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Most women hate the hair flowing from the chin, and most women will find the hair flowing through the chin. About 20 million American women have some form of hair removal to get rid of unnecessary facial hair, which causes many people to ask women what is the cause of facial hair? What is the best hair removal method for removing chin hair?

The Women's Health Department answered these questions and interviewed Dr. Hadley King, who was interviewed by Grace Gold in the article "What is long hair suddenly growing out of your chin?"

What causes unnecessary facial hair growth in women?

In explaining the causes of female facial hair, Dr. Hadley King told female health readers, “Chin's hair is produced by a combination of genetics and hormones.” “This is our male hormone (called androgen), and ours Overall hormonal balance she explained that this would stimulate the growth of chin hair."

Some women definitely have more rogue chin treatment than other women, and Dr. Hadley King explained that genetics can explain this difference. “Some of us are furrier than others...” Your genes determine “how sensitive your hair follicles are to these hormones.”

As women age

Women's health explains that the hormonal transition associated with aging explains why hair flowing through the chin becomes more difficult as women get older. Menopause is the most notorious hormonal change that can produce excess facial hair because the body balance between androgen (androgen) and estrogen begins to fluctuate.

Drug that inhibits the growth of female facial hair

Because women's facial hair growth is caused by hormones, "hormone-influencing drugs, such as oral contraceptives or spironolactone, can help suppress excess chin hair growth and overall facial hair," Dr. Hadley King explained to the Women's Health Report.

Picking up excess facial hair

The preferred method of female facial hair removal is tweezers. Picking can be an adequate method of facial hair removal if you are dealing with lone wolf hair that occasionally pops up.

If you have more than one or two drooling hair, lice may not be the best method of hair removal. Dr. Hadley King advises women's health readers when to put down the dice and choose professional hair removal. “If you have more than one wanderer, you may want to consider electrolysis or laser hair removal machine for more effective removal.”

Laser hair removal for women's facial hair removal

Diode laser hair removal is one of the best ways to reduce excess facial hair.

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