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The metal garden hose is similar to a long metal cleaning hose suitable for family use. Because of its steel structure, you should be able to push any household water pressure through the metal garden hose without worrying that it will burst. Compared with many telescopic hoses on the market, this is undoubtedly an improvement.

Metal hoses are used in various fields. Such hoses have relatively strict requirements on quality. For example, they are essential fittings in industries closely related to life such as petrochemical industry, steam and gas.

In terms of size, the metal hose has a diameter, and the length of the hose also affects it. In terms of pressure, we use p to express it.

In addition, the medium is mainly determined according to the corrosion resistance table, and the material of each part is also determined by this.

The material of each part directly plays a decisive role in the quality of the hose, because the connection parts of the plastic-covered metal hose are often determined by some relatively small parts. Its chemical properties directly affect the quality of the connection.

The last is the state. The so-called state refers to the state of the metal pipe when it is in use. The length of various motion states of the metal pipe should be referenced, and the radius of minimum bending should be calculated. With the help of these data, we can choose the length of the metal hose and then install it correctly, which also directly affects its quality.

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