The main features of VSI sand making machine are: from xuanxuan's blog

1. International quality assurance of Characteristics of sand making machine - The application of riveting technology with the latest technology in foreign countries and the application of sandblasting eve and spray painting technology in the appearance of automotive technology have greatly improved the intrinsic quality and appearance quality of the equipment. The core parts and components are selected from international famous brands (high-grade rolling bearings are used in bearings) to ensure low failure rate of the system.2. VSI sand making machine has a large amount of processing, and the output is high - 50-500t/h. Compared with the conventional equipment with the same power, the output is increased by 30% and is stable.3, VSI sand machine is easy to install, easy to operate - light weight equipment, a variety of installation methods, removable installation; installation, repair and maintenance simple, easy operation and use; once a specific and specific use, VSI sand machine only need to be subtle Adjustment can maximize its excellent performance.4, VSI sand making machine wearing parts low - the best impact angle of the crushing cavity design, wear and friction parts less than the traditional equipment operating costs 40% lower, directly reducing the cost of equipment.5, VSI sand making machine product excellent particle size - product is a cube, good grain size, reasonable grading, fineness modulus adjustable for artificial sand and stone shaping, practice proved that than other traditional equipment, sand, plastic effect Increase by 30%.6, VSI sand machine thin oil lubrication, automatic maintenance - The use of imported oil lubrication station, dual oil pump complementary guarantee oil; no oil flow, no oil pressure, automatic shutdown; water cooling, winter motor heating start.7. VSI sand making machine hydraulic device is easy to maintain - The hydraulic opening device makes the internal parts of the Sand making machine easy to remove and repair, shorten downtime, save time and effort.8, VSI sand making machine is a multi-purpose, flexible use - unique feed crushing structure, with a variety of crushing cavity type, can be easily achieved "Shi Da Shi" and "ldquo; stone hit iron" conversion Solve a machine with multiple problems. If you need to change the application of VSI sand making machine, you don't need to make big adjustments, which can adapt to the different needs of users: sand making, shaping, and abrasive materials.9. VSI sand making machine pays attention to environmental protection - The equipment works with little noise and no pollution. The unique air self-circulation system greatly reduces the amount of exhaust air, reduces dust, and is environmentally friendly. In addition, VSI sand making machine is reserved and suitable for installation of dust removal equipment of various specifications.

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