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Genuine and cottage version of jade silk bracelet market war

Genuine gold jade bracelet normal cost range are generally around 60 yuan (buy the original cost of the stone bracelet in 60 yuan price range, a few will be higher than 60 yuan; merchants to buy finished bracelet The cost is generally around 100 yuan, good is higher than the price range of 100 yuan. Under normal circumstances, businesses and more direct acquisition of jade finished bracelet. Because the success rate of the original stone can not be estimated) One: processing a Only 30 yuan (usually sexual processing price), the original bracelet can be made of stone generally transported to the Urumqi by the average cost of an area of ​​20 kg to calculate - origin rough is not very good, a price of about 300 - 500 piece. A piece of rough stone about 20 kg is said to be able to produce 15 pieces of upper and lower bracelets, but the origin stone is stored and sold due to picking up and handling (picking and unloading, loading and unloading in or out of the market) The process is more or less collision, resulting in the success rate of the original stone bracelet greatly reduced, which gives the cost of the original stone jade bracelet plus a 10% or higher weight, thus further exacerbating the genuine The cost of the jade bracelet rises. Therefore, the genuine gold silk jade bracelets in the cost of slightly more than in the cottage version of jasper bracelet for more than a genuine jasper bracelet market is weaker than the cottage version of jasper in the market share of one of the reasons the existing market is mostly 150 - 500 yuan up and down (normally divided by color), a thousand or so is not a lot of ordinary 150 or so. Less than one hundred yuan are generally more impurities, the color looks more gloomy;

There are injuries (flawed - the obvious cracks, the general merchants do not retain - because the price is low, can not sell.Soft wounds - not obvious, the general merchant at a small amount of sale, the price more Within 100 hermes kelly handbags fake yuan; because it does not affect the wear, so the business is still very happy to recover the cost, but the heart is relatively low price Bale nothing more) the normal cottage version of jasper bracelet prices are generally: Wholesale 40 60 yuan a Room; As the entire jade market this year, malaise, businesses do not open or not often very normal. So you buy it at zero price is a 60 90 yuan can be done. The price advantage is like this (cottage version of jasper does not care whether the stone exists or not, you can create I do not you can create the conditions for the creation of people as long as people are willing to buy, made the people why care about strength it. Ha ha) Genuine jadeite color which has been said in the previous is very full, and here is no longer elaborate. The cottage version of jasper jade color is diversity, the most obvious is the same lot of color (produced by the production batch color division, usually with the same batch whether or not with pretty color does not matter, its color is consistent ), From the color point of view, the cottage version of jasmine bracelet basically the same lot of color difference, while the genuine jade bracelet, no matter how much the original stone that you make the bracelet, the same piece the kelly bag hermes Knockoff of stone produced by the bracelet Basically inconsistent - that is, the color is obvious (after all, the stone is grown in the natural environment, its orientation and location of the mineral content and the sun it can receive, rain, snow frost, etc. Natural impact, are caused by the same piece of stone with a variety of color conditions, therefore, the same piece of jade stone bracelet created by the obvious probability of significant color difference, but also many of its lines also showed a variety of listed Which is not difficult to understand) In short, the market is the market. There are selling, there will be bought. Can not be fooled, it can only be the first to start learning when fooled. Cheer up good things!

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