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In the ore milling production line, an inadvertent misuse, an unintentional neglect, will cause the production error to widen. The fineness of the heavy calcium ultrafine mill is arbitrarily adjusted between 300 mesh and 2500 mesh. According to the user's reflection, Shibang Industrial Technology Group analyzes why the fineness of its production is not up to standard. The main reason is ?First of all, let's take a look at the composition of the heavy calcium superfine mill. The complete set of equipment includes hammer crusher, bucket elevator, storage bin, vibrating feeder, superfine mill host, frequency classifier, double The cyclone dust collector, pulse dust removal system, high pressure fan, air compressor, and electrical control system are realized by the combination of the entire line.First, the speed of the fan of the heavy calcium ultrafine mill affects the fineness of the discharge. In the process of milling, if the speed of the fan is too high and the wind is too large, the material that does not meet the fineness requirement will be blown into the powder collector. Conversely, if the material has a large specific gravity, the wind will be too small. Affects the discharge, which in turn affects the overall fineness. This requires us to adjust the motor and current to achieve the adjustment of the fan speed.Second, in the analysis machine of the heavy calcium ultra-fine mill, a large number of blades are installed. These blades will wear after a period of use, which directly affects the efficiency of the analyzer. Operators should pay attention to the maintenance during maintenance. Once the blade wear phenomenon occurs, it should be replaced in time to avoid affecting the quality of the milling.Third, under normal circumstances, the production of medium-heavy calcium ultra-fine grinding machine grinding roller and grinding ring is not in direct contact. However, as the use time of the equipment increases, the degree of friction between the grinding roller, the grinding ring and the material increases, and the wear degree of the grinding ring increases. The material is not fully ground and the fineness of the finished product is affected. The operator should record the service life and replacement cycle of the grinding roller ring and replace the new fittings regularly.In short, there are many factors affecting the fineness of the super-calcium superfine mill. In normal applications, only correct operation is carried out, and the equipment is carefully maintained and maintained to better ensure the quality of the mill. Once the fineness of the heavy calcium ultrafine mill is not up to the requirements, it is necessary to check the cause in time, and prescribe the right medicine to ensure the quality of the powder.

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