You had me up DKO Florins till that the from rsgoldfastWq1's blog

You had me up DKO Florins till that the devs were blamed by you for glitching that the TCs for banning people. This wasn't a bug or hack that made the game easier or made players incapable of finishing it is beaten by content. This was theft pure and simple. The money from the game rather than for the"benefit of the community" as a number of these clowns have promised. The dev team for this particular game is, I suspect, a great deal smaller than it used to be and depositing money or taking away profits from it by cheating the way the did does not help the game or the community at all.


It is difficult to measure people that is active . Steam is a source, but every time that the game has been promoted they guide you to their primary site or PSN or even XboxLive to download it. Not saying busy people is larger than that which you've surmised. Simply saying I wouldn't doubt it being bigger than you think. Also, the bans are going to hurt end content players and that'll be a fall. Nobody remains away from this sport. Some people today hate it so much it is loved by them.


With respect to a comment on replay badges, initially the concept of replays was a fantastic idea that enabled us to replay content in order to have more changes not just at marks but also the styles and gear as in the time it was random gear drops so we had more opportunity to become targeted. You're correct in that they have changed but it was not due to participant abuse it was the devs shifting content to future demand replays for any kind of purposeful progression. To have any chances at the cr88 equipment you had to replay, to get the fashions for the feats in the assignments you had to replay.


The second step was to produce the OP things in cheap DK Online Florins episode releases rng so we had to replay for any chance at the op rings in A&B, PZ, PB, etc each one of those monthly DLCs we can't just run it weekly to get any shot at that gear. Is that gear required? Of course not but the explanation that you don't need to use any replays however

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