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How can funded players fund themselves? Pay. Pay a whole lot, and you will be rewarded to have the ability to Maplestory Mesos fund yourself. Through introduction of over-powered items and almost-easy access to them, the sport has gotten more and more reassuring about pay-to-win.

So far up into the Marvel update was on a downhill relation to the first statement in my topic "A Better Maple", but it was not devastatingly game-changing or anything too much; since Nexon needs to get Business and they can only survive by making us pay.

The Actual Issue

Then came the actual problems. Player Appreciation Week, Black Friday Sales Week.What player admiration? How can we feel appreciated? 30% off of limited sources of 1 item purchase? 2500 maple points? A lot of individuals would have looked at it and said "that's it" On top of that, here comes the brand new Black Friday Sales which heavily, heavily supported pay-to-win methods; A rank nebulites and top Gorgeous Souls, then the cheap Maplestory 2 Mesos Outlaw Heart.

What in honest Earth's thing is this? Where did "less pay-to-win" ideas proceed? This is up pay-to-win, nevertheless of all the crashes in CS and limited sources that were available literally for moments while few people in the server hoarded the boxes.12 Slots - never introduced before, not this easy to get before. Amount 150 - Much Titanium Hearts, that were extremely difficult to get and most end-game heart was level 100. USE PLATINUM SCISSORS OF KARMA TO MAKE IT TRADEABLE AGAIN - much greater re-sell worth than Superior Lidium Hearts or Titanium Hearts.

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