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Cartier style Hermes So Kelly Bag faux LOVE bracelet the kelly bag hermes fake bracelet

A friend bought CARTIER Cartier style bracelet LOVE bracelet, get today in kind, think the quality is very good, the price is 150 meters single bracelet, 160 meters (plus box). Texture is steel. Help her ask if there is no need to purchase the mm. The following are physical map. Mine is silver, with four colors, diamonds and diamonds, and a half-circle style. Diamond +20 meters. Workmanship and certainly can not be authentic on the million, and no less than Xidan 300. A good quality goods can be considered. Of course, and thousands of genuine can not be compared, very cheap, with a picture of meaning is not bad. Style classic is also better with the general pro can accept, give it away do not have too much attention to style like it or not. Only support the real pro, and not long grass is not interested in the pro, please bypass it directly, said so much, I hope to tap. Not only is he a highly talented and business-minded genius designer, and his side Hermes So Kelly Bag imitation gathered a lot of well-known jewelry designer and skilled artisans, the unique design of accessories are harmoniously embodies Cartier's style. Cartier has introduced watches since 1888, notably the Santos Watch from 1911, the patented fold-over clasp from 1909 and the Tank hermes kelly handbags imitation Watch 1919. From 1928 to 1930, the mixture of platinum, quartz and long diamonds became an important symbol of this white fashion. Under the management of Louis, Cartier continues to expand, continue to exudes endless charm. Cartier 'Love' bracelet series, a symbol of faith faithful to the faith, for decades, 'Love' bracelet charm has always been heart-shaking. Starting from its oval design, it seems like a pair of love 'shackles', on behalf of each other's special and sea-loving. Many celebrities, such as Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren etc, always wear 'Love' bracelets. It is because of 'LOVE' bracelet unique interpretation of love, it immediately became the love symbol of lovers as soon as it came out, but also the favorite of many stars and couples, such as Elizabeth Taylor and Richard. Burton, Sofia. Rowland Carlo Ponti, Ali McGraw and Steve McCornene, Nancy Seinakot and Frank Sinatra and Diane Canon and Gary Grant.

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