whopping 35% more effective and retains the same special attack boost.These three weapons are the very first featured in the game and don't demand Song of the Elves to use. Although it is more economical to make them via singing bowls, crystal seeds can be recharged by Ilfeen for mere coins (beginning at 750,000 and progressing lower each time).

The bow is exceptional since it does not need ammunition and may be used before it runs out of charges. Considering it's a long-range attack, it's excellent for boss battles having a distance. The harm is the equal of Runite arrows, but with higher precision and slower shooting speed.The crystal halberd is a very strong 2-handed weapon with a 118 strength bonus, although it's rather slow. This weapon is used for its special attack, which can hit up to buy old school rs gold ten enemies simultaneously. If training slayer in multi-combat, for example Dust Devils, It's useful.

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