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The Raymond mill and the three-ring grinding mill are the common used ore grinding machines, both of which play a very important role in the powder grinding operation. Here, SBM will talk about the differences between the Raymond mill and the three-ring grinding machine.The main shaft and the rotating discs of the three-ring grinding machine are driven by the reduction box. Several grinding rollers roll and rotate, driven by the discs. The material of big block is crushed into particles by the hammer crusher and it is sent into the storage silo by the bucket elevator. Then, the crushed one is sent at the middle of the rotating disc evenly by the electric-magnetic vibrating feeder. The material scatters by the centrifugal force and falls into the roller path of the grinding ring to be ground by it.When the material like ore has been crushed by the first layer of the disc of the three-ring grinding machine and it will fall into the second layer and the third one. The air outside is drawn into the machine by the blower and it will take the coarse powder, ground by the third layer disc, to the powder separator, which makes the coarse particles go back to be ground again and makes the fine ones into the cyclone collector, which will be discharged from the discharge valve, which is just the final product. However, the air flow with little dust will be discharged by the dust collector.The working principle of the three-ring grinding machine is the same as that of the Milling Machine, which is that the grinding rollers rotate around the grinding ring and the grinding roller rotates on its own axis. At the bottom of the grinding roller is the shovel blade device. At the rotation of the shovel blade and the grinding rollers, the material is being fed into the gap between the grinding roller and the grinding ring by the shovel blade to form a layer of material, which is ground by the rotating grinding rollers. However, the material should be ground at three layers in turn inside the three-ring grinding machine.

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