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Consumers should know some knowledge of vane pumpreplacement to facilitate their daily operation. Taizhou Hongyi explained several points:

1. Check if the shaft seal has aging deformation. If the bearing is worn out, you should be more careful when replacing the pump.

2. When replacing the pump core, pay attention to whether the new and old pump core models correspond, and then install them after confirming the corresponding. Before installing, clean the inner wall of the pump casing, add the lubricating oil and then install the pump core.

3. When installing the oil pump, first check the sealing ring of the oil pump inlet and outlet flange and whether the pipeline is aging and deformed. At the same time, the dirt on the inner wall of the oil inlet pipe should be cleaned, and the sealing performance of each joint of the oil inlet pipe should be checked.

4. When adjusting the direction of the inlet and outlet of the oil pump, as long as the fixing screw of the pump casing is unscrewed, the upper pump casing can be rotated, and the screw can be tightened to retighten the screw; do not pull up the pump core to avoid the locating pin of the pump core. The positioning holes of the pump casing are misaligned or the sealing rings a t the connection of the upper and lower pump casings are misaligned.

5. Check whether the coupling is worn and deformed. Whether the pump shaft is concentric with the motor shaft after the oil pump is installed, the simple method is to rotate the coupling by hand to feel uniform and flexible.

The vane pump supplier explained the replacement method of the vane pump pump core above, and hopes to help everyone.

Taizhou Hongyi Hydraulic Servo Technology Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of high performance China vane pump. It can provide you with high quality products and services.

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