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Facebook Inc. not only has the largest social network in the world - it can also have the best poker players in the world. A new artificial intelligence program developed by the company with Carnegie Mellon University named Pluribus recently defeated five poker professionals in a Texas Hold'em tournament consisting of six players. After 10,000 hands, the average profit system is around US $ 1,000 per hour using a US $ 1 chip, "the decisive victory margin," according to a Facebook blog post. AI has been the best human at poker for several years, but previous programs can compete with only one player at a time. "Given the complexities that come with poker, including techniques such as bluffing, beating five humans in one game is an important milestone," Facebook said.

Over the past several decades, AI researchers have successfully developed machines that can play games with perfect information, two players, and zero-sum. Namely, a game that involves a head-to-head match where both players have complete knowledge of what is happening in the game (eg chess players can see all the parts on the board), and where one player wins and the other loses. In contrast, poker is an incomplete information game, where players cannot be sure which cards are held by their opponents and which are still on the deck. Other elements, such as betting and bluffing, add to the complexity and uncertainty of the game. Add several players to the mix, and complexity increases. Buy Cheap Texas Hold'em Poker Chips on with Cheap Price and Safe Payment.

And the success of bots has implications beyond poker. Brown said their AI technology could ultimately be useful in other situations where there are many people involved and many unknown variables, such as getting a car that can drive itself through traffic.

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