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Elderly Princess gold jewelery prize cheated 9 suspects were captured

3 women 6 men, a total of nine foreign workers to work hard to earn money slowly, walk every morning in Xi'an City, the flow of people concentrated birkin hermes price fake in the vegetable market, one pretends to be the stallholders, the other when the trust, through the 'seeds' 'Touch the prize' and other forms of fraud on the petty profits of the elderly, 60-year-old woman was cheated on the value of 6000 yuan worth of gold jewelry. At present, all nine suspects were captured by Weiyang Police and the rest of the victims were gradually reporting the police on suspicion of encroaching on 'Electro-Mobility'

At 7 o'clock on the morning of May 12, 60-year-old Mao Granny in Xi'an Weiyang Zaoyuan Village market to buy vegetables ready to go home, was 'free touch' scene to attract, and then his own gold Ring to take down and said, 'I take the ring as a mortgage, how much can be charged?' Stallholder looked at that, 300 yuan, if touched, the ring or you, I will give you 300 yuan. The old man said the ring to the stall owner, 'I guess the number in the box is 20. 'Who expected her to figure out the number is 40. At this time, the scene of other people encouraged him to gold earrings and gold necklaces as collateral, for a moment the rational old man immediately follow everyone's' birkin bags prices cheap pointing 'to continue' touch the prize, 'thinking In any case should have a total value of 6,000 yuan of gold jewelry won back.Who unexpected crowd rushed to disperse, the elderly realized that they had been cheated, and immediately sent to the police Weiyang branch police station reported the police Take video surveillance found that many men and women defrauding the gold hermes birkin brown copy jewelry after the incident along the Wenjing Road West from South to North walk for 1 km after turning to Fengcheng Road, then on a license plate number Shaanxi A138 van, the Vehicles often appear near the Yanta District and other driving slopes.After further investigation, we found that this is a series of criminal gangs with a clear division of labor and frequent succession, fleeing in various crowded places in Xi'an, including 3 women and 6 men and 9 suspects At about 6 am on the 25th of this month, the police found that the van carrying three people left the other driving slope village and then secretly followed up. There were six other people on the bus and headed for West Ring Road. Police found The timing of the network has matured. When the arrest was being carried out, there was a traffic jam in front of him. The tracking police had to abandon the vehicle and chase the suspect vehicle with 'electric motorcycle.' Finally, the suspect vehicle was stopped in front of the one at Tiezha Temple Street. Nine suspects After the trial, the suspect, Zhang Moumou and other 9 people is May 12 in Zaoyuan Village snatched the victim Mao gold jewelry suspects Police opened the 'touch prize' fraud trick

According to the suspect, they came from Shanxi, Shanxi Shangluo, Hing Hsing equal migrant workers, initially working in Xi'an for a living, then I feel that working earn too slow, starting in October last year together in Xi'an Surrounding markets such as food markets and human resource markets are heavily involved in fraud through such methods as 'touching prizes' and 'planting melon seeds.' Emphasis is put on the citizens who are older or have curiosity. Usually find a comprehensive market or staff-intensive places stall 'Touch the Prize', the two look at the wind, a person, 'Zuozhuang', is mainly responsible for luring the masses 'touch the prize', while the rest around the Zuozhuang when 'nursery' to ' Free Touch Prize 'as a bait, let the public mortgage money for a moment after the mortgage property, if the touch out there are designated numbers on the lottery ticket, you can exchange the corresponding money, if the touch out of the lottery for other numbers, you need to pay 588 yuan to buy them The so-called 'magnetic therapy bracelet' handling police said that the gang's 'nursery' hands are hidden in the hands of winning lottery tickets, and then claimed that they won the prize and successfully 'Duijiang', a lot of people know the truth can win the lottery and mortgage themselves Of the property to touch the prize, in fact, the medal will not win the figure, birkin bag website cheap if the masses do not want to buy 'magnetic bracelet', then mortgaged property at the criminal gangs will not be returned. Most of the people are being cheated for scores ranging from a few dozen to a few hundred. They are often unlucky and do not report the case. This has greatly encouraged the arrogance of criminals and has led criminal gangs to long-term impunity. The victim, Mao Granny, did not want to buy their so-called 'magnetic bracelet' and asked for the gold jewelery they were holding. When the criminal suspect saw the trick, she was forced to take the stolen goods to flee the scene. The so-called 'magnetic bracelet' is actually all the price of 10 yuan to buy fake and shoddy products.

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